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A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords. A Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern by Wilhelm Deumer of Luedenscheid; maltese cross in silvered tombac; with crossed swords between the arms of the cross and a circular raised border of oak leaves on the obverse with a raised mobile swastika in the center; with a well made firm replaced pin. Maker marked "3" for Wilhelm Deumer, Luedenscheid on the reverse. The silvering worn off due to age and wear; in overall better than fine condition. GB Pounds 110.00 plus postage.
Category: Combat Badges
SS Aermelband. An armband of multi-piece construction, with a red cotton twill band trimmed with black cotton at the top and bottom, featuring a central, white cotton disk measuring 87 mm in diameter, bearing a woven black mobile swastika, unmarked, measuring 219 mm (w) x 117 mm (h) (folded), displays the very slightest soiling, otherwise in excellent condition. GB Pounds 340.00 plus postage
Category: Armbands
Der Giftpilz, "The Poisonous Mushroom". 1st Edition. An anti-Semitic children's book published by Julius Streicher?s St?rmeverlag in N?rnberg and the Nazi weekly "Der St?rmer". The book, written by Ernst Hiemer, an author and journalist in "Der St?rmer", portrays Jews as "poisonous mushrooms" with a German mother explaining to her child how mushrooms are somewhat like people - some are good and some are poison. The book then expands in great detail this comparison with poison mushrooms and in extremely graphic pictures the book attempts to explain how no real German could ever tolerate Jews in Germany. The book is accompanied by colourful illustrations by the caricaturist of "Der St?rmer" Philipp Rupprecht who published his works under the pen-name "Fips". Outstanding condition, virtually unmarked, binding perfect, all pages tight, clean and undamaged. Hard cover book, cloth bound and edged, 17 colour plates, measures 8-1/4 x 10-5/8 inches (21 x 27 cms) and contains 64 unnumbered pa
A Reichenberg Chamber of Commerce Loyal Service Award Medal with Original Case. Silver gilt, obverse illustrating a left-facing worker, his right hand resting upon an anvil, factories in the background to the left, a left-facing spread-winged eagle with its talons clenching a wreathed swastika below, engraver marked "F. MAENERT", reverse illustrating a town before a mountain, inscribed "Die Industrie - und Handelskammer in Reichenberg fuer langjaehrige treue Mitarbeit." to the right, the scene and inscription separated by a half-frame of laurel leaves, 60.2 mm, excellent condition. In its hardshelled case of issue, recessed medal bed, excellent condition. GB Pounds115.00 plus postage.
Category: Accoutrements
Hitler Plaque in Case. I am not sure what metal the plaque is, it is quite heavy for its size but I dont think its bronze, it appears to be possibly copper plated. In the bottom left corner it is signed Stiasny. (Franz Stiasny (1881 - 1941) was a well respected and established Polish sculptor (hes also listed as Austrian!) and many of his pieces are known to have been cast in Austria in the 1930s and this piece could well have been produced then). The plaque measures 6.9 x 5.9 cms (2.7 x 2.3 ins) and is in very good condition. The original case is in good condition inside and out. Please see the detailed photos for confirmation of the condition. GB Pounds 135.00 plus postage.
Category: Art Objects
Infantry Assault Badge in Silver (Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber) from Gottlieb und Wagner. Constructed of silvered zink the shape of an oval shaped oak wreath, with a national eagle clutching a swastika on the top and a bowtie on the bottom. Diagonally across the badge is a Karabiner 98k with the bayonet attached to the front of the barrel and the carrying sling hanging from the rifle; the reverse plain; with a vertical round wire pinback, a crimped sheet metal hinge, and a crimped round wire catch. Very good condition, firm pin. GB Pounds105.00 plus postage.
Category: Combat Badges
Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront Jahressportkarte An excellent, clean undamaged example of the DAF Jahressportkate membership booklet made out to Adele Gossl for the year 1938. There is an really nice sharp photo of Adele Gossl on the inside of the cover. You will not find a better example in this condition. It is also the rarer pink/red version that is much more difficult to find than the much more common buff/khaki version. 14.8 x 10.6cm (5.75 x 4.25ins) GB Pounds 23.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes
A complete set of 10 feldpost postcard images of German Heroes ('Helden') produced from art work linocuts by Georg Sluyterman v. Langeweyde. Each of the images is in perfect condition. Each card is clean, unmarked and totally without creases or damage of any sort. The envelpe cover for the set is also in good condition (please see scans for confirmation of outstanding condition). It is unusual to find as a complete set especially in this condition. The back of each card is blank and postally unused. Rare as a set. GB Pounds 90.00 + postage.
1936 Berlin Olympic Games Volumes. (Olympia 1936). Complete. Two volumes. These albums are both 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches (24.5 x 32cms), with a total of about 400 pictures some in colour and includes the detailed four page fold out plan of the Olympic venues. They were published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld in Germany and are in excellent condition. They are priced at GB Pounds 130.00 (approx $168.00) plus postage. They are that price because of their condition and because they have still got their original covers which are also in very good condition which is rare for these volumes. 9 out of 10 of these books usually don't have any covers at all and if they do they are almost always really tatty. These particular books are quite exceptional considering their age and it would be hard to find another pair as good as these. (Please see detailed photos for confirmation of excellent condition). I have included the link http://www.od43.com/2x_1936_Olympia_ZBA_0317.html where
Bronze brass/zinc (?) mounted plaque of Adolf Hitler in profile and 4 similar smaller badges. Hitler faces left and beneath his head are the words 'Unser Fuehrer'. The size of the mounted Hitler profile is 6.5cm x 4.8cm (2.56in x 1.9in) and the total size of the hinged backing to the plaque is 11cm x 8cm (4.33in x 3.15in). Also there is a badge 3.6cm x 2.7cm (1.46in x 1.0in) with a good firm pin and catch and three smaller badges, one with it's pin and catch and two without the pin and catch (see detailed scans). 100% genuine guaranteed. A very nice set of profiles in good collectable condition. GB Pounds 109.00 + postage.
Category: All the Rest

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