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BIG REDUCTIONS! 1) Goring Plaque. Appears to be Zinc, not sure. The head which is in excellent original condition is actually screwed from the front to the wooden back board which measures 30 x 17.7 cms. (11.8 x 7.00). The head itself measures 24 x 14 cms (9.5 x 5.5ins). GBP 110.00 plus postage. 2) Goring Plaque. Outstanding example. There are far fewer good Goering profiles and sculptured heads on the market than Hitlers, they are much rarer. Very few minor marks or scratches. The wooden back board is 29.5 x 20.5 cms (11.6 x 8.0 ins) and the profile itself is 17.5 x 13 cms (7.0 x 5.1 ins approx). Much better than most. Very rare in this condition. GBP 159.00 plus postage. 3) Bronze plaque of SA Obgfr. Otto Karl Wilhelm Schramme (1898-1941). Schramme joined the NSDAP not long after WW1 and soon rose through it's ranks in the SA and became leader of the SA group Westfalen and police chief of Dortmund. He fell in the invasion of Crete in 1941. Outstanding Plaque in superb conditio
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"Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" NSDAP Photo Album 1942 Greater Germany in World Affairs - Daily Picture Reports of 1942 - from Ernst Braeckow Photos by Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann, Reichsbildberichterstatter der NSDAP Published by Verlag Joh. Kasper & Co. Berlin. 320 Photos !!! Published by the Reichs Ministry for National Education and Propaganda, this album "Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" was intended to provide a reminder and an example to later generations of the "heroic" sacrifices of the German nation in the "fight for freedom." The album contains photographs on a wide variety of subjects in the year 1942, and depicts all aspects of life on the fighting and home fronts, including among others awards to heroes, German military equipment, destroyed Allied equipment and aircraft, foreign visitors to Germany, German industry and assembly lines, DAK fighting in Africa, German troops fighting in the East (Ostfront) at Sewastopol
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A selection of x24 repro (fake) NSDAP rings that I came across in a velvet display case many years ago when I was collecting. They are of varying quality as can be seen from the detailed photos. I really do not know which ones may or may not be silver. Most are marked, quite a few with the '925' silver mark but I cannot guarantee that they really are silver, they may not be I really don't know. Prices are as follows: 1) GBP30.00 .....7) GBP32.00 .....13) GBP29.00 .....19) GBP27.00 2) GBP30.00 .....8) GBP32.00 .....14) GBP32.00 .....20) GBP32.00 3) GBP29.00 .....9) GBP29.00 .....15) GBP32.00 .....21) GBP25.00 4) GBP32.00 ...10) GBP30.00 ......16) GBP29.00 ....22) GBP25.00 5) GBP30.00 ....11) GBP30.00 .....17) GBP29.00 ....23) GBP32.00 6) GBP27.00.... 12) GBP32.00 .....18) GBP29.00 ....24) GBP32.00
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1) Horse Riding Stickpin Marked GES. GESCH. L.CHR. LAUER NURNBERG BERLIN ?38.00 2) SA Reserve Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch, "TC" GBP37.00 3) Wound Badge (Black) Sickpin GBP23.00 4) Wound Badge (Silver) Sickpin GBP32.00 5) DAF Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch GBP18.00 6) SA Sports Stickpin Marked "6" GBP27.00 7) Triple Award Stickpin Iron Cross 1st & 2nd Class & Black Wound Badge GBP32.00 8) Reichs Youth Sport Proficiency Stickpin Marked "Souval Wien" GBP34.00 9) German Cross Stickpin GBP169.00 10) Infantry Assault Stickpin GBP32.00 11) DRL Sports Stickpin in Bronze Marked Werstein Jena GBP23.00 12) Tank Assault Stickpin GBP37.00 13) War Veteran Society Member Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch. "6" GBP29.00 14) SA Stickpin Marked RZ M1/47 GBP29.00 15) RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) Stickpin Aurich Dresden Ges. Gesch. GBP34.00 16) RKK Stickpin Marked Deschler Munchen Ges. Gesch GBP37.00 17) NSRO (National Socialist Factory Cell Organization) Stickpin Marked Ges. Gesch. & VL GBP31.00 18) Ag
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2) A really nice large rare highly detailed Hitler portrait printed from an original charcoal and pencil drawing. The printing was done at the University Wagner Publishers, -Tiefdruck Kila- (Gravure Printing Kila) Innsbruck. (Gravure is one of five forms of commercial printing. In the Gravure etched image areas are recessed into a metal plate to form reservoirs or wells to receive ink. The size and depths of the wells controlling the amount of ink and density of tone to be transferred to paper). I have not seen any other examples of this particular portrait. This rare printed portrait bears a printed signature from the original artist and it's dated 37. The condition is excellent as can be seen from the photos..there are some slight reflections in the photos because of the glass. I have never opened the back, but at some time I think the image will have been reframed because the tape at the back is fairly modern. The frame itself is in excellent condition and measures a respectable
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x100 STEREOSCOPIC 3D PHOTOGRAPHS: "DIE SOLDATEN DES FUHRERS IM FELDE" Stereo viewer and complete set of 100 stereoscopic (3D) images "Die Soldaten des Fuhrers im Felde"......"The Soldiers of the Fuhrer in the Field".... (which comes from the printing Munich: Raumbild Verlag Otto Schoenstein) from the original volume in which the 3D images were housed, which is not present, but the important part, the 100 outstanding images are.....which is reflected in the price. The images are all in excellent really sharp undamaged condition and provide an excellent insight into the invasion of Poland, the destruction of the Polish Army, Hitlers visit to the front. The fold-out steel viewer is in excellent condition with clear unmarked lenses. Once you get used to using the viewer by relaxing your eyes as you stare through them, the images suddenly burst into life and really do look three dimensional. Normally the price of the x100 3D cards with the decent book is about GBP 170.00 or more in the UK
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An original 20 x 30 cm (8.00 x 12.00 inch) Third Reich poster produced by the Gau Filmstelle NSDAP promoting the 1940 Hitler Youth film Der Marsch zum Fuhrer (The March to the Leader). This Nazi propaganda film is about the journey of members of the Hitler Youth from every Gau in Nazi Germany to Nurnberg for the Nazi Party Rally. The film itself shows the HJ boys marching to their destination, camping, with host families, showing their determination for the National Socialist cause, as well as Adolf Hitler and the German Nation. The movie shows the Hitlerjugend as the future of the German Nation. It was said to be suitable for every German man, woman and child. It has been protected in a narrow frame behind glass. Outstanding condition, very slight foxing which can be clearly seen in the scans, no pin holes, creases, folds or tears, 100% original to the Third Reich. GBP 95.00 plus postage.
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SOLD! A very nice collection of 42 Death Cards. They are a bit of a complete mix, no SS, but never the less a pretty good bunch which I hope you can see from the photo, especially as the condition of virtually all the cards is very good/excellent. There are a few two page double (fold over cards) among them, soft and peak caps, parade uniforms, some decorations, 4 or 5 with the fallen soldiers in "civies" and a couple with no picture only the memorium. Condition of virtually all the cards is excellent as I mentioned, there are only a couple that are slightly creased. Should you need more photos/scans I can provide them. GBP 89.00 plus postage for the 42 is .......just over GBP 2.00 a card!!
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HERMANN GORING UNIT FLAK ARTILLERY OBERGEFREITER'S COLLAR TABS. (Kragenspiegel). Matching Pair. Outstanding Condition, appear never used! White wool construction collar tabs with two rank "gulls" and red rayon waffenfarbe piping. Collar tabs were adopted by the newly formed Luftwaffe on April 14th 1935 and followed the basic pattern of the collar tabs that had been utilized by its earlier civilian forerunner the, DLV, Deutscher Luftsport Verband, (German Air Sports League). The collar tabs were worn in matching pairs and indicated the branch of service and rank of the wearer. The Regiment General Goring was formed in September 1935 from the previous Landes Polizei Gruppe General Goring, and became the premier unit of the fledgling Luftwaffe. On March 12th 1936 the unit exchange their Police uniforms for Luftwaffe uniforms, and it was at this time that personnel were issued the distinctive white collar tabs. Regulations of April 3RD 1936 introduced collar tab trim with bright silver/a
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A Pair of HJ Marine Unit 663 Shoulder Boards (Bann 633 Litzmannstadt Wartheland). An exceptionally fine matching pair, one with RZM tag on reverse, outstanding unused condition. As Good as they Get!! GBP 129.00 plus postage
Category: Hitler Youth
SOLD! SS Untersturmfuhrer 31 SS-Standarte Niederbayern (cuff title "6"). Postcard size photo image. Perfect, no damage, dirt, creases or faults of any kind. Near the edge on the back is a very faint "Agfa" photographic paper mark. I have actually had to enhance the Agfa mark to make it visible. It is very faint, but it is there! GBPounds 65.00 plus postage.
BIG REDUCTION !! Der Giftpilz, "The Poisonous Mushroom". 1st Edition. BEST example available for SURE! An anti-Semitic children's book published by Julius Streichers Stuermeverlag in Nuernberg and the Nazi weekly "Der Stuermer". The book, written by Ernst Hiemer, an author and journalist in "Der Stuermer", portrays Jews as "poisonous mushrooms" with a German mother explaining to her child how mushrooms are somewhat like people - some are good and some are poison. The book then expands in great detail this comparison with poison mushrooms and in extremely graphic pictures the book attempts to explain how no real German could ever tolerate Jews in Germany. The book is accompanied by colourful illustrations by the caricaturist of "Der Stuermer" Philipp Rupprecht who published his works under the pen-name "Fips". Outstanding condition, virtually unmarked, binding perfect, all pages tight, clean and undamaged as good as you could ever hope to find. Hard cover book, cloth bound and edged,
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Otto Kretchmar. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Gunther Lutzow. Outstanding condition, near MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo-Postcard Ritterkreuz Winner Major Hermann Graf. Outstanding condition, MINT. GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Joachim Muncheberg. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Alfred Hemmann. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Hansgeorg Haase. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Hugo Primozic. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Gerhard Hein. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Herbert Ruhnke. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Johann Hlanschka. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Wilhelm von Malachowski. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Walter Kalkhoff. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Josef Harpe. Outstanding condition, MINT. GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Photo Postcard, Ritterkreuz winner Karl Allmendinger. Outstanding condition, MINT GBP 15.50 plus postage.
Sold! An outstanding NSDAP Period album of postcards and printed images from the Kriegsmarine. There are 41 Kriegsmarine Photo-postcards (mounted with mounting corners, not stuck down) of all sorts of German war ships and 23 other printed images specific to the album and perfectly mounted (permanently stuck down) of ships and German Naval figures. ALL of the cards and images are in outstanding condition as is the perfect lettering describing the various photos. The album itself is nice and clean, and the tissue paper between the pages is also in excellent condition. (The slightly hazy half of the images are because of the tissue paper over the images). A few of the pages are lose, but they could be easily fixed. Should you require any further images or more details please contact me. GBP 165.00 plus postage.
x 4 Photos. These photos are slightly bigger than average and are from the same source as the previous 1936 set. The photos show Military Vehicles and one photo is described on the reverse as being involved in the Parade on Hitler's Birthday (20th April 1936). Great Photos, minor blemishes, but absolutely nothing of any note. x3 photos 8.2 x 11.5 ms and x 1 photo 8.2 x 13.7 cms. GBPounds 27.00 plus postage.
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1) Bronze Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its original bowtie-style ribbon, with horizontal pinback, very fine condition. GB Pounds 43.00 plus postage 2) Bronze Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its ring by the original bowtie-style ribbon, with horizontal pinback. RARER than the average Mothers Cross miniature because it has no inscription on the reverse. Ribbon is open at one end, - a very good collectable cross in good condition. GB Pounds 43.00 plus postage 3) SOLD........... Gold Grade Miniature Mothers Cross measuring approximately 21 mm x 16 mm; suspended from its bowtie-style ribbon with horizontal pinback. Marked "L/11" Wilhelm Deumer, Ludenscheid" on the reverse; very fine condition. GB Pounds 54.00 plus postage 4) A Cross of Honour in Gold of the German Mother, First Class. Absolutely outstanding condition. (Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter 1 Klasse). A Latin cross
10 x CLOTH BADGES LUFTWAFFE plus 3 Others 1) Luftwaffe Pilots Cloth Badge excellent quality in unworn, mint condition. GBP 135.00 plus postage. 2) Luftwaffe Observers (Biobachter) cloth Badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 119.00 plus postage. 3) Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Air Gunner (Funker) cloth badge in unworn, mint condition. GBP 119.00 plus postage. 4) Parachutist Cloth Badge. (Fallschirmjaeger) in unworn, mint condition. GBP 135.00 plus postage. 5) Luftwaffe Trade Patch Driver, Outstanding condition GBP 35.00 plus postage 6) Luftwaffe Radio Operator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 7) Luftwaffe Feuerwerker Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 8) Luftwaffe Aircraft equipment administrator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 9) Luftwaffe Fliegertechnisches Personal Patch. Outstanding condition GBP 29.00 plus postage 10) Luftwaffe Trade insignia for flying personnel, Outstanding condition GBP 29.00 plus postage 11) (Gebirgs
Category: Luftwaffe
1) 2) 3) Luftwaffe Cap Eagles x 3......All in outstanding condition, they are actually .....................GBP 34.00 each + postage as new, wonderful detail. I can confirm that these eagles have never been used. I found them and many more in an old cardboard box in a shed in Austria. The pins are absolutely straight which I can only presume is exactly as they left the factory where they were made. 4) Wehrmacht Cap Eagle. Outstanding condition, nice firm pins, great detail....................... GBP 37.00 + postage 5) NSDAP Official/State Employee Eagle Cap Badge. Good condition, firm pins.................GBP 32.00 + postage 6) German Veterans Alumnium Breast Eagle, 2nd Type, Crossed Swords and painted........GBP 36.00 + postage Iron Cross at centre, Brooch Clip reverse, measures 9.6 cm (3.78ins) indistinctly marked GESGESCH 7) NSDAP Official/State Employee Eagle Cap Badge. One pin broken Marked RZM M1/45 Friedrich Linden, Ludenscheid.................GBP 20.00 + postage
Category: Metal Insignia
Both Volumes Celebrating the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. Volume 1 relates to the Winter games and Volume 2 to the Summer Games. Both books are in very good undamaged condition. No photos are missing and they are all perfectly mounted and in outstanding condition. The covers (dust jackets) are not in the best of condition. Volume 1s cover has been partly repaired on the back and Volume 2 has a part of the lower cover missing as can be seen in the detailed photos The books were produced by the Cigaretten Bilderdienst (Cigarette Picture Service). The bell on both hard covers is actually a gilt embossed image of the Olympic Bell made by the German specifically for the1936 Games.(The bell looks white in the photos because it is reflecting the flash from the camera, but it is in fact gilt as can be clearly seen in the close up detail. The two volumes themselves are rare in such good condition. GBP 95.00 plus postage.
A great photopostcard of an 88mm Flak being prepared for firing. Unused, excellent condition. GBP 5.50 plus postage
A great photopostcard of what looks like an anti aircraft gun on a carriage being prepared to fire. Unused, excellent condition. GBP 5.50 plus postage
A great photopostcard of Wehrmacht soldiers moving a Heavy Artillery Piece into a position to fire. Postally used, very good condition, very slight bump to top right corner. GBP 5.00 plus postage
A really nice Photo Postcard of a searchlight crew training with their smaller scale searchlight. Excellent condition. GBP 5.50 plus postage
A really nice complete WW2 Wehrmacht Photo Album containing 145 photos. I?m not sure exactly of the date the photos begin, but it is before the French Campaign and goes through into the Russian campaign. All the photos are very lightly attached to the album pages so removal should not be any problem, should you wish to do so. Virtually all the photos are nice and sharp and undamaged as can be seen in my detailed images. The photos in France are very interesting and among many other things depict the triumphant German troops marching through Paris in June 1940 and German troops in front of some of the famous French "sites". There are a couple of photos of a downed French bomber and a nice series of photos of German nurses. My photos of the original photos are not the best but should you require more detailed photos I?d be happy to oblige. GBP 150.00 plus postage
Category: Photos & Prints
SS Unterscharfuhrer. A larger good condition photo 22cm high (8.7 ins) of a soldier apparently from the Germania Regiment which was largely made up of mostly "Nordic" volunteers from the newly conquered territories, Danes, Norwegians, Dutch and Flemings. There is an indication of the photographic studio that produced the photo slightly hard to read, but it says T.V.N FOTO LEOBERSDORF. (There are some slight reflections which can be seen in the glass from the photos). Frame a bit battered but photo fine! GBP 79.00 plus postage
Category: Other SS Items
SS Sturmmann or Rottenfuhrer, not exactly certain of the width of the collar stripes, hard to see. A nice larger photo (behind glass) showing various decorations. The photo is not 100% razor sharp but it is still a fine example of a decorated SS soldier. Photo is 18cm (7ins) high, good condition, frame a bit battered. (The photo behind glass has some reflections in it). GBPounds 69.00 plus postage
Category: Other SS Items
An original period etching/engraving of Adolf Hitler. The condition of the image is excellent - the image itself measuring 22 x 26 cms (8.7 x 6.3 ins) and the total dimensions with the frame is 30 x 24 cms (11.8 x 9.5 ins). The etching/engraving is signed in pencil (what looks like) Ant. Storch, but I cannot find any details about the artist. Also, just below the head to the right in very tiny letters and numbers is S.A. 38 This is not a traditional mass produced Print, and as an etching/engraving it would have been produced in limited numbers. The frame appears to have been repaired at the top edge and I have not opened it. GBP119.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
Sold! RAF Sweetheart Brooch. An excellent highly detailed Silver WW2 Period Sweetheart Brooch. Marked "925" for Silver, wonderful condition, really firm locking pin attachment. Width 5.7 cm (2.45 ins). GBP 32.00 plus postage.
Category: Great Britain
RAF Sweetheart Brooch. A very nice WW2 Period Sweetheart Brooch in outstanding condition. Looks like silver but I can find no markings. Nice firm pin attachment. Total width 5.1 cm (2.00 ins) GBP 19.00 plus postage.
Category: Great Britain
SOLD! RAF Sweetheart Brooch A wonderful Silver and enamel WW2 Period Sweetheart Brooch. The letters RAF are in blue enamel and parts of the crown are red. Wonderful condition, nice firm pin. Width 4.8 cm (1.89 ins). This Brooch is actually marked "SILVER" GBP 29.00 plus postage.
Category: Great Britain
Furstenfeldbruck Luftkriegsschule, Photo Postcard, Excellent condition. GBPounds 5.00 plus postage
Unknown Barracks under Canvas. Photo Postcard, Excellent condition GBPounds 5.00 plus postage
Truppensubungplatz Munsingen, Photo Postcard, slight creasing top edge, clearly visible in scan. GBPounds 5.00 plus postage
Truppensubungplatz Heiberg-Stetten, light crease across the card visible from the back. GBPounds 3.00 plus postage
Truppensubungplatz Heiberg-Stetten, Excellent condition. GBPounds 5.00 plus postage
Truppenubungsplatz Wahn. Slight crease top right corner. GBPounds 4.00 plus postage
Bois Brule-Kaserne Aschaffenburg an Main (M.G.) Kp/.Inf. - Rgt. 106. Photo Postcard, excellent condition. GBPounds 7.00 plus postage
Tr. Ub-Pl. Grafenwohr Photo Postcard. Excellent condition. GBPounds 5.00 plus postage
SOLD! Reichs Segelflug - Bauschule Esslingen. Photo Postcard excellent condition. GBP 5.00 plus postage.
Kaserne des Erg Batl. Freising. Photo Postcard, excellent condition. GBP 5.00 plus postage
Big Reduction!...... The last of the four, This particular Die is for the German Destroyers Stickpin Badge. Cylindrical steel die weight 713gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 17mm x 13mm. Excellent condition..I had four of which three have already been sold so I am reducing the final one. These really don't crop up often believe me. GBP 135.00 plus postage.
Category: Military Medals
1) "Kameraden". German soldier on the front line carries a wounded comrade from a painting by by the artist Will Tschech and exhibited in Der Haus der Deutschen Kunst Munchen in 1943. Postcard is in very good condition, with just the slightest bump to the bottom left corner, absolutely nothing of any significance. GBPounds 19.00 plus postage. 2) Nicht Du bist der Masstab! Sondern die Front! trans. You are not the Benchmark! But the Front! German soldier on the front line carries a wounded comrade from a painting by by the artist Will Tschech and exhibited in Der Haus der Deutschen Kunst Munchen in 1943. The Postcard was released (and Stamped) on the Day of the NSDAP in General Government 13th to 15th August 1943. Excellent condition front and back. GBPounds 19.00 plus postage. 3) 11th Olympic Games Postcard in Berlin 1st to 16th August 1936. Austrian fund of Olympic Games support card. Wonderful card depicting a hurdler. There is a printed statement on the back of the Card from t
Photos all from the same source and appear to be associated with an anti aircraft regiment. 6 x 9cms and a little larger. Slight marks, some residue on backs, nothing too much to worry about. GBPounds 16.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
x 6 Photos. A Winter funeral scene with Wehrmacht troops bidding a final farewell to their fallen comrades. All photos are in outstanding condition front and back, 6 x 8.5 cms (2.4 x 3.4 ins). GBPounds 7.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
X 24 Photos. German troops depended on the horse for transport throughout WW2. These are a selection of images which include horses in various activities. All but a couple of the photos are in excellent condition. Various sizes. GBPounds 22.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
X 22 Photos. German troops training at their barracks, eating at their field kitchen and on the march through what looks like the Eastern Front. All photos are in outstanding condition front and back, 6 x 9 cms (2.4 x 3,5 ins). GBPounds 30.00 plus postage
Category: Photos & Prints
x 8 Photos. German troops moving through a destroyed village. Includes a massive pillbox and destroyed bridge. Could be France, not sure. All photos are in excellent condition front and back, 7 x 10.2 cms (2.75 x 4ins). GPounds 19.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
x 4 Photos. German troops moving through a destroyed village and crossing a river. Could be France, not sure. All photos are in excellent condition front and back, 7 x 10.2 cms cms (2.75 x 4ins). ?12.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
X 4 Photos. Luftwaffe Crew of a Ringtrichterrichtungshoerer (or RRH) acoustic locator, all in excellent condition front and back, 6 x 9 cms (2.4 x 3.5ins). GBP11.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
X 8 Photos Luftwaffe Parade, possibly graduation, appears to have something to do with a Searchlight Regiment, all in excellent condition front and back, 7 x 10.2 cms (2.75 x 4 ins).
Category: Photos & Prints
SOLD! An interesting metal and wood display ornament of an 20mm 30Flak Anti Aircraft (Flugabwehrkanone) gun with its crew. The wooden base is also interesting because of the metal eagle and Luftwaffe Gefreiter zinc? gulls which normlly go on the collar tabs. I presume this item may have belonged or was presented to a Gefeiter, but I do not really know for sure. (I am not sure what the metal is, possibly aluminium or zinc because it is non magnetc). The item is in good condition with one or two tiny scratches to the surface but absolutely nothing serious, - please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition. It is approximately 25 cms (10 inches) long and 19cms (7.5 inches) high GBP 135.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
Sold! Officers Cap Chin Cord Twisted silver/aluminum chin cord as worn by ranks of Leutnant to Oberstleutnant and senior NCO Officer aspirants on the visor cap. Dual twisted silver/aluminum cords feature an interwoven slide on an internal aluminum frame to one end of each. Ends of the cords terminate in an interwoven knot with a button holed loop designed to secure it to the visor cap. Measures 33 cm total length. GBP 48.00 plus postage.
Category: Headgear Parts
Germany, Wehrmacht. An Officers Visor Cap Wreath and Cockade, Bullion Version (Wehrmacht Schirmm?tzen Kranz mit Kokade). Constructed of fine quality flat, twisted, and rolled silver aluminum bullion wires in the shape of a standard officer?s visor cap wreath, with a tri-colour metal cockade attached to the center of the wreath via two prongs visible on the reverse; with a white rayon backer on the reverse; measuring 67 x 47 mm (2.6 x 1.9 ins) overall outstanding condition. GBP48.00 plus postage.
Category: Headgear Parts
A wonderful condition Police Shako Cockade, as good as they get! GBP 48.00 plus postage.
Category: Police
Two German POW letters written by the same man on 4th March and 1st April 1945. The letters were sent by Josef (Pepi) Vrbka (Nr. 31G 727354) to his parents and are quite touching as he explains how much he misses them and his wife. In one letter he actually asks his father to paint the garden shed door green to stop it warping! The letters appear to have been sent from US Army PWTB France and stamped Base 1057. There is a pencil line drawn through the Reumannplatz address on one envelope and a wavey line through the address on the other and the corrected address is written in pencil beneath. It must be presumed that the house at the orginal address was possibly damaged or destroyed. Interestingly these letters were written in the last few days of the War and I can only assume that Pepi was captured by the Americans in France or Germany itself. There is some light blue staining on the paper which can be seen in the detailed photographs. GBP 29.00 plus postage.
1) National Studentenbund (NSDStB) Sports Shirt Eagle. Rare. This cloth insignia Studentenbund Sports Shirt Eagle is very striking machine woven construction in white, black and red, and features the eagle and diamond swastika emblem of the National Socialist German Students League. This pattern of the Eagle insignia was worn on tank tops during sports practice and events. The patch itself is nice and clean and in exceptional condition. The white eagle motive itself measures approx. 14.0 x 8.5 cms (5.5 x 3.4 ins). The rayon backing has been trimmed at an angle on one side though plenty of the backing remains. It doesn?t appear to have ever been sewn to a shirt. This is a nice piece of youth sports insignia and certainly not that easy to find. GBP 105.00 plus postage . 2) A Rare Early (Ca. 1927) SS/SA Embroidered Eagle and Swastika Insignia This rare early ca. 1927 SS/SA embroidered eagle and swastika insignia may have been intended for use on an arm band, sports T-shirt or possi
Category: Eagles
SOLD! A really interesting diorama in a wooden frame behind glass showing Hitler standing saluting from the back of a Mercedes car. It apears to be from the 1934 Nurnberg Rally (written on the reverse). Three other figures are present, one carrying a NSDAP standard, and the head and shoulders of the Hitlers diver can also be seen. I am not certain what the figures are made of, they appear be lead (or metal of some sort) with a painted cut out card figure shape stuck to the lead. I really do not know, but if you look carefully at the close up photos perhaps you can make out the material. The frame measures 18 x 13 cms (7 x 5.1 ins). Condition is very good as can be seen from the photos and I have never tried to open the back in case I damage the diorama inside. GBP 145.00 plus postage
Category: Vintage
Kriegsmarine Visor Cap Bullion Thread Wreath and metal Tri Colour Cockade having a Red Felt plug set on a navy blue woollen background. Good condition. The cockade is separate from the wreath but they came together. GBP 49.00 plus postage SOLD! Heer. Oak Leaf Wreath with Cockade having a Red Felt plug for Wehrmacht Peaked Cap. This particular Cockade is slightly rarer than average and has a light Gold Wash which suggests it was intended for the navy or coastal artillery. Outstanding condition, all four prongs firmly in place, Rear showing Ges.Gesch mark and the number 2. GBP 35.00 plus postage A Luftwaffe EM/NCO Visor Wreath and Cockade. It is aluminium based, die stamped and silver washed with black and red paint work. The obverse depicts a centrally placed black, white and red cockade that is surrounded by an oak leaf and acorn wreath, with wings to the sides. The reverse shows a hollow back. Both prongs remain firmly intact. Beautiful silver wash and paint remains intact. Outsta
Category: Headgear Parts
A really wonderful set of 25 German Panzer photos. Absolutely genuine! They appear to show Panzer I's on manoeuvrers after being transported by train to the appropriate area in the country. The condition of each photo is absolutely outstanding both front and back. All the photos are perfectly clean, unmarked and blemish free and none are creased, crimped or 'bumped'. The sharpness of all the images is faultless. The larger format is 13 x 13 cms (5.1 x 5.1 ins). The paper is slightly thicker than the normal photographic paper, which is probably because they are oversized and needed to be slightly stiffer. Should you require more detailed scans please ask as the scans use do not do the images complete justice! GBP 435.00 plus postage.
Category: Photos & Prints
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