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x2 Driving stamped metal alloy Proficiency Badges with what looks to be a bronze wash. It appears that these two badges are in fact Driving Proficiency Badges from the NSDAP period, but I cannot find exactly these badges anywhere although I have found very similar ones. I have asked the Forum for advice but no one replied. They came in a box of NSDAP items so I believe I can assume they are in order. The standard badges were worn on the lower left sleeve of the field blouse and service tunic. These two badges illustrated below both have a hole at the outer edge of the wing for being sewn onto a field blouse or tunic which I presume they were. As far as I can find out the standard Proficiency badge did not have sewing holes drilled through them and were attached to uniform matching wool material backing, and held in place by two prongs. These two badges must obviously have been designed to be held in place by being sewn on using the holes?? Motor Vehicle Drivers Proficiency Badges (
Category: Metal Insignia
A selection of x24 repro (fake) NSDAP rings that I came across in a velvet display case many years ago when I was collecting. They are of varying quality as can be seen from the detailed photos. I really do not know which ones may or may not be silver. Most are silver marked, quite a few with the '925' silver mark but I cannot guarantee that they really are silver. Many clearly look and feel like silver but possibly may not be, I really don't know. Prices are as follows: 1) GBP27.00 .....7) GBP27.00 .....13) SOLD .............19) GBP25.00 2) GBP27.00 .....8) GBP29.00 ......14) GBP29.00 .....20) GBP29.00 3) GBP27.00 .....9) GBP27.00 ......15) GBP29.00 .....21) GBP24.00 4) GBP30.00 ...10) GBP27.00 ......16) GBP27.00 .....22) GBP26.00 5) GBP27.00 ....11) GBP27.00 .....17) GBP26.00......23) GBP29.00 6) GBP25.00.... 12) GBP29.00 .....18) SOLD.............24) GBP29.00
Category: Other
x2 Stars are now sold.......there are x3 more remaining. About three years ago I had 3 Stars of David (found inside a jewish prayer book) along with a bunch of other jewish items which I acquired in Austria years ago when I was collecting. I asked for help on various Forums about the items including the Stars to make sure they were OK. I did not get a lot of information about the Stars and what I did get was divided, some saying that the Stars were OK and others that they were not. I know it is in no way proof that they are original but one of the -experts- sent me a private email which I must have erazed because I just cannot find it in which he said they are definitely original because he has had an identical star that he had confirmed as 100% original. The other items were OK and I have sold most of them after explaining the situation, although I still have a few of the items because I did not put them all up for sale. There were 5 more stars which I still have which came with all
Category: All the Rest
Reduced GBP 100.00! 25 Outstanding original photographs of Me 109 fighters and the Kriegsberichterzug 6 (German War Correspondent Section 6 report to go with it) written and complied by Harry Gehm. It makes very interesting reading about the aerial conflicts in which the German units took part. Interestingly, although the photos are stuck into the folder, the paper on which they are stuck is very thin and as a consequence the notes written on the backs of the photos describing what they are can still be read (see scans). I have not attempted to remove the photos from the folder, but I would assume that it could be done without too much trouble. These photos are virtually all in very good condition with just two or three having slight creases but absolutely nothing serious. (One photo is doubled wih a slightly enlarged 2nd image....nos 3 and 4). All the photos are a fair bit larger than the norm and are in two sizes. 16 measure 17 x 11.5cm (6.7 x 4.5 ins) and 9 measure 14 x 9.2 cm (5.
Category: Photos & Prints
Sold. Mein Kampf, outstanding condition, wedding edition. I do not know why it has a Jubilaumsausgabe Cover (some damage and marks on the cover).....probably came from another copy of Mein Kampf. Book itself, clean, uncreased, excellent undamaged 1942 version, Rare to find in such good condition. Signed by the Registrar (Josef Furind?) from the District of Persenbeug (Austria) on the occasion of the marriage of Hubert and Caecilia Geyrhofer. A very nice clean edition. GBP 129.00 plus postage.
SOLD ! REDUCED! x3 postcard size photos of jews from Bardejov dated October 1939, only one month after the start of WW2. Excellent condition, and stamped on the reverse comfirming that the photos are from Barbejov. Very nice sharp photos. Very rare. The Jewish community of Bardejov (now in north eastern Slovakia) was completely destroyed during the Holocaust. No Jews live in Bardejov today. Bardejovs Holocaust victims were denied the dignity of a burial. The Bardejov Holocaust Memorial serves as a memorial to Bardejovs lost Jewish community and to the victims.The Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee launched this project on land allocated by the city of Bardejov. Construction of the memorial began on March 25, 2013 and concluded with a dedication ceremony on June 24th 2014. GBP 80.00 plus postage
Category: Photos & Prints
x18 Winterhilfswerk (WHW) plastic shields of different German and occupied cities. Outstanding condition, 3.7 x 2.8cms -Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (English:Winter Relief of the German People), commonly known by its abbreviated form Winterhilfswerk (WHW), was an annual drive by the National Socialist Peoples Welfare (German:Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt) to help finance charitable work. Its slogan was -None shall starve or freeze-. It ran from 1933-1945 during the months of October through March and was designed to provide food, clothing, coal and other items to less fortunate Germans during the inclement months. GBP 42.00 plus postage
Category: Tinnys
SOLD! x 15 Glass Tinnies. X14 are from the Famous Germans series......Heinrich der Lowe, Holbein, Adolph Menzel, Helmuth von Moltke, Beethoven, Friedrich von Schiller, Immanual Kant, Bismarck, Goethe, Albrecht Durer, Richard Wagner, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz von Lenbach, Freiherr von Stein .....x 1 is a Fish Condition is very good, two have slight chip to edge, 3.6 x 3.1cms GBP 28.00 plus postage Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes (English:Winter Relief of the German People), commonly known by its abbreviated form Winterhilfswerk (WHW), was an annual drive by the National Socialist Peoples Welfare. (German:Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt) to help finance charitable work. Its slogan was None shall starve or freeze. It ran from 1933-1945 during the months of October through March and was designed to provide food, clothing, coal and other items to less fortunate Germans during the inclement months.
Category: Tinnys
SOLD! Goring Plaque. Outstanding example. There are far fewer good Goering profiles and sculptured heads on the market than Hitlers, they are much rarer. Very few minor marks or scratches. The wooden back board is 29.5 x 20.5 cms (11.6 x 8.0 ins) and the profile itself is 17.5 x 13 cms (7.0 x 5.1 ins approx). Much better than most. Very rare in this condition. GBP 155.00 plus postage. Goring Plaque. Appears to be Zinc, not sure. The head which is in excellent original condition is actually screwed from the front to the wooden back board which measures 30 x 17.7 cms. (11.8 x 7.00). The head itself measures 24 x 14 cms (9.5 x 5.5ins). GBP 100.00 plus postage. A very nice brass alloy Adolf Hitler Profile mounted on an elliptical wooden backing. Condition is excellent. Backing is 28 x 24 cm (11 x 9.5 ins) head 22.5 cm (8.9 ins) in length. It obviously has genuine age to it but I am not certain of the exact period, which is reflected in the price. GBP 90.00 plus postage. Hitler Profi
Category: Art Objects
Germany, Wehrmacht. An Officers Visor Cap Wreath and Cockade, Bullion Version (Wehrmacht Schirmmutzen Kranz mit Kokade). Constructed of fine quality flat, twisted, and rolled silver aluminum bullion wires in the shape of a standard officer's visor cap wreath, with a tri-colour metal cockade attached to the center of the wreath via two prongs visible on the reverse; with a black rayon backer on the reverse; measuring 67 x 47 mm (2.6 x 1.9 ins) overall outstanding condition. GBP 39.00 plus postage.
Category: Headgear Parts
A number of various Christmas ornaments to be hung on the Christmas tree. There are very few of these left on the market as they break so easily. These particular baubles are of slightly differing sizes and although all are unbroken or damaged the silver ones tend to be a bit miscoloured and a few of the attachments for hanging on the Christmas are a little rusty in some cases.....but all this can be clearly seen in the detailed photos. 2) All GBP 26.00 each plus postage......(7 x 5.2cms) 3, 4, 5) All GBP 27.00 each plus postage......(3 & 4 = 10 x 6 cms 5 = 6 x 6cms) 6. GBP 25.00 plus postage......(6 = 6 x 6cms) 7 SOLD ! 8 GBP 28.00 = 10 x 6cms) 11) GBP 57.00 (9 x 7.5cms)
Category: All the Rest
SOLD! An original 20 x 30 cm (8.00 x 12.00 inch) Third Reich poster produced by the Gau Filmstelle NSDAP promoting the 1940 Hitler Youth film Der Marsch zum Fuhrer (The March to the Leader). This Nazi propaganda film is about the journey of members of the Hitler Youth from every Gau in Nazi Germany to Nurnberg for the Nazi Party Rally. The film itself shows the HJ boys marching to their destination, camping, with host families, showing their determination for the National Socialist cause, as well as Adolf Hitler and the German Nation. The movie shows the Hitlerjugend as the future of the German Nation. It was said to be suitable for every German man, woman and child. It has been protected in a narrow frame behind glass. Outstanding condition, very slight foxing which can be clearly seen in the scans, no pin holes, creases, folds or tears, 100% original to the Third Reich. GBP 65.00 plus postage. You will not find this poster cheaper! Outstanding!
Category: Photos & Prints
Sold! Mein Kampf, outstanding condition, wedding edition in its cardboard slip cover. immaculate, incredibly clean uncreased 1942 version. Although it is a Wedding Edition it was not used as a Wedding Edition with the page signed by a married couple and the local mayor. That page was never part of this particular example. There is a message inside the front cover which translated says.............. -I can identify with this title, Lots of Love, Your Neice, Ingrid-......and another message on the inside of the back cover in pencil that mentions that........its a Wedding Edition, a newer version (1942) and that there would be no more of this edition available. The very thin paper which overlaps the edge of the black spine by about 3mm has some very slight damage where the book has been put in and out of the cardboard slip cover. Absolutely nothing of any significance, easy repair but not necessary, and clearly seen in the final photo. GBP 129,00 plus postage, cheapest you will find in
REDUCED GBP 150.00! Der Giftpilz, "The Poisonous Mushroom". 1st Edition. BEST example available for SURE! An anti-Semitic children's book published by Julius Streichers Stuermeverlag in Nuernberg and the Nazi weekly "Der Stuermer". The book, written by Ernst Hiemer, an author and journalist in "Der Stuermer", portrays Jews as "poisonous mushrooms" with a German mother explaining to her child how mushrooms are somewhat like people - some are good and some are poison. The book then expands in great detail this comparison with poison mushrooms and in extremely graphic pictures the book attempts to explain how no real German could ever tolerate Jews in Germany. The book is accompanied by colourful illustrations by the caricaturist of "Der Stuermer" Philipp Rupprecht who published his works under the pen-name "Fips". Outstanding condition, virtually unmarked, binding perfect, all pages tight, clean and undamaged as good as you could ever hope to find. Hard cover book, cloth bound and edg
Ritterkreuz winner postcards. ALL in outstanding condition, virtually MINT. EACH of THE POSTCARDS are GBP 13.50 EACH plus postage, cheaper than you will find anywhere else in this condition! Most Sold, Only these still available Joachim Muncheberg. Wilhelm von Malachowski. Karl Allmendinger. Gerhard von Schwerin. Hugo Primozic.
Sold! SS Sturmmann or Rottenfuhrer, not exactly certain of the width of the collar stripes, hard to see. A nice larger photo (behind glass) showing various decorations. The photo is not 100% razor sharp but it is still a fine example of a decorated SS soldier. Photo is 18cm (7ins) high, good condition, frame a bit battered. (The photo behind glass has some reflections in it). GBPounds 59.00 plus postage
Category: Other SS Items
Sold! SS Unterscharfuhrer. A larger good condition photo 22cm high (8.7 ins) of a soldier apparently from the Germania Regiment which was largely made up of mostly "Nordic" volunteers from the newly conquered territories, Danes, Norwegians, Dutch and Flemings. There is an indication of the photographic studio that produced the photo slightly hard to read, but it says T.V.N FOTO LEOBERSDORF. (There are some slight glass reflections which can be seen in the glass in the photo). Frame a bit battered but photo fine! GBP 64.00 plus postage
Category: Other SS Items
A nice Russian Leather Document and Map Case/Pouch. It is complete and in good condition with some signs of wear, but absolutely nothing serious as can be seen in the detailed photos. On the inside of the case is some faint writing which may well be Russian, but I really cannot be sure. It measures 21 x 26 cms closed (8.25 x 10.25 ins) and 21 x 46 cms open (8.25 x 18.1 ins). GBP 17.00 plus postage.
Category: All Field Gear
2 Excellent very decorative Reichspost Telegrammes and the Reichspost Envelope. The telegrammes themselves are huge, (21 x 29.5cm = 8.25 x 11.6ins) in outstanding condition, and quite amazing when you consider that this was War time. Germany was about to embark on the invasion of Russia and had Europe firmly in it's grip, (telegrammes are dated 14th and 15th June 1941). The envelope that they must have come in is somewhat the worse for wear but still good. An unusual and very interesting find quite clearly showing the German confidence at the time. GBPounds 56.00 for all three items, plus postage.
Two German POW letters written by the same man on 4th March and 1st April 1945. The letters were sent by Josef (Pepi) Vrbka (Nr. 31G 727354) to his parents and are quite touching as he explains how much he misses them and his wife. In one letter he actually asks his father to paint the garden shed door green to stop it warping! The letters appear to have been sent from US Army PWTB France and stamped Base 1067. There is a pencil line drawn through the Reumannplatz address on one envelope and a wavey line through the address on the other and the corrected address is written in pencil beneath. It must be presumed that the house at the orginal address was possibly damaged or destroyed. Interestingly these letters were written in the last few days of the War and I can only assume that Pepi was captured by the Americans in France or Germany itself. There are some areas of light blue staining on the paper which can be clearly seen in the detailed photographs. GBP 16.00 plus postage.
SOLD! An extremely nice portrait of a young German soldier. I am not sure how it was produced but it appears to me that it could be finely pained over a photographic portrait. I cannot see a photograph underneath (please see detailed scans) but the sheer accuracy of the painting maybe hiding it, I just do not know. The painting is virtually unmarked with the slightest of paint loss at the very edges in a couple of places where the painting was obviously framed at some time in the past. The image is on thick cardboard and measures 24 x 18 cms (9.5 x 7 ins) GBP 32.00 plus postage
Category: Art Objects
Sold! Outstanding batch of 16 WHW miniature booklets showing Adolf Hitler in different countries and on different occasions with photographs provided by Hitlers personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. Donations from the sale of these books would benefit the Winterhilfswerk or the Red Cross. Included are Hitler and his People, Hitler and the Youth, Hitler and Mussolini, Hitler and his buildings, The battle in Norway, The battle in France, The battle in Holland, The Battle in the East, Hitler and the Winterhilfswerk, Hitler makes History, and The battle at Sea. These booklets are ALL in outstanding condition. NONE are dirty, damaged, or torn, ALL are clean and unblemished, virtually as new, rare in this condition. GBP 119.00 plus postage.
An interesting document (Gesellenprufung Zeignis) confirming Gergard Weidtkampf as a qualified House Painter (Maler und Anstricher) after a three year Apprenticeship Course from 1st April 1937 to 31st March 1940. Outstanding condition, nice firm undamaged spine. GBP 9.00 plus postage.
Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander, Dutch worker... good condition, nice firm spine. Euros 49.00 plus postage.
Arbeitsbuch fur Auslander, Polish worker. Very good condition, firm spine. Euros 49.00 plus postage
Goring Plaques x 2 1) Goring Plaque. Appears to be Zinc, not sure. The head which is in excellent original condition is actually screwed from the front to the wooden back board which measures 30 x 17.7 cms. (11.8 x 7.00). The head itself measures 24 x 14 cms (9.5 x 5.5ins). GBP 119.00 plus postage. 2) Goring Plaque. Outstanding example, the best I have seen of this type of head. There are far fewer good Goring profiles and sculptured heads on the market than Hitlers, they are much rarer. Very few minor marks or scratches. The wooden back board is 29.5 x 20.5 cms (11.6 x 8.0 ins) and the profile itself is 17.5 x 13 cms (7.0 x 5.1 ins approx). Much better than most. Very rare in this condition. GBP 165.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
An excellent complete good clean set (x25) of mini photo postcards (6 x 9 cm 2.36 x 3.54 ins) of Berlin in the last year of Peace (Dec. 1938). Not often found as a complete set and in their original envelope, this wonderful condition these images show Berlin as it was before it was thoroughly destroyed by Allied bombing in the later stages of WW2. The reverse of the images have what may be the date the set when set up to be printed (14 - 17/12 38) and also on the reverse the name Karl Heister written in ink has been crossed through with a single line. GBP 18.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
SOLD! Mein Kampf, outstanding condition, wedding edition in its cardboard slip cover. Clean, immaculate undamaged 1938 version, Really rare to find in such superb condition. Signed (probably auto pen) by the mayor of Vienna (Neubacher) on the occasion of the marriage of Franz Kern and Verena Wallinger. This really is a nice clean pretty well perfect edition. GBP 144.00 plus postage.
1) Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront (The German Labour Front) Yearly Sport Cards Booklet (32 pages) Kraft durch Freude (Strength through Joy) set up by Dr. Robert Ley Wonderful condition, as good as they get, made out and stamped to 1944. 2) Bestimmungen (Requirements....Rules) Booklet (32 pages) of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front) 3rd Edition Outstanding condition, as good as they get! GBP 60.00 for the pair plus postage.
An official 8 page Booklet in which to keep a record of times, distances and points awarded in the attempt to reach the standard for the SA Sports Badge Medal. Although originally designed as a physical fitness badge for Nazi stormtroopers, the SA Sports Badge was issued across every German military and paramilitary organization. Indeed, the SS held the SA Sports Badge in high regard, and many of its senior members, Heinrich Himmler, Karl Wolff, and Arthur Nebe among them, qualified for the decoration. The badge was also commonly issued to the Wehrmacht and was one of the few political decorations that the armed forces allowed to freely be displayed on a military uniform (other such decorations included the Blood Order and the Golden Party Badge). The booklet measures 14 x 10.5 cm (5.5 x 4.13 ins). and is in outstanding condition as can be clearly seen in the detailed photos. It is well written up. GBP 23.00 plus postage. A 48 page Booklet explaining how to win the SA Sports Badge
1) NSDAP Hessian/ Burlap Sack marked H.Vpfl. 1938. 48 x 28 ins (122 x 72 cms) H.Vpfl stands for "Heeres-Verpflegung" (Army Supply Service). Large ration Sack used to carry such supplies as potatoes, beans, bread, etc.; they were used throughout the entire war. excellent condition, would make a great backdrop. Very well marked GBP 55.00 plus postage. 2) NSDAP Hessian/Burlap Sack marked H.Vpfl. 1940. 42.5 x 27.5 ins (108 x 70 cms) H.Vpfl stands for "Heeres-Verpflegung" (Army Supply Service). Large ration Sack, used to carry such supplies as potatoes, beans, bread, etc.; they were used throughout the entire war. excellent condition, would make a great backdrop. Very well marked GBP 55.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
2) A really nice large rare highly detailed Hitler portrait printed from an original charcoal and pencil drawing. The printing was done at the University Wagner Publishers, -Tiefdruck Kila- (Gravure Printing Kila) Innsbruck. (Gravure is one of five forms of commercial printing. In the Gravure etched image areas are recessed into a metal plate to form reservoirs or wells to receive ink. The size and depths of the wells controlling the amount of ink and density of tone to be transferred to paper). I have not seen any other examples of this particular portrait. This rare printed portrait bears a printed signature from the original artist and it's dated 37. The condition is excellent as can be seen from the photos..there are some slight reflections in the photos because of the glass. I have never opened the back, but at some time I think the image will have been reframed because the tape at the back is fairly modern. The frame itself is in excellent condition and measures a respectable
Category: Photos & Prints
10 x CLOTH BADGES LUFTWAFFE plus 3 Others 1) Luftwaffe Pilots Cloth Badge excellent quality in unworn, mint condition. GBP 125.00 plus postage. 2) Luftwaffe Observers (Biobachter) cloth Badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 105.00 plus postage. 3) Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Air Gunner (Funker) cloth badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 105.00 plus postage. 4) Parachutist Cloth Badge. (Fallschirmjaeger) in unworn, mint condition. GBP 125.00 plus postage. 5) Luftwaffe Trade Patch Driver, Outstanding condition GBP 32.00 plus postage 6) Luftwaffe Radio Operator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 26.00 plus postage 7) Luftwaffe Feuerwerker Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 26.00 plus postage 8) Luftwaffe Aircraft equipment administrator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 26.00 plus postage 9) Luftwaffe Fliegertechnisches Personal Patch. Outstanding condition GBP 24.00 plus postage 10) Luftwaffe Trade insignia for flying personnel, Outstanding condition GBP 24.00 plus postage 11) (Gebirgs
Category: Ranks & Ratings
A Luftwaffe EM/NCO Visor Wreath and Cockade. It is aluminium based, die stamped and silver washed with black and red paint work. The obverse depicts a centrally placed black, white and red cockade that is surrounded by an oak leaf and acorn wreath, with wings to the sides. The reverse shows a hollow back. Both prongs remain firmly intact. Beautiful silver wash and paint remains intact. Outstanding condition, 100% genuine. GBP 29.00 plus postage.
Category: Headgear Parts
A really well written up and entry filled Luftwaffe Soldbuch of Walter Bacher. I have not researched the entries closely so Bachers Luftwaffe wartime experiences will need to be examined closely to see what he did and where he was in WW2. Every page has been scanned. The condittion of the Soldbuch is not that good, (please see the detailed scans) but it is all there as far as I can make out. Some of the pages are loose and have come out, and the spine was held together by black tape, which has now also come loose. An interesting item certainly worth consideration for those inerested in Luftwaffe personnel and their wartime experiences. GBP 65.00 plus postage.
SOLD! x 100 STEREOSCOPIC 3D PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIEWER: "DIE SOLDATEN DES FUHRERS IM FELDE" Stereo viewer and complete set of 100 stereoscopic (3D) images "Die Soldaten des Fuhrers im Felde"......"The Soldiers of the Fuhrer in the Field".... (which comes from the printing Munich: Raumbild Verlag Otto Schoenstein) from the original volume in which the 3D images were housed, which is not present, but the important part, the 100 outstanding images are.....which is reflected in the price. The images are all in excellent really sharp undamaged condition and provide an excellent insight into the invasion of Poland, the destruction of the Polish Army, Hitlers visit to the front. The fold-out steel viewer is in excellent condition with clear unmarked lenses. Once you get used to using the viewer by relaxing your eyes as you stare through them, the images suddenly burst into life and really do look three dimensional. Normally the price of the x100 3D cards with the decent book is about GBP 170.00
Category: Photos & Prints
1) Horse Riding Stickpin Marked GES. GESCH. L.CHR. LAUER NURNBERG BERLIN GBP34..00 2) SA Reserve Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch, "TC" GBP34.00 3) Wound Badge (Black) Sickpin GBP19.00 4) Wound Badge (Silver) Sickpin GBP26.00 5) DAF Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch GBP15.00 6) SA Sports Stickpin Marked "6" GBP25.00 7) Triple Award Stickpin Iron Cross 1st & 2nd Class & Black Wound Badge GBP29.00 8) Reichs Youth Sport Proficiency Stickpin Marked "Souval Wien" GBP29.00 9) SOLD German Cross Stickpin GBP169.00 10) Infantry Assault Stickpin GBP30.00 11) DRL Sports Stickpin in Bronze Marked Werstein Jena GBP19.00 12) Tank Assault Stickpin GBP37.00 13) War Veteran Society Member Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch. "6" GBP33.00 14) SA Stickpin Marked RZ M1/47 GBP26.00 15) RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) Stickpin Aurich Dresden Ges. Gesch. GBP29.00 16) SOLD RKK Stickpin Marked Deschler Munchen Ges. Gesch GBP37.00 17) NSRO (National Socialist Factory Cell Organization) Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch. & VL GBP
Category: Pins
1) Medical administrative Zahlmeisters Shoulder Board and Collar Tabs. Outstanding condition. Silver/aluminium braid with mid-blue wool waffenfarbe. The board has a gold washed Mercurial staff cypher. (Winged staff with dual intertwined serpents). The Officials were responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks from Court Martial, Librarian, Supply, Technical and Meteorological Services, to School, Barracks, and Hospital administration thus freeing up active army Officers and allowing them to concentrate on actual military matters. Most Officials careers consisted of four varying grades, of high, elevated, medium and low grade determined by the education and/or experience of the individual. GBP 125.00 plus postage 2) German Army Wehrmacht Medic Hauptmann (Captain) shoulder boards of dark blue overlaid with four twisted matte grey chords, with two aluminium rank pips and medical branch cipher. Excellent condition both front and back. GBP 100.00 plus postage 3) Oberst
Category: Shoulder Boards
ALL SOLD! 1) Saucer, great condition, no chips or damage, Luftwaffe marked FI. U.V.Bauscher Weiden 193......14.5 cms diameter (5.7 ins) GBP 22.00 plus postage. 2) Bowl, great condition, no chips or damage, Wehrmacht Eagle Marked Rosenthal Selb Germany 1941......17 cms diameter (6.7 ins) GBP 30.00 plus postage. 3) Bowl, great condition, no chips or damage, Wehrmacht Eagle Marked Rosenthal Selb Germany 1941......17 cms diameter (6.7 ins) GBP 30.00 plus postage. 4) Bowl, shallow chip to the rim reflected in price (see detailed photograph) not serious, Wehrmacht Eagle Marked Rosenthal Selb Germany 1941 ......17 cms diameter (6.7 ins) GBP 20.00 plus postage. 5) Superb Gravy Boat, excellent condition Luftwaffe Marked FI.U.V. Plankenhammer Bavaria 1941 approx 26 x 12 cms (19.25 x 4.75 ins) GBP 85.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
SOLD! Hitler Plaque, its silvered (not a silver metal head) in very good condition mounted on a black board. The head is marked "F.S." The dimensions are: The Head itself 26 x 13.5 cms = 10.25 x 5.3 ins Backing board overall is 25 x 36 cms = 10 x 14 ins GBP 205.00 plus postage.
Category: All the Rest
SOLD! A wonderful Hitler Plaque in outstanding condition. I am not sure what it is made of but it is heavy for its size, possibly its bronze. The quality and condition is exceptional, although I can find no signature or manufacturers name. It measures 13 x 10 cms (5.1 x 4.00 ins). There are two attachment possibilities at the back as can be seen in the detailed photos. A great piece, superb undamaged condition. GBPounds 175.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
An Excellent Kriegsmarine Wehrpass made out to Heinrich Maringer, wonderful condition.......and with original Kriegsmarine Dog Tag attached. GBPounds 125.00 plus postage.
A superb condition Wehrpass made out to Georg Schneider. Includes documentation regarding his fully paid up membership of the Deutsche Arbeitspartei, another personal identification document with photo, his Allied (British Occupation) Travel Permit and one other document. GBPounds 65.00 plus postage.
An original fine Red faux leather Soldbuch Cover, in excellent condition. GBPounds 27.00 plus postage
SOLD! Soldbuch made out to the Grenadier Johann "Hans" Blasel. The booklet is in outstanding condition with the last entry made out on the 5.5.45. just three days before the Wars end in Europe. GBPounds 67.00 plus postage
A Deutsches Reisepass for Leopold Neutzner. The passport is protected by a paper "envelope" cover and shows the various trips that Neutzner made even during the War years. The condition of the Reisepass is good, but the staples holding it together have rusted and left rust stains in places which can be seen in the scans. The Reisepass itself is still intact and held firmly together by the staples but they are rusty. ?30.00 plus postage.
Fremdenpass, for a Czech lady (Maria Szabo) - superb condition (Fremdenpasses were often used for "stateless" persons within the Third Reich) Euros 80.00 plus postage
A collection of various Jewish items dating from the mid 1930s found in Vienna and all from the same source. They were found many years ago either in a cellar or a loft, I am not sure as they were handed on to me, and the only clue I have as to any sort of name attached to the items is the photo in a small frame of a Dr. Rudolf Wohlmuth. Some of the items are self explanatory but to be honest I do not know what several of the items are, but I have included them anyway. All the items are in excellent condition, except one menorah which has one broken arm, but could easily be repaired. 1) ALL items displayed for size comparisons.......also an image of Dr. Rudolf Wohlmuth. 2 ) Eu 210.00 3) Eu 190.00 4) Eu 165.00 5) Eu 140.00 6) Eu 220.00 7) Eu 135.00 8) Eu 185.00 9) Eu 85.00 10) Eu 85.00 11) Eu 125.00 12) Eu 125.00 13) Eu 115.00 Menorahs Eu 345.00 and Eu 295.00 Dr. Rudolf Wohlmuth image in Frame Eu 95.00 ITEM PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE
Category: All the Rest
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