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"Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" NSDAP Photo Album 1942 Greater Germany in World Affairs - Daily Picture Reports of 1942 - from Ernst Braeckow Photos by Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann, Reichsbildberichterstatter der NSDAP Published by Verlag Joh. Kasper & Co. Berlin. 320 Photos !!! Published by the Reichs Ministry for National Education and Propaganda, this album "Grossdeutschland im Weltgeschehen - Tagesbildberichte 1942" was intended to provide a reminder and an example to later generations of the "heroic" sacrifices of the German nation in the "fight for freedom." The album contains photographs on a wide variety of subjects in the year 1942, and depicts all aspects of life on the fighting and home fronts, including among others awards to heroes, German military equipment, destroyed Allied equipment and aircraft, foreign visitors to Germany, German industry and assembly lines, DAK fighting in Africa, German troops fighting in the East (Ostfront) at Sewastopol
An exceptional porcelain salt and pepper double dish container. The design consists of two small bowls attached together. It is complete and undamaged. It is marked with the Luftwaffe eagle and the letters FL. U.V. Hutschenreuther Hohenberg Germany and dated 1938. Size: 10.8cm x 5.5cm x 2.8cm high. GB Pounds 84.00 plus postage.
Category: Luftwaffe
A really exceptional white glazed World War II Luftwaffe porcelain gravy boat (sauce boat) with attached stand. Condition is outstanding (please see detailed photos for proof of condition). It is well marked with the Luftwaffe Eagle between the letters FI - UV Bauscher Weiden 1938 and It measures approx 25cm long x 16cm wide x 12cm high (10 x 6.5 x 4.75ins). GBPounds 99.00 plus postage
Category: Luftwaffe
Wedding Presentation Edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, this particular version (in really excellent condition) was published in 1942 which by then had sold 7,900,00 copies. The Nazi Party presented these to couples on the occasion of their marriage. This edition is for Johann Bauer and Theseria Falenka and was presented to the newly married couple on the 5th June 1943 in the Austrian capital of Vienna. It is signed by the then Oberbuergermeister (Lord Mayor) Philipp Wilhelm Jung who was the mayor of Vienna from 1940 to 1943. This is an original German language edition published in 1942 by the NSDAP Nazi publishing house Franz Eher in Munich (666 - 670 Edition). Both volumes (I and II) are together in one book. Spine is black leather with a short wrap around onto the light cream-coloured, marbled cover boards. There are four raised ridges in the leather. Good clean firm undamaged covers, front-piece is a portrait of Hitler with his facsimile signature underneath, and there is a tiss
Propaganda 'victory' postcard. "Es kann nur einer siegen und das sind wir".....trans. There can only be one winner and that is us. The really nice clear postal stamp on the back is dated 31.3.1940 and celebrates the National Postage Stamp Exhibition in Berlin. Very good condition, the very slightest of marks, absolutely nothing of any note. GBPounds 21.00 plus postage.
Historical postcard: "Kameraden". German soldier on the front line carries a wounded comrade. Artist Will Tschech, 1943. Postcard is in very good condition, with just the slightest bump to the bottom left corner, absolutely nothing of any significance. GBPounds 21.00 plus postage.
A very rare German motivated propaganda postcard that was obviously created with the co-operation of the Vichy French. It was quite clearly aimed at English and American seamen. The card is in very good condition (please see detailed scans). It is not a stiff card postcard but made from thickish paper. Postally Unused. This postcard is extremely rare in this very good condition, AND especially as it was printed in co-operation with the Vichy French. (The postcard will be sent between thick card in a sturdy bubble wrap envelope 1st Class signed for in the UK). GB Pounds 24.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes.
Das Hackenkreuz (Swastika) Song by Dr. Ottokar Kernstock. Postcard. A RARE CARD. Dr. Ottokar Kernstock composed the 'Hackenkreuzlied' - The Swastika Song - in 1923 for the Fuerstenfelder Ortgruppe of the DNSAP. This was right at the beginning of the formation of the Nazi Party who adopted the song as part of their creed. This postcard is made of stiffish paper rather than card. Condition is good with slight discolouring, nothing serious. There is a very short tear (reflected in the price) bottom right edge (see detailed scan) but it is only very short in the margin and does not reach into the card proper. The card is Unused. GBP 10.00 plus postage
Fritz Rocca- Humpoletz (1894-1971) Postcards Set of 4 All four cards are in outstanding condition. Humpoletz produced a series of portrait drawings while actually on the Russian Front somewhat in the same manner as Willrich. Humpoletz's drawings however have a freer confidant sketch book approach that made him very popular at the time. Fritz Rocca Humpoletz was an Austrian War Artist employed by the NSDAP regime throughout the WW2 to produce art works at the front. He was also a successful artist after the war. No.1 (trans.) 'Remembering your lieutenant on the Eastern Front 1942' Excellent condition. Unused. No.2 In Kirijewo (on the Russian Front) 3rd Nov 1941. Excellent condition. Unused. No.3 Lieutenant, Kursk Whitsun 1942. Excellent condition. Unused. No.4 Kursk 1942 June, Lieutenant Ayim? Excellent condition. Unused. GB Pounds 19.00 + postage.
Reserved for 6 or 7 months as a favour, but after all that the 'purchaser' decided not to purchase, so available again! Badge Dies x 4. Heavy steel, cylindrical, for pressing German stickpins Outstanding group of 4 cylinders. VERY RARE! The Dies are: German Destroyers Stickpin Badge Die. Cylindrical steel die weight 713gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 17mm x 13mm. Excellent condition. Tank Assault Stickpin Badge Die. Cylindrical steel die weight 733gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 16mm x 11mm. Excellent condition. Infantry Assault Stickpin Badge Die. Cylindrical steel die weight 705gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 16mm x 13mm. Excellent condition. Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Stickpin Badge Die. Cylindrical steel die weight 728gms. Die diameter 49mm, length 48mm tall. Actual design impression 16mm x 13mm. Excellent condition. Euros 760.00 plus Postage
Category: Military Medals

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