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An early period NSKOV steel and enamel sign. NSKOV (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung), trans. 'National Socialist War Victims Care' was a social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans as well as front line fighters of World War I. This particular sign is in absolutely outstanding condition, as seen by the photographs it retains all of its colour and character with the smallest of minor scuff marks (photographed at the bottom), absolutely nothing of any note. This steel and enamel sign would have to be one of, if not the best one offered on the market right now. Apparently there were minor variations in the production of these enamel signs with some slightly larger versions having the name of the region they came from towards the lower edge. Measuring approx 13 x 9 inches (33 x 23 cm) and is slightly convex in shape. Produced by Robert Dold from Offenburg (written bottom right edge). A real rarity in this wonderful condition. Exceptional! Euros 640.00 plus
Category: Other
Der Landser (literally private, common soldier) was a German magazine published by Pabel-Moewig and featuring almost exclusively stories in World War II settings. The magazine was founded in 1954 by the former Luftwaffe officer and writer Bertold K. Jochim (1921-2002), who later worked as its longtime editor in chief until 1999. In September 2013 its last owner the Bauer Media Group announced to cease the publication of the magazine mainly brought about by continued pressure from jewish quarters. Since its founding the magazine was often criticized in certain quarters for glorifying war and delivering (it is claimed) a distorted image of the Wehrmacht and Nazi Germany during World War II. The content of novels was considered accurate regarding technical details, but its descriptions were frequently claimed not to be totally authentic and withheld important contextual information from the reader such as Antisemitism, German war crimes, the repressive nature of the German government, an
Reduced! Bronze plaque of SA Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Karl Wilhelm Schramme (1898-1941). Schramme joined the Nazi Party not long after WW1 and soon rose through it's ranks in the SA and became leader of the SA group Westfalen and police chief of Dortmund. He fell in the invasion of Crete in 1941. This is an outstanding bronze Plaque in superb condition. It measures 20 x 15 cm (8 x 6 ins). The plaque is signed with a monogram which looks like a stylized EW?? and the words 'Kic*' ?? (I really don't know the letters) and 'Weihnachten 1941' (trans. Christmas 1941). A very rare item depicting an early member of the Party who rose up through the ranks of the SA and died in one of the most bloody and costly campaigns of the War. Euros 265.00 plus postage
Category: S.A.
Original Third Reich decorative piece made to be hung on the wall. There are far fewer good Goering profiles and sculptured heads on the market than Hitlers, especially in the outstanding condition of this one, they are much rarer. Very few minor marks or scratches much less than the vast majority of similar profiles (please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition). The wooden back board is 29.5 x 20.5 cms (11.6 x 8.0 ins) and the Goering profile itself is 17.5 x 13 cms (7.0 x 5.1 ins approx). The black of the back board sets off the superbly realistic silvered relief profile bust of Goering. This is definitely much better than most and the very few marks and scratches that are on the face I have tried to show as clearly as possible in the detailed photos. Rare in this condition. GB Pounds 179.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
Original Third Reich decorative piece made to be hung on the wall. Excellent condition, with far fewer marks or scratches than the vast majority which are on the market (please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition). The wooden back board is 28 x 21 cms (11 x 8.25ins) and the Hitler profile itself is 18 x 14 cms (7 x 5.5 ins approx). The black of the back board sets off the superbly realistic "antique silvered" relief profile bust of Hitler. This is definitely much better than most but it does have a few marks and scratches on the face which I have tried to show as clearly as possible in the detailed photos. GB Pounds 149.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
REDUCED! Hitler Profile Portrait Plaque. Round. I have reduced this head quite considerably. I actually got it in Austria from a genuine collection of Hitler profiles and busts. It certainly has genuine age to it and I was informed at the time that it was not a later cast but that it was period - but one from several people I have since asked about it who looked at it said that it looks like a cast so it may be later. I thought I would mention this and the possibility that it might not be period is now reflected in the price. Looks and feels like bronze but I am not sure. It is certainly heavy enough to be bronze. It is a good size and measures approx. 18cms (7.25 inches) in diameter and has a fixed angled point on which it can be hung. A good likeness and very good all round condition. I can find no artists/makers signature. Please see photos for confirmation of description. GB Pounds 79.00 + postage
Category: Art Objects
A very unusual brooch with blue and red flowers and an Iron Cross symbol set into the surface. A very nice piece, firm pin, outstnding condition. It measures 4.9 x 3.5cms (1.9 x 1.4ins). GBP 75.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
SOLD! Gilt (or gold plated) Swastika pendant and chain. A very nice circular pendant with a swastika at its centre. The fine lnked chain is also gilt or gold plated, with a good functional clasp. A nice piece. GBPounds 85.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
Swastika Pandant with filigree surround and a simulated "diamond" centre. Gold coloured, Outstanding condition, 4.00 x 3.2cms (1.6 x 1.25ins) GBPounds 90.00 plus postage
Category: Art Objects
Swastika Brooch with flame decoration, approx. 4cms long, looks like silver but I can see no makers marks so I am assuming it is not. Nice firm clasp, excellent condition GB Pounds 110.00 plus postage
Category: Art Objects

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