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Beautiful example. Well shaped to the pistol. Vert-de-gris present on the snap. Crisp marking to Boyt company and dated 1943. Desirable date and excellent condition.
Category: United States
Very rare too find cloth version of the SA sport badge. Sewn on the sport jacket. Light wear, no damage.
Gorgeous example with lots of relief and details.
Category: Eagles
Rare to find the DRL in silver grade. Properly marked on the back. Normal wear to finish.
Beautiful eagle. Back has the name of the veteran who brought it back. No damage.
Category: Eagles
Rare variant black text printed on white cotton.
Category: Armbands
Very early DRK armband with blurred stamp. Ribbed material construction with wool red cross sewn on it. Adjustable with grommets and hooks.
Category: Armbands
Not a glamourous organization but nevertheless an interesting tunic. Dark green, heavy wool with gilt buttons and ramp buttons on the back. Shoulder boards and collar tabs are the proper judicial branch for a senior NCO rank. Arm badge is the police gendarmerie eagle (orange) indicating the owner was policing the halls and escorting detainees. Not very common.
Category: Accoutrements
Gorgeous tunic in near mint condition. Has an EK1 (included) on the pocket. Early issue and nice early unit marking?
Category: Accoutrements
Eickhorn with etched blade. Some greying to top of the blade but no damage. Hangers are near mint. A nice rig, right from the vet family.
Category: Daggers
Excellent example of a rare early transitional. V2 was made in mid-36. Blade has the motto and the logo and rzm marking and is in excellent condition. Scabbard leather loop is showing a tear and the snap is starting to separate but everything is still together.
Category: Daggers
Rare early Werkschutz armband. chain-stitched text with nice eagle stamp. Reinforced backing
Category: Armbands
Mint, unissued
Category: Other
Direct vet pick up by myself about 30 years ago. Unsewn armband. Highest quality wool with 7-piece construction swastika on white silk. Inside has a nice SS tag. These armbands, without the black border, were worn exclusively on greatcoats. Very rare to see those.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. This rates as mint unissued. Can't be upgraded. Nice tag inside.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Extremely rare to find SS-VT tie. Standard black tie with text book construction. It has a tag inside the larger part with the marking in white. Dated 1940.
Category: SS
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Rare to find SS helper armband. Printed black text on yellow band. Civilian helpers on patrol duty, mainly looking for deserters and Jews.
Category: Armbands
I just picked up a small but high quality collection. This gorgeous, untouched helmet has a 2-color camo, green and brown. 3-pad liner is intact and has no damage, string is also present. Chin strap is missing one part as well as the swivel attaching it to the helmet. This is the only damage to report. minimal wear to the surface.
Excellent example, removed from scrapbook as shown by the glue on the back. Nice construction.
Category: Tabs and Boards
Very nice badge with a desirable maker. Retains about 30% of its gilt but is nevertheless very presentable.
Category: Accoutrements
Hard to find police holster in excellent condition. Typical closing tab favored by police. Well marked to Otto Sindel in Berlin and dated 1939. It also has the 4-digit serial number. Mag pouch is separated but not really as bad as it sounds.
Category: All Field Gear
Very rare to find these boxed. Box has very light wear. Badge has a silverwash eagle and dark-toned wreath. Very desirable JMME & Sohn Berlin maker.
Category: Combat Badges
Incredibly rare to find a party armband with a nice SA Marine stamp. Gau is hard to read but the anchor and the early party eagle are quite clear. As a bonus, the armband is maker marked in stitching.
Category: Armbands
These don't surface too often. Textbook example by Deschler & Sohn, one of only two authorized makers. Serial number is below 90,000. Good research project. Front has suffered some damage to the enamel but most of the features remain. Unfortunate but priced accordingly.
Excellent example, unmarked.
Category: Combat Badges
Excellent example of the pilot badge in the less encountered cloth form. VERY thick padding to give it a good look. Proper 2-color thread work.
Category: Combat Badges
Nice badge with a rather rare maker. BSW in a clover leaf.
Category: Combat Badges
Most of the gilt is gone from this one but it has a nice horizontal pin and the hook on top. Nicely marked.
Category: Combat Badges
Decent example with about 25% gilt remaining on the front. Nice Rudolf Souval marking on the back. Vertical pin.
Category: Combat Badges
Nice example by a more common maker. Nicely marked on the pin.
Category: Military Medals
Nice example well marked with a boxed '3'.
Category: Military Medals
Textbook example of a zinc GWL. About 50% of the gilt finish is gone - as can be expected from zinc ones - but the medal itself is in sound condition.
Category: Combat Badges
Not so common to find medal. Complete with ribbon and pin.
Decent example showing wear to the finish and some soiling to the ribbon. Complete with pin.
If you have a damaged felt helmet with good insignias, here is your chance to salvage it. This one has only a minor surface cut (barely visible) and it will be hidden by the shield.
Category: Headgear Parts
Rarer type to be found, made from brass. Has all 3 pins.
Category: Headgear Parts
Rare to find replacement part to fix your tropical helmet. More desirable canvas type. Ready to mount. Minimal wear.
Category: Headgear Parts
Near mint example that was folded over to be sewn on a shirt but didn't. Well marked Ges. Gesch..
Category: Eagles
Mint example
Category: Eagles
Excellent example in great condition. Pictures tell the story.
Category: Eagles
Although a very common medal, the issue document is not so common. Nice set. Medal is marked. Issue in 1934 to a Berlin driver.
Very common medal but the issue document is not that easy to find. Issued in 1935 to a general worker ('arbeiter'). Very crisp stamp.
Very rare to find 5 combat award documents to the same man with medals included! Gefreiter (corporal) Robert Schier, served with Grenadier Regiment 7 both as an infantry man and a tank buster (panzer-jager). Awards are: EK2, infantry assault, wound badge black and silver and Eastern Front medal. All medals and documents are in excellent condition. See pictures to fully appreciate this rare set.
Category: Heer
Not a common one to find. Excellent condition. Was sewn but is complete.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Rare to find 9mm holster. Nice brown color. Nicely marked jkh4. It was obviously seized and used by an American GI as a hole was made on the bottom to fix a cord to tie on the leg and some nazi pins were put on the flap. besides these few pin holes, no damage.
Category: All Field Gear
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