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1st class 1939 iron cross w/ 98% black paint, screw-back w/ large 'sunburst' disc.
Category: Combat Badges
Heer signal blitz for transport troops. Light blue machine embroidered on dark green wool, white cloth backing. MINT.
Category: Other
Brass with enameled front. Marked: RZM 46. NEAR MINT.
Hand-embroidered cord on field-green wool, mesh backing. MINT.
Category: Other
Hand-embroidered gold cord on field-green wool, mesh backing. MNT.
Category: Other
Machine embroidered on dark green felt. Mint
Category: Other
Aluminum NSKOV eagle, marked: 4 GesGesch. MINT unissued.
Category: Metal Insignia
Presenation case for First class War Merit Cross w/o swords. Black cardboard. Some wear to edges.
Category: Military Medals
Absolutley pristine LUFTWAFFE driver's award. 99.9% frosted steel on Grey wool (looks dark in photo) w/ slick 'oil-paper' backing.
Category: Combat Badges
HEER artillery officer tabs, bullion on dark green, red silk twisted cord piping, bullion has tarnished to goldish color.
Category: Collar Tabs

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