How much does it cost?

A Basic membership is free. You can access the ads and you can answer the ads if you wish. With a Basic membership you can NOT post ads.

Premium membership is $25 a year and you have full use of our web site. You can run as many ads as you wish... no limit, answer the ads and buy items. You have unlimited use of the site and all it's features such as the Galleries, search function, feedback etc. You can even be a Featured Seller without paying anything extra.... And that's like haveing your own militaria web site. Best of all, we don't nickle and dime you for everything you do and there are no commissions. All this for about $2 a month.

Why should I sign up? is a group of collectors and dealers who participate in the buying and selling of military collectables. To sell on our site you must sign up as a Premium member. By joining as a Premium member you are showing the other members that you are a real person and a serious collector, not just "Lookie-lu". Our members want to do business!

You can sign up now as a basic member for free and then upgrade to a premium membership when you wish... you can't post ads with a basic membership. The benefits of being a Premium member are obvious, you can post ads for one yearly $25 membership, with no other fees or commissions on the items you buy or sell. And unlike other sites here is no limit on the number of  ads or items you can list.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the sign-up form and pick a Username and Password. You will find a link to it on the Home page.

I can't seem to sign-up and create an account or renew my subscription...What's wrong?

It could be several things. Make sure you filled in all required fields on the sign-up form and that you used your "real" email address. Sorry, no fake emails allowed!  If you feel you are not receiving emails from us, it is probably because you used a bad email address or you have a "Safe" or "Approved" list in your email program and we are not on it. If you think this is the problem then you need to add: to the list. If you are still having problems, then email us and we'll try to help.

Another common reason for sign-up and subscription renewal problems is user error. Paypal is the easiest way to pay, but if you want to use a credit card you have to be extra careful in fulling out the information. Make sure your name is exactly the way it is on the card. And your address should match the credit card company's records. Also, make real sure you type in the correct card number and expiration date. Any errors and the transaction will be declined by the processing company. If it is declined the first time, I suggest you try again. If it doesn't work the second time... you have a problem. I would suggest you use Paypal.

Finally... Don't be concerned with security as our system is completely encrypted and your card info is perfectly safe. I doubt the KGB could get at it !

I joined but never got an email to validate my membership.

Check your spam or deleted files in your email program, it may be in there.  If you still can't find it contact us.

I just joined but when I try to log-in it asks me to pay again. What gives?

I've seen this before. What's probably happening is that you computer is pulling up an old page from it's cache instead of the fresh page. Try clearning out your cache and refreshing your browser and see it that fixes it. If not, please let me know and we'll do whatever it takes to fix it.  If the info you put in your profile doesn't match the info in your credit card or Paypal account, our system can have trouble associating the payment with you.  Example: in one you're "Fred" in the other you're "Frederick". Finally, we've noticed that sometimes Paypal's computers are a little slow in notifying our system. Whatever the problem.... contact us and we'll fix it.

What is my ACCOUNT page?

This page is what you first see after you log-in. It is where you will find links to all the functions on our site.  It would be wise to spend some time aquainting yourself with all the functions and features you will find there.  From this page you can manage your account and go anywhere and do anything on the site. NOTE: We spent hundreds of hours makeing our site the best on the web, take advantage of all it's features.  Learn how everything works!

The ad I just posted does not appear when I look at ALL FOR SALE ADS.

This is a problem that can appear when looking at many different pages. It's not something wrong with our system, but a function of Internet Explorer. What is happening is that when you click on a page your browser is not showing you the updated page, but is showing you the page in it's cache or temporary internet files. To fix this on your browser go to "Tools" then "Internet Options" and you'll see "Temporary Internet Files" and "Settings". In the "Settings" make sure "Automatically" is checked. This should solve the problem.

How long will my ad run?

Ads are programmed to run for one year.  However, the seller can "unpost" or "delete" the ad at any time.  Also, ads can be unposted by our system if the seller let's his premium membership expire, but when he renews it the ads will be reposted.  (Sellers should check their account occasionally to make sure everything is up to date... including their subscription.)

What does the MAKE STICKY button do?

The Make Sticky button will cause your ad to go to and stay at the top of your list of ads. So, instead of moving down the list as you add new ads it will stay at the top.  You can edit any of your ads at any time to make them sticky and you can unsticky them when you want.  Have an item that's been unsold for a while and want to move it?  Try reducing the price a little and making it sticky. There is a limit of 5 sticky at any time.  Also, we can make any ad sticky and this will put it at the top of the gallery and at the top of all the categories.  We do this for some ads if we feel the item is extra nice.  These ads are chosed by us and we do not charge the seller for making it sticky.  We leave it there long enough for everyone to see it.

How do buyers contact me about my ads?

Most will use our "message" system. See the "How do I contact a seller" below for how it works.

How do I contact a seller?

If you look at a ad and want to contact the seller you should click the "Contact Seller". The seller's profile will appear and you can see basic info on him. Then if you still wish to contact him just click on the "Send Private Message", write your message and click the "Send". This will instantly put your message in his "Mailbox" and he can see it the next time he checks his account page. Note: This is not an email and does no go to his email address, however we do send an email to his account email address telling him he has a message and to check his mailbox. The adventages of this are several. It's much faster, no being blocked by spam filters and you both maintain privacy until you decide to exchange information. Also note that using this messageing system to send any type of spam is strickly prohibited and it can only be used for business related to our site. Violators should be reported to us and they are subject to having their membership permantly revolked.

What about repros?

You may post them for sale. All repros must be clearly marked as such in the ad and they should be listed in the categories for repros only. Ads for repros found in the "original" categories will be deleted. We allow repros, we don't allow fraud!

How can I run an auction?

If you want sell an item by auction I suggest this. Post the item in the FOR SALE ADS. Make the first word in your headling "AUCTION". Then in the ad explain that the item will be sold to the highest bidder. If you wish you can give a minumun bid and a deadline to submit bids. Bidders can simply message you with their bids.

I sold an item and the buyer won't pay me. What can I do?

We can't force someone to pay for something, but we do want to know about any "deadbeats" using our service. If he has no legitimate reason for not paying and you can't come to an agreement we would like to know about it. People who do not honor their agreements have no business on our site (or in our hobby) and we can take action to exclude them from the site. But try to settle before you contact us.

What is the feedback all about?

Unlike Ebay, where only the buyer can post feedback about the item he bought, and the seller answer, with our system any Premium member can post feedback about any seller at any time. Feeback is found in the ads or you can check the feedback of any member by going to your profile then under the "USER MENU" clicking on the "Members" link.

Do not use the feedback for: Slandering, badmouthing, berateing, vendettas. and generally going on a Hitler style tantrum about someone or something.

Only address issues related to our site. If someone ripped you off 20 years ago, this is not the place to ''get even''.

Keep the posting concise, factual and to the point. If you're posting something negative you should back it up with facts and not insults.

A final word about our feedback...  Unlike most militaria forums where members can post anything they want, true or not, while hiding behind a user name, when someone posts feedback here that person's real name appears with his feedback.  We feel that this makes for  more honest and valuable information. 

I've never tried to put photos on the web. Any suggestions?

It's really not difficult, and we did everything we could to make our system as easy as possible. For one thing, you don't have to find another web site to "host" your photos like you do on some auctions. We load the photos right from your hard drive and put them on our server. After you take the pics just transfer them into a file on your hard drive. When you are creating an ad you will see a place where you add the pictures. Its really very easy. The only other thing that comes to mind is that you might want to "tweek" the pictures before you upload them. Sometimes you might want to adjust the contrast or brightness, maybe crop the pic etc.... Windows Explorer itself will let you do some of these things. When you "preview" a picture there is an edit function among the icons at the bottom of the screen. Try that and see if it does what you want. If that's not good enough, then you will need a "real" photo editing program. The best is Adobe Photo Shop, but for our needs that's like going mouse hunting with a cannon. I use Paint Shop Pro 5 for all my image work and I think it's great. If you search the web you might even find a free copy to download. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about photos... if I can. Note: When listing items with photos be sure you don't have other programs running that are downloading or uploading data. This can cause a slowdown.

I'm having trouble putting pictures with my ads. What's wrong?

Probably nothing with our system.... we've tested the heck out of it! Make sure you're putting the pictures in a folder on your computer and that you are telling the system the correct file.  Smaller pictures will load faster so don't make them too big.  50k is enought to show everything. Also, make sure the picture is in a format that the system accepts. Our program is set to use the .jpg format and other formats may not work. You can teach youself how to post pictures by putting "bogus" items in the TEST catagory. You will find an explanation of the TEST category in this section. Here's a link to a program you can download for free. It will allow you to resize your photos and do other things.

I posted an ad but the thumbnail shows the wrong picture.

When posting or editing an ad the thumbnails of your pictures all show two little boxes.  One is to delete the picture and the other is to choose it as your thumb that will appear in the ad listing.

What is the WATCH LIST?

The Watch List is a way to keep track of ad that are of interest to you.  When viewing an ad you can click to add it to your list for later viewing.  You can also remove it at any time from your account page.

How do I keep track of the ads I posted?

You can keep track of them from your account page with the Active Ads links.

Why should I use your site instead of Ebay?

Simple; they don't want our collectibles and are more concerned with being "politically correct". We want your German militaria... and pictures with swastikas are ok!

Who can view my personal information?

Only you know your password. When you post an ad, respond to an ad, ask another member a question etc., your  name will be displayed. In your profile other members can view your  name, how long you've been a member, when you were last on line, your memberhsip type and your rating. Your private info is for our records only, and only you can give it to another member, or post it in an ad. We will not sell or give your address, e-mail etc. to anyone so don't be concerned about spam or sales calls. We value your membership! NOTE: You can set many of the items in your profile to display or not display to other members.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password or any other information (except user name) on your profile by going to the UPDATE PROFILE section.

I forgot my user name and password, what do I do?

Go to the FORGOT MY PASSWORD link. Submit the form giving the email address you used to sign-up. Our automated system will send your username and password to that email address. If you have problems you can email us directly and we'll try to help.

What is the TEST category?

We put this category here so you can practice posting ads (if you need to) before you actually list a real item. You can place an ad for a "widget" and put a picture of your dog if you wish... just to see now it works. When you have the procedure down pat you can then go to the "real" categories and start listing you militaria. Items in TEST will not appear when you click Gallery or For Sale items. You will have to go to the TEST category on the home page to view them.  Please! Don't abuse this feature by posting anything objectionable. Thanks.


This is where members put ads where they have reduced the price of the item.  The best way to use it is to leave the ad in the first category but change the second category to ALL PRICE REDUCED. That way you get the best exposure.

I posted an ad and now I see I made a mistake in the ad. What do I do?

Go to your account and Active Ads and find  your ad. You will find an EDIT button next to the ad. Click on it and you will be able to make changes. Be sure to save your changes after you make them. If you decided not to sell the item then instead of clicking on EDIT you can use the DELETE button to permantly remove the ad or the UNPOST button to remove it for now but keep in in your personal file of ads for later posting.  And when it asks you if you're sure just click OK and the ad will be gone. If you go back to check and be sure it's gone don't forget to refresh the page so you won't be looking at the old page your computer pulled up from its cache.  The bottom line is, you can manipulate your ads almost any way you want.  Cool, huh?

My ad copy did not come out just the way I typed it... why?

For security reasons (to keep the hackers out) we have disabled certain characters so they can not be used in ads (like the ones above the numbers on your keyboard). Unfortunately these are used by hackers to write scripts which allow them to get into the administration areas of web sites and screw them up. If you see a mistake after posting your ad you can always go back and edit it. I can't say which characters are disallowed because we change them frequently for security. Use of these special characters can cause an error message when trying to post an ad. If you get an error message try deleting all special characters and see if that fixes it.

The item I offered didn't sell, can I try again?

Yes. Simply go to MY ACCOUNT then to EXPIRED ADS. Find the listing and tell it to REPOST. You can even make changes to the new listing.  When you have a sale it is smart to just UNPOST the ad until you're sure the sale is final, that way you can repost it if the sale does not go through.  When the sale is final you can DELETE the ad permantly. NOTE: When reposting an expired ad sometimes, due to several factors, the ad does not show up on the site right away.  I suggest that after you tell it to repost and ad you look in your "Active ads", find the ad and hit the "Post ad" button. That should make it appear on the site.

What is the GALLERY link I see on the home page?

The GALLERY is a listing of the "first" photo that appears in all the FOR SALE ads. Newly listed items appear first. When you click on a photo it will enlarge and when you click on an ad headling it will take you to that item and you can procede from there. This is a quick way to see the newest ads without having to go to each category. 

I saw an ad earlier today and now I can't find it, why?

You may be looking in the wrong place or, more than likely, the ad has been removed.  Some items sell within hours of being posted and the seller unposts or deletes the ad. 

What are "sticky" ads in the Galleries and Categories?

Sticky ads are ads that stay at the top of a category, list or gallery, ever as other ads are posted.  They have red headlines and are posted by us as promotional ads or as a courtesy to our featured sellers.  When we mark an ad as sticky it will remain in the top row of the gallery and in the top row of every category, until we un-sticky it.  This is done to give everyone a chance to see it.  Only the administrator can make an ad sticky in the Galleries and categories, but you can make your ads sitcky within your list of ads.

What's the difference between unposting and deleteing an ad?

Unlike many militaria sites we don't want ours full of "sold" and "on hold" items.  When you get a sale on an ad you can "unpost" the ad until the sale is complete.  This means the ad will be temporaritly removed from the listings so members will not see it.  Then, if the sale goes through you can delete the ad for good.  But, if the sale is not completed you can repost the ad with just a click and try again to sell it.  We encourage all sellers to do this. Please, no "sold" and "on hold" in the posted ads.

What is your NEWSLETTER I see mentioned?

We send the NEWSLETTER by email on an irregular basis. Our intention is to keep you informed of anything about our site we think you should or would like to know. It could contain anything.

Trading Links

If you have a militaria web site and would like to trade links with us. please do the following. First, put a link to our home page in your link section of your site. Then go to our "add your link", located near the bottom of almost every page on our site and fill in the info and submit. After you do that, email me and let me know you want to trade links. (If you don't tell me I won't know about it.) I'll then activate your link on our link page.

Featured Sellers

This featue is for full or part time dealers who sell militaria on a regular basis. In order for this feature to work properly, it is necessary that we have some guidelines so everone will understand. There is no extra charge for being a "Featured Seller".

Featured sellers will have their banner displayed in the "Featured Sellers" section. A link to this section is prominetly displayed on the Home page and My Account page. Clicking on a banner will take you to a listing of all the items the seller has for sale on our site.

Featured seller's banners also appear at the bottom of most of our site's pages.  These banners are rotated at random everytime a page is viewed.  That way they all get a lot of exposure and your banner is always being seen by the members.

If you do not already have a banner, and don't know how to create one, I will be happy to create one for you. Just give me an idea as to what you would like. Banners are 80 x 550 and 15K. If you need help, just email me.

There is no limit to the number of items that can be offered, but the seller must have at least 50 FOR SALE ADS at all times. Rusty tinnys or broken buttons are not acceptable in making up the 50 items. Items must be of reasonable quality.

New items must be offered on a regular basis, and sold items must be removed in a timely manner.

The position of the seller's banner will be determined by the number of FOR SALE ADS listed. The more ads, the higher on the list the seller's banner will appear. This is done automatically by the program. If a seller's items drop below 50 his banner will be automatically removed, however, he can resubmit it at any time his total is 50 or more by sending us an email.

The seller must maintain a good record of relations with our customers. Unresolved complaints are grounds for removal of his banner from the list and removal of his items from our site.

We reserve the right to change or modify these guidelines at any time.

Thanks for using:


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