German Militaria Collectibles is a market where members can buy and sell militaria from each other. German Militaria Collectibles does not itself buy or sell any militaria. Nor do we offer evaluations or advice on any particular item. Also, we do not handle payments between buyers and sellers.

First: If you're a new member we strongly suggest you take a few minutes and read the HELP section....


If you want to purchase an item you do so by sending the seller a message or email from the link found in the ad. You can negotiate the sale by messages or emails or, if you both wish, by telephone.

As with all business transactions it is advisable to know your seller. You might want to consider the following.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Does the seller guarantee your satisfaction?

Have you heard of the seller before? If so what kind of reputation does he have?

What does the seller's feedback look like?

Be extra careful when dealing with someone overseas. If there is a problem you may have a hard time getting any satisfaction.

If you feel uneasy about dealing with someone it is usually best to pass on the item. But, if you just can't resist that treasure you've been seeking for years... use a credit card or Paypal. If the item is not delivered or unsatisfactory and the seller won't cooperate and settle with you, then there is the possibility of a chargeback. With cash or a check you might never get your money back.

Finally: If you feel you have been wronged by a seller let us know. We can't force anyone to do the right thing, but we can control who uses our site. If we see a pattern of complaints about someone we will revoke their membership.

NOTE:  We do not tolerate bad sellers or buyers and eliminate them as soon as we become aware.  Therefore we receive very few complaints about our members.


When you advertise an item for sale the buyer will contact you by sending them a message. You can then negotiate the sale by messages, email or, if you both wish, by telephone.

Accurately and thoroughly describe your item. Don't exagerate the condition of an item. This will only cause problems and hurt your sale and reputation.

Use photos! Pictures sell items and you will get much better results using them. If you don't have a digital camera, buy one! Even a very basic digital camera will take pictures that are more than adequite for using in ads. (I hear camera stores and pawn shops have early models at bargain prices!)

When shipping items be sure they are packed very well. When possible avoid "ground" shipping. Air service reduces handling and the potential for damage. It is the sellers responsibility to insure items for their full value.

Please mark all fakes and repros as such and only put them in the proper categories.

Please do not offer items related to the holocaust or atrocities. Let's be sensitive to the fact that these type of items can be offensive (and rightfully so) to some people. If in doubt, sell it somewhere else...

Do not use an ad to "editorialise". Don't make personal comments about any other persons. Do not try to use this site to promote any political or philisophical agenda or idiology.

Go to MY PAGE (link) and create a seller template. This will save you time when writing for sale ads.

Don't forget to cancel your ad after the item sells. Ads are automatically put in your expired folder after one year, however they can be re-posted.

When advertising, we suggest you always guarantee "satisfaction or your money back". This shows you care about customer satisfaction, will increase your sales and make for few problems for everyone.

Good collecting! We hope you will enjoy our web site!

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