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A very nice German post WW2 1957 pattern ribbon bar with miniature Iron Cross, Assault Badge and Wound Badge. Outstanding condition, nice firm pin and hinge. GBPounds 48.00 plus postage
Category: Military Medals
1) Bronze Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its original bowtie-style ribbon, with horizontal pinback, very fine condition. GB Pounds 49.00 plus postage 2) Bronze Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its ring by the original bowtie-style ribbon, with horizontal pinback. RARER than the average Mothers Cross miniature because it has no inscription on the reverse. Slightest mark to top white enamel edge of the Cross (absolutely nothinhg of any significance) and the ribbon is open at one end, - a very good collectable cross in good condition. GB Pounds 42.00 plus postage 3) Gold Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its bowtie-style ribbon with horizontal pinback. Marked "L/11" Wilhelm Deumer, Ludenscheid" on the reverse; very fine condition. GB Pounds 55.00 plus postage 4) A Cross of Honour in Gold of the German Mother, First Class. Abs
THE BEST THIRD REICH GEBIRGSTRUPPEN (MOUNTAIN TROOPS) BOOK This is a very nice example of probably the best WW2 book about the Gebirgsjaegers. It is 8-1/2 x 11-1/8 inches, 112 page, very heavily illustrated hard cover First Edition book Wir tragen stolz das Edelwei - Eine Bildfolge vom Dienst unserer Gebirgstruppen (We Proudly wear the Edelweiss - a Picture Book of the Service of our Mountain Troops) by Max Seidel, a Jaeger in a Gebirgsdivision in the field as published by Christian Belser Verlagsbuchhandlung in Stuttgart in 1941. Following a very brief introduction by General Keubler, the book consists of superb full-page photographs of the arduous training of German Mountain Troops of the Waffen-SS and the Army in the high Alps. Carrying heavy loads and armed with hand grenades, rifles, machine guns and other equipment, the men of the Mountain Troops built bridges and erected cable lifts in waist deep snow at the top of the world. The photos show all manner of Gebirgsjaeger unifo
Bewaffnete Alpenheimat Publisher: Gauverlag Tirol 1941 235 pages, hundreds of excellent photos This is an amazing book showing all aspects of the german mountain troops ! All about uniforms, gear, locations, training etc. Most of these photos never appeared in any books after the war Very good condition, clean undamaged pages firm spine, good cover ! GB Pounds 45.00 plus postage Pease see other Gebirgsjaeger books listed
Wir vom Alpenkorps von Major Manz, Salzburg (Erschienen 1939) A very nice Alpenkorps/Gebirgsjaeger-Bildband from 1939 with it's original cover. 144 pages and measuring 26.5 x 21cm This particular book is made more interesting by the dedication to Ortsgruppenkassenleiter Pg. Karl Unger Rudersdorf - No 58 The story of the Gebirgsjaeger in detailed text and many exceptional photos. A few of the photos were slightly stuck together in places and have been gently prised apart and some slight marks can be seen on them and I have included the worst page (pillbox 8th image) so you can see for yourself the worst marks. One page is torn at the bottom (pictured). Very slight foxing on interior cover page. It's still a very good book worth collecting if your interest is Gebirgsjaeger. The slight damage is reflected in the price. GB Pounds 28.00 plus postage.
Outstanding sought after reference and photo book that shows in great detail Hitler's "working palace" packed with colour and black and white photographs, drawings and maps "Die neue Reichskanzlei" Architect Albert Speer- Central Publsihers of the NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachf. GMBH Munich - 2nd edition/11.-30. thousand-132 pp. - 37 x 29 cm. Rich in illustrations and complete with all the plans that can be folded out. The condition is excellent, nice clean undamaged pages held firmly in place by a solid spine. The back edge of the spine has come very slightly away from the body of the book (It really is insignificant) but it is only superficial and in no way has weakened the good firm spine (please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition). This book really is outstanding. You would be unlikely to find a better example. GBP 295.00 + postage
"Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" NSDAP Photo Album 1942 Greater Germany in World Affairs - Daily Picture Reports of 1942 - from Ernst Braeckow Photos by Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann, Reichsbildberichterstatter der NSDAP Published by Verlag Joh. Kasper & Co. Berlin. 320 Photos !!! Published by the Reichs Ministry for National Education and Propaganda, this album "Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" was intended to provide a reminder and an example to later generations of the "heroic" sacrifices of the German nation in the "fight for freedom." The album contains photographs on a wide variety of subjects in the year 1942, and depicts all aspects of life on the fighting and home fronts, including among others awards to heroes, German military equipment, destroyed Allied equipment and aircraft, foreign visitors to Germany, German industry and assembly lines, DAK fighting in Africa, German troops fighting in the East (Ostfront) at Sewastopol
Original Third Reich decorative piece made to be hung on the wall. There are far fewer good Goering profiles and sculptured heads on the market than Hitlers, especially in the outstanding condition of his one, they are much rarer. Very few minor marks or scratches much less than the vast majority of similar profiles which are on the market (please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition). The wooden back board is 29.5 x 20.5 cms (11.6 x 8.0 ins) and the Goering profile itself is 17.5 x 13 cms (7.0 x 5.1 ins approx). The black of the back board sets off the superbly realistic silvered relief profile bust of Goering. This is definitely much better than most and the very few marks and scratches that are on the face I have tried to show as clearly as possible in the detailed photos. Rare in this condition. GB Pounds 205.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
1) Luftwaffe Pilots Cloth Badge excellent quality in unworn, mint condition. GBP 160.00 plus postage. 2) Luftwaffe Observers (Biobachter) cloth Badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 125.00 plus postage. 3) Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Air Gunner (Funker) cloth badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 125.00 plus postage. 4) Parachutist Cloth Badge. (Fallschirmjaeger) in unworn, mint condition. GBP 165.00 plus postage.
Category: Luftwaffe
1) National Studentenbund (NSDStB) Sports Shirt Eagle. Rare. This cloth insignia Studentenbund Sports Shirt Eagle is very striking machine woven construction in white, black and red, and features the eagle and diamond swastika emblem of the National Socialist German Students League. This pattern of the Eagle insignia was worn on tank tops during sports practice and events. The patch itself is nice and clean and in exceptional condition. The white eagle motive itself measures approx. 14.0 x 8.5 cms (5.5 x 3.4 ins). The rayon backing has been trimmed at an angle on one side though plenty of the backing remains. It doesn?t appear to have ever been sewn to a shirt. This is a nice piece of youth sports insignia and certainly not that easy to find. GBP 165.00 plus postage . 2) A Rare Early (Ca. 1927) SS, SA Embroidered Eagle and Swastika Insignia This rare early ca. 1927 SS, SA embroidered eagle and swastika insignia may have been intended for use on an arm band, sports T-shirt or poss
Category: Eagles

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