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Heer 12 year medal & ribbon in near perfect condition. 99.9% gold plating.
Category: Military Medals
Small NSDAP flag, 12 x 10 inches. Printed swastika on sewn circle. Double-sided. Appears unissued, near mint.
Category: Flags
Narrow NSDAP armband. printed, faded. 4 or 5 snags to cloth & soiling.
Category: Armbands
Printed Volkssturm armband. Unissued but dusty condition.
Category: Armbands
Heer Infantry enlisted left-side collar tab. first model. VG condition.
Category: Collar Tabs
Heer schutze star on dark green wool.
Category: Ranks & Ratings
Heer medical Oberleutnant slip-on shoulder boards in VG condition, but missing the pip & snake devices.
Category: Shoulder Boards
Lot of 2 ribbon bars. Somewhat soiled.
Category: Accoutrements
KVK II in crappy condition !
Category: Accoutrements
KVK II in fair condition.
Category: Accoutrements
Heer aluminum buckle in well-worn condition. No maker mark.
Category: Accoutrements
Reproduction cover for the ZF4 scope used on the Gew43 /Kar43 /FG42. Black leather with wooden plug at rear. Hand-sewn w/ WW2 German Linen thread & w/ German PRYM snaps. Hand-made by myself & much better quality than the originals!! Priority mail $6.00, first class $3.00.
Category: Weapons
Reproduction cover for the Zf4 scope used on Gew43/Kar43/FG42. Black leather with a cap at both ends for use on scopes w/ No rubber eyepiece. Hand-sewn w/ WW2 German Linen thread & with PRYM snaps. Hand-made by myself & much better quality than the originals!! Priority mail $6.00, first class $3.00.
Category: Weapons
WEHRPASS with photo. LEONHART SESTAK. Volunteered in 1942, served in RAD June-Oct 1943, Served in Waffen SS Nachrichten Abteilung 4 from Dec 43-45. EXC.
Category: Other SS Items
A virtual Encyclopedia of police weapons & equipment. Everything from armored cars to dog collars. Color fold-outs. 566 pages, 135x197mm.
German military issue manual on military justice. 30 pages, 148x205mm, VG.
1941 edition of REIBERT manual: "Ausgabe fur den Schutzen der Schutzenkompanie" -with inscription on front cover from a soldier in the Waffen-SS Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler ! ! Covers faded & yellowed, some wear & soiling.
Small size gas maske manual usually carried inside the gasmask can. NO date, 16 pages, 75x100mm, EXC.
Photos & text about German Army, 182 pages, 175x245mm, hardbound w/ dust jacket. VG.
Quality strike in steel, has lost most of the bronze plating.
Category: Military Medals
Bronze cross, ribbon is soiled.
Category: Military Medals
Top quality silver bullion on BLACK backing w/ single red stripe. MINT, un-issued.
Category: Tabs and Boards
Tan canvas w/ OD border, golden yellow machine embroidery. MINT
Category: Other
OD canvas w/ OD border. Golden yellow machine embroidery. MINT
Category: Other
3-place Heer ribbon bar -Parade version. Ribbons are double-wide, but half height of normal. Hindenberg WW1 service cross, KVK 2, WW1 Austrian bravery cross. Cloth maker tag on reverse.
Category: Military Medals
Song book for German soldiers. 80 pages. 105x145m/m.
Manual on the functions of communications troops. 32 pages. 150x203m/m.
Military issue manual on accuracy shooting. 1936. 39 pages. 110x180m/m.
Manual on company field training. 1942. 48 pages. 127x190m/m.
Manual on NCO training. 100 pages, 125x190m/m.
Manual on driver training, vehicle maintenance etc. 135 pages, 130x190m/m.
Manual on driver training, vehicle maintenance etc. 180 pages, 132x190m/m.
New Old Stock never-loaded M119A2 'red bag' for the 155mm field gun & howitzers; primarily the M109 self-propelled vehicle. This was the maximum range charge. Made by the Indiana Ammunition Plant in 1981 and recently found in a warehouse. Has been filled with Fiberfill pillow stuffing. Has original lead foil lining (to prevent bore erosion) sewn in place. INERT. 30" long, 5" diameter, 5 lb. weight. A fun souvenir for all of you Cannoniers ! INERT.
Category: Ordnance
Complete M4A2 'white bag' set for the 155mm field gun & howitzers. This was the medium & long range propellant charge. New Old Stock never-loaded bags made at the Indiana Ammunition Plant in 1987 and recently found in a warehouse. Have been stuffed with foam rubber & Fiberfill. Weight 1 lb. INERT. INERT.
Category: Ordnance
Complete M3A1 'green bag' set for 155mm field guns & howitzers. This was the short range propellant charge. New Old Stock, never-loaded bags made at the Indiana Ammunition Plant in 1987 and recently found in a warehouse. Have been stuffed with foam rubber & Fiberfill. Weight 1 lb. INERT. INERT.
Category: Ordnance
German WW2 25 round magazine for MG13 machine gun. Blued finish. Marked: S (in triangle) G -Simon Co. 1935.
Category: Firearms
German WW2 25 round magazine for MG13 machine gun. Marked: BSW 1939 WaA4. Phosphated finish. Mint condition.
Category: Firearms
German Soldaten made in Europe. Heavy cast resin. Removeable arms. 6 feet tall, Approx. 50 lb. Have 3 available: $200.00 each. LOCAL PICKUP !
Category: Accoutrements
HEER Waffenrock for Artillery Unteroffizier. Fine quality smooth tricot wool, brown rayon lining. Aluminum-wire NCO insignia & NCO tress. Hand-embroidered signals blitz & #58 on boards. Shoulder insignia for band member ! Interesting armpit pads sewn into liner. 1 inch tear to lower left skirt, otherwise virtually mint condition. DO NOT attempt to use the worthless message board -email direct!
Category: Heer
WAFFEN SS M43 field cap. Grey smooth Tricot wool, light grey ribbed-cotton lining. Grey on black Bevo insignia -hand sewn. Exterior has some brown toning (as compared to under the flaps) & the interior has same, but no signs of wear. Faded marking w/ 43 date. The dense Tricot wool gives cap a stiff & stoutly upright appearance.
Category: Caps
Heer M1938 field cap for Pionier officer. Pale field-green doeskin wool, grey cottony lining, grey leather sweatband. Silver-wire Bevo eagle & bullion cockade, machine-sewn faded black soutasche. Wear to the wool nap on exterior & sweatband damaged, but lining has minor wear & soiling. One moth-hole/snag to upper left.
Category: Caps
German Brandkompresse ( burn compress ) bandages. Steel can 116mm tall x 43mm diameter with white & red painted finish. Contains a loth bandage impregnated with vasoline ? or some other goop. 4 of these were in each vehicle Verbankasten. Numbers 1 & 4 are till sealed. -- $50.00 each, your choice.
Category: All Field Gear
Heer Krankentrager pouch for horse-mounted troops. Heavy leather in excellent condition; minor wear, NO damage, NO dryness. All intact. Contents were all components from the foot-troops right & left side pouches. (Don't ask me how they carried a stretcher if they were on a horse !). Marked: dny 1941 WaA54.
Category: All Field Gear
Heer Sanitats right-side belt pouch. Body of pouch is clean & totally mint, but the lid is well-used & somewhat abused. (common issue with these pouches). I suspect they would close the pouch & use the top of lid as a mini-workbench to cut bandages etc. Interior label is loose. Marked: dny 1942, S (sanitats), R (recht)
Category: All Field Gear
Military issue aluminum hair comb. From the box full found by Bunker Militaria.
Category: All Field Gear
Heer cloth & celluloid goggles in paper pouch. MINT
Category: All Field Gear
Heer combat issue jackboots. Moderate wear. NO damage. Marked: 28 1/2 6 43 2. 1943.
Category: Heer
US officer's Mackinaw coat with light wear. Medium size. NO markings. SUPER warm !
Category: United States
Heer machine-embroidered on dark green wool, Would be MINT, but some damage to upper edge.
Category: Other
Heer Gebirgs signals blitz. Grass green hand-embroidered on dark green wool. MINT
Category: Other
Heer hand-embroidered Farrier patch on dark-green wool. MINT.
Category: Other
Heer artillery officer bulion collar tabs. Minor wear.
Category: Collar Tabs
Sturmgeschutz/Panzer collar tabs for Luftwaffe ground division. MINT.
Category: Collar Tabs
Waffen SS machine-embroidered sleeve eagles $200.00 each.
Category: Eagles
MINT condition BEVO breast eagle for Panzer. White on black.
Category: Eagles
Afrika Korps Farrier patch. MINT condition. The RAREST of AK specialty patches; were they putting shoes on camels ? new track pads on mechanized cavalry 'horses' (SdKfz250's).
Category: Other
Afrika Korps patch for ordnance maintenance personel. MINT condition.
Category: Other
Hardbound, 1999, 617 pages, German text, LIKE NEW.
GERMAN SNIPER RIFLES byS.I.Piublicates, Propaganda photo eries Vol. VII. Hardbound, 152 pages, MINT.
ThE GERMAN MP 40 MASCHINNPISTOLE by Frank Iannamico. Softbound, 185 pages, MINT.
Softbound, 1989, 224 pages, like new.
Set of all 5 of the Suadron/Signal Weapons in action: #1 Fallschirmjager #2 German Infantry #3 Waffen SS #4 Afrikakorps #5 Panzergrenadiers Paper covers, average 50 pages each. EXC-MINT.
Hardbound, 1990, 271 pages, like NEW
Hardbound, 1991, 192 pages, EXC+
Hardbound, 1981, 112 pages, EXC+
Strangers in a Strange Land by Hans-Heiri Stapfer. German use of captured Allied planes. Hardbound, 80 pages, EXC.
2007, 224 pages, like new.
Softbound, 1986, 96 pages, like new.
First Model two pocket black leather pouch for Gew 43 or Kar 43 magazines. These are from the horde that came out of Russia a few years ago. Virtually MINT condition: clean, leather is shiny & still supple, but all are somewhat distorted from being squashed together. Light rust on some of the steel hardware. Faintly marked inside: bla 1944 WaA159 E.G.Leuner. Absolutely 1000% original WW2 German production!! $75.00 EACH.
Category: Firearms
Reproduction cover for 4 power scopes used on the Kar98k. Two models available: -Zielvier commercial types with one 36m/m cap & one 39m/m cap. -ZF 39 with a 39m/m cap at both ends. These are the 'short' style cover where the strap only reaches the length of the scope. Available in brown or black. Hand-sewn by myself using WW2 German Linen thread.
Category: Weapons
Reproduction covers for the 4 power & 6 power scopes used on the Kar98k, Gew98, etc. Models available: -Zielvier commercial types with one 36m/m cap & one 39m/m cap. -ZF 39 with two 39m/m caps. -Zielsechs with one 39m/m cap & one 46m/m cap. These are the 'long' style where the strap was feed through the scope mount & then wrapped around the scope a time or two. available in brown or black. Hand-sewn by myself using WW2 German Linen thread.
Category: Weapons
Aluminum NSKOV eagle, marked: 4 GesGesch. MINT unissued.
Category: Metal Insignia
Medal has 75% + frosting on front, 50% on reverse. Folded & padded ribbon on chrome mounting plate.
Category: Military Medals
HEER officer bullion eagle, wear to swastika & wreath, has been sewn on.
Category: Eagles
HEER single shoulderboard for special administrative officer. Grey braid on blue wool with metal device. Slip-on. MINT
Category: Shoulder Boards
Heer signal blitz for transport troops. Light blue machine embroidered on dark green wool, white cloth backing. MINT.
Category: Other
Hand-embroidered gold cord on field-green wool, mesh backing. MNT.
Category: Other
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