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An early period NSKOV steel and enamel sign. NSKOV (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung), trans. 'National Socialist War Victims Care' was a social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans as well as front line fighters of World War I. This particular sign is in absolutely outstanding condition, as seen by the photographs it retains all of its colour and character with the smallest of minor scuff marks (photographed at the bottom), absolutely nothing of any note. This steel and enamel sign would have to be one of, if not the best one offered on the market right now. Apparently there were minor variations in the production of these enamel signs with some slightly larger versions having the name of the region they came from towards the lower edge. Measuring approx 13 x 9 inches (33 x 23 cm) and is slightly convex in shape. Produced by Robert Dold from Offenburg (written bottom right edge). A real rarity in this wonderful condition. Exceptional! GBP 550.00 pl
Bronze plaque of SA Obergruppenfuhrer Otto Karl Wilhelm Schramme (1898-1941). Schramme joined the Nazi Party not long after WW1 and soon rose through it's ranks in the SA and became leader of the SA group Westfalen and police chief of Dortmund. He fell in the invasion of Crete in 1941. This is an outstanding bronze Plaque in superb condition. It measures 20 x 15 cm (8 x 6 ins). The plaque is signed with a monogram which looks like a stylized EW?? and the words 'Kic*' ?? (I really don't know the letters) and 'Weihnachten 1941' (trans. Christmas 1941). A very rare item depicting an early member of the Party who rose up through the ranks of the SA. GBP 320.00 plus postage
Category: S.A.
An outstanding Hitler Profile Plaque. Had it checked out since puttng it on the Forum and IT IS BRONZE. It is Signed H.Thierer (Hermann Thierer) born 1882 in Stuttgart. Worked as a medalist for Nederlandsche Fabriek van Gouden en Zilveren werken (in Holland) and is also known to have worked in bronze in Germany during the NSDAP period when this particular piece was obviously produced. Below the sculptors name is the name Adolf Hitler towards the bottom left hand corner. The plaque measures 11.5 ins x 8 ins (30 x 20 cms).....and it is very heavy believe me! GBP 450.00 plus postage
Category: Art Objects
(Gebirgs)jaeger / Mountain Alpine Infantry Troops Sleeve Patch Badge Insignia, Outstanding Condition GBP 85.00 plus postage
Category: Heer
Deutsches Jungvolk Sleeve Patch with RZM tag, Two Stripes, Outstanding Condition GBP 35.00 plus postage
Category: Hitler Youth
Deutsches Jungvolk Sleeve Patch with RZM tag, One Stripe, Outstanding Condition GBP 32.00 plus postage
Category: Hitler Youth
5) Luftwaffe Trade Patch Driver, Outstanding condition GBP 40.00 plus postage 6) Luftwaffe Radio Operator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 7) Luftwaffe Feuerwerker Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 8) Luftwaffe Aircraft equipment administrator Patch, Outstanding condition GBP 28.00 plus postage 9) Luftwaffe Fliegertechnisches Personal Patch. Outstanding condition GBP 35.00 plus postage 10) Luftwaffe Trade insignia for flying personnel, Outstanding condition GBP 30.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
1) Luftwaffe Fallschirmjaeger Badge, Cloth Version, Outstanding condition GBP 185.00 plus postage 2) Luftwaffe Pilots Badge, Cloth Version, Outstanding condition GBP 185.00 plus postage 3) Luftwaffe Observers Badge, Outstanding condition GBP 155.00 plus postage 4) Luftwaffe Radio Operator Badge, Outstanding condition GBP 150.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
ALL REDUCED! Breast & Cap Eagles Kriegsmarine x 5 plus 1 other. Various Prices. GBP 95.00 Kriegsmarine "Beamte" (Administrative Officer) silver bullion officer breast eagle. GBP 69.00 Kriegsmarine em/nco Embroidered breast eagle. GBP 79.00 Kriegsmarine officer breast eagle stitched in what is called 'celleon' (a shinier thread). GBP 59.00 Kriegsmarine Summer Tunic Breast Eagle....................SOLD!! GBP 37.00 Kriegsmarine Visor Cap Eagle GBP 28.00 NSDAP Government (non military) right facing eagle Outstanding Condition. If any further information is required please let me know. Prices do not include postage which will vary slightly according to destination. Thanks for looking!
Category: Eagles
Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront Jahressportkarte An excellent, clean undamaged example of the DAF Jahressportkate membership booklet made out to Adele Gossl for the year 1938. There is an really nice sharp photo of Adele Gossl on the inside of the cover. You will not find a better example in this condition. It is also the rarer pink/red version that is much more difficult to find than the much more common buff/khaki version. 14.8 x 10.6cm (5.75 x 4.25ins) GB Pounds 23.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes

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