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1st class 1939 iron cross w/ 98% black paint, screw-back w/ large 'sunburst' disc.
Category: Combat Badges
Tan canvas w/ OD border, golden yellow machine embroidery. MINT
Category: Other
OD canvas w/ OD border. Golden yellow machine embroidery. MINT
Category: Other
3-place Heer ribbon bar -Parade version. Ribbons are double-wide, but half height of normal. Hindenberg WW1 service cross, KVK 2, WW1 Austrian bravery cross. Cloth maker tag on reverse.
Category: Military Medals
Lot of Five various German military ribbon bars.
Category: Military Medals
HEER mittens for serious winter use ! ! Field-green wool with sheepskin fur lining. EXCELLENT.
Category: Heer
German WW1 Mauser Gew 98 lower sling swivel. Some surface rust. Most have Imperial inspection mark. $10.00 each.
Category: Firearms
Decent condition, ut missing the pointer. Has MPD marking.
Category: All Field Gear
2 HEER private first class rank patches: Silver thread machine embroidered on olive wool, Silver thread machine embroidered on dark green wool with OD cloth backing EXC..
Category: Other
Parade Waffenrock collar tabs for an officer in the Justice Corps. or for a Nebel officer -not as purpley as Nebel color, really looks like the Justice 'wine red'. Absolute finest quality & condition.
Category: Collar Tabs

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