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Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) Armband - an original WWII example of a multi piece construction HJ armband with Bevo woven swastika - cotton. The Armband looks to have been worn but remains in very fine condition with only the slightest of marks. The band is red with a white center stripe, with the usual applied HJ diamond with a woven swastika. Definitely a very fine HJ Armband. GB Pounds 120.00 plus postage
Category: Hitler Youth
Medallion presented for an 'SA Group March Dresden 24/25 March 1934'. Superb Medallion, outstanding condition. I do not know what it is made of, it looks like plastic, but it is too heavy to be plastic and it doesn't feel like plastic. I have found it on the Net and it states that the medallion is made of brown porcelain, but I just do not know for sure. On the reverse it states: 'The SA Man is a Revolutionary! He is strong in Loving and strong in Hating'. It weighs 20 gms and measures 5.2 cms (2.00 ins) in diameter GB Pounds 140.00 plus postage.
Category: S.A.
An exceptional large size medallion presented (probably in 1933) for many years of service to the Palatinate economy. (Historically the Rhenish Palatinate (Rheinpfalz), is a region in southwestern Germany). It states (between two Swastikas) in German on the medallion : 'Fur Langjahrige Mitarbeit im Dienst der Pfalzischen Wirtschaft'. The medallion really is in exceptional condition (please see detailed photos for confirmation of the condition) and appears to be silvered bronze. It was designed by Heinrich Moshage who's initials appear below the three figures depicted. The medal shows Industria extending a laurel branch to a blacksmith and a merchant. It weighs 161 gms and measures 8.00 cms (3.15 ins) in diameter. GB Pounds 140.00 plus postage.
'Dem Deutschen Nat-Socialismus die Zukumft' Medallion Paperweight. Nice sharp medallion with fine detail. Excellent condition. Cannot find any details or information about it on the net except that describing "Dem Deutschen Nat-Socialismus die Zukumft' (trans.) German National Socialsim is the Future was a very common expression during the early period of the NSDAP. Not sure of the metal, looks bronze, set on a marble base. Base measures 13 x 8 x 2 cms (5.2 x 3.2 x 0.79 ins) and the Medallion 6.00 cms (2.4 ins). GB Pounds 90.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
Set of 20 original Third Reich double sided Swastika triangular paper pennants, attached to each other with a string as used to decorate rooms where Nazi meetings took place or which was used to decorate the podium of a speaker. Apparently they came in sets of 20 so this batch is complete. Each paper pennant is 16 x 24 cms (6,3 x 9.5 ins) nearly all are undamaged, two have slight tears and some pennants very slight creases towards the points. Please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition. GB Pounds 200.00 plus postage
Category: Banners
A really interesting Long Sash dedicated to/from the Nazi Mayor of Vienna, (probably Hermann Neubacher 13.3.38 to 14.12.1940 - member of the National Socialist German Worker's Party). At each end there is a large black Swastika in a white circle and the words "Die Burgemeister der Stadt Wien" (The Mayor of Vienna) along the length of the Sash and gilt fringes at both ends. Looks and feels like silk but is probably simulated silk (rayon?) Excellent condition, length 242cms (95.3ins) width 21.4cms (8.5ins). GB Pounds 220.00 plus postage
Category: Banners
A really interesting Commemorative Banner/sash with an ornate coloured circular stitched emblem, a large Swastika and a grey/green lettering dedication to the "German Workers Association Flag Consecration". Not sure of the material, looks like silk but is probably simulated silk (rayon?) Gilt Fringes at both ends. On the Banner are the words: Zum Bedenken an die Fahnenweihe duch den Herrn Preuss Kulturminister Rust anlaesslich des 12 Nordwestd. Handwerker-bundestages dem ersten im Deurschland Adolf Hitler. Hannover, dem 22 Oktober 1933. Nordwestdeutscher Handwerkerbund. (trans.) In memory of the consecration of the flag carried out by Mr. Preuss Minister of Culture for Rust on the occasion of the 12th Northwest German Day of the united Workers, the first in Adolf Hitler's Germany. Hannover, 22nd October 1933. Northwest German Workers Association. Very good condition length 82cms (32.3ins) width 17.0cms (6.7ins) GB Ponds180.00 plus postage
Category: Banners
A really interesting Commemorative Kriegsmarine Banner/Wall hanging sash with a gold lettered dedication on. Not sure of the material, looks like silk but is probably simulated silk (rayon?). Gilt Fringes at one end. On the Banner are the words "Die ehemalige Besatzung U-604 Kptltn Holtring U-873 Kptltn Steinhoff" (trans.) "To the former crew of U-604 Kapitanleutnant Holtring U-873 Kapitanleutnant Steinhoff" I do not know exactly when this Banner/Wall hanging sash was presented. H?ltring died on the 24th August 1943, but Steinhoff actually survived the War but was apparently so badly treated by the Americans in captivity that on the 19th May (11 days after the War in Europe ended) he committed suicide. Very good condition length 96cms (37.8ins) width 17.8cms (7ins) GB Pounds160.00 plus postage DETAILS OF Horst Holtring and Friedrich Steinhoff Horst Holtring joined the German Navy (Reichsmarine) in 1933. He went through U-boat training from March to Oct 1940. On 13 Nov 1940 he w
Category: Banners
Secret Swastika cork bottle stop. Extremely rare. This type of bottle stop was used in beer halls, bars and locals (especially in Austria where this particular example comes from) BEFORE the Nazis came to power. The cork would be stuck into the bottles (hiding the Swastika) if anyone known to be against the Nazis was around. In Austria the Nazi Party was banned in early 1933, but revived and made part of the German Nazi Party after the German annexation of Austria in 1938. It was during the 1933-38 banned period that the 'secret' Swastika corks were used. Excellent condition, slight damage to the cork. Please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition. GB Pounds 140.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
An excellent large format Ostmark/Suedmark School Association Poster encouraging people to contribute towards Border Control and Protection Work. The Poster States: "Contribute to the Ostmark borderland Fund Donate to the May Collection for the Peoples of Germany for the Border Control Work of the German School Association Suedmark 11/12th June 1938". Outstanding condition, both front and back, very clean and NO damage. Neatly folded into 8 sections. Measures 84 x 60 cms (33.0 x 23.6 ins). Please see the detailed photos for confirmation of the condition. For confirmation of authenticity I have submitted various photos of the Poster to WAF and Vincent Dome (French Volunteer) an authority in NSDAP Posters has confirmed that in his opinion the Poster is absolutely genuine.......(thank you Vincent for the advice!) GB Pounds 240.00 plus postage

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