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1st class 1939 iron cross w/ 98% black paint, screw-back w/ large 'sunburst' disc.
Category: Combat Badges
The ultimate for every Luftwaffe collector ! Electric desk fan with pronounced Art Deco Streamliner styling. Aluminum with cream-color baked on paint may have been white originally, some polished aluminum parts, steel mesh grille, maroon bakelite knobs & fan blade -which is shaped like an aircraft propeller. Red rubber trim around base, white bakelite/celluloid plug. 12 inch diameter. It would appear that the fan is assembled backwards to the base, but I have disassembled it & there is no way to reverse it. L manufacturer logo -I once tracked down who this was, but it now escapes me ! Black & silver aluminum tag on bottom w/ following info: L manufacturer logo, Type VW, Serial # B44777, 40 watt, 220 volt, 50 amp, 1300 rpm, Fl.300 ? -looks like a Luftwaffe stock number. Electric plug has many markings: MPD logo wartime plastics control org. w/ code F8 Gebruder Broghammer, Schramberg , GB logo Gebr. Broghammer , VDE logo Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, OVE logo Osterreichische
Category: All Field Gear
Absolute top-quality greatcoat made of thick, lustrous doe-skin wool, silk/rayon lining, Bevo maker's label, some scattered surface tracking from moths. Weighs about 10 lb.
Category: Heer
Top quality silver bullion on BLACK backing w/ single red stripe. MINT, un-issued.
Category: Tabs and Boards
Waffen SS Nebel troop shoulderboards, matte silver braid, maroon piping in rayon, black underlay in wool, some wear.
Category: Tabs and Boards
Quality strike in steel, has lost most of the bronze plating.
Category: Military Medals
Bronze cross, ribbon is soiled.
Category: Military Medals
Heavy wooden box that held some type of opitics etc. 25x13x10 inches, 30-40 lb. weight. 75% black paint, Steel handles & hardware. Some damage to lid & needs a bath ! One divider inside. Good overall.
Category: All Field Gear
WAFFEN SS enlisted shoulderboards for transport. Black wool w/ olive green wool undersides. Blue rayon piping. Super high quality workmanship - these make HEER boards look cheesy. MINT unissued.
Category: Tabs and Boards
HEER GEBIRGSJAGER SKIS & MATCHING POLES -ALL ORIGINAL ! Bare wood skis made from multiple pieces of wood laminated together. Steel bindings & hardware w/ some surface rust, marked: KANDAHAR & GEZE logo. Bottoms have steel edging & are coated with wax. Name ? hand-written on bottoms. Each is marked with large Eagle & WaA inspection: Mchn4 Heeres Zeugamt Munchen inspector #4 -identical mark shown in Angolia's book on HEER fieldgear. Each also marked: 205 length in centimeters & have a serial number ?? -not matching numbers. The poles are made from hardwood sticks as apparent in period photos and are painted w/ a thick coat of white enamel. The snowshoe at the bottom is made of intricately bent wood & woven leather. The pins which held them to the pole are now missing. Only one pole has the wrist strap, which is made of a die-cut piece of leather woven around itself & has a RBNr. ALL ORIGINAL & EXCELLENT CONDITION.
Category: All Field Gear

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