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I have one left maker marked 23 and with full ribbon. Condition is excellent to near mint.
Category: Military Medals
Near mint M35 reissue SD. New finish is the grey rough texture. Smooth blue can still be seen inside. Large size, Pictures tell the story.
Category: Helmets
Eickhorn with etched blade. Some greying to top of the blade but no damage. Hangers are near mint. A nice rig, right from the vet family.
Category: Daggers
Excellent example of a rare early transitional. V2 was made in mid-36. Blade has the motto and the logo and rzm marking and is in excellent condition. Scabbard leather loop is showing a tear and the snap is starting to separate but everything is still together.
Category: Daggers
Rare early Werkschutz armband. chain-stitched text with nice eagle stamp. Reinforced backing
Category: Armbands
Mint, unissued
Category: Other
Direct vet pick up by myself about 30 years ago. Unsewn armband. Highest quality wool with 7-piece construction swastika on white silk. Inside has a nice SS tag. These armbands, without the black border, were worn exclusively on greatcoats. Very rare to see those.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. This rates as mint unissued. Can't be upgraded. Nice tag inside.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Extremely rare to find SS-VT tie. Standard black tie with text book construction. It has a tag inside the larger part with the marking in white. Dated 1940.
Category: SS
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Rare to find SS helper armband. Printed black text on yellow band. Civilian helpers on patrol duty, mainly looking for deserters and Jews.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Rare to find SS helper armband for waffen SS. Text is in BeVo black on a yellow band. Unmarked.
Category: Armbands
I just picked a small but high quality lot. Not often seen, an early desk eagle with stand. Well marked on the back, the swastika has a polished finish that makes it stand out. A stunning display item.
Category: All the Rest
I just picked up a small but high quality collection. This gorgeous, untouched helmet has a 2-color camo, green and brown. 3-pad liner is intact and has no damage, string is also present. Chin strap is missing one part as well as the swivel attaching it to the helmet. This is the only damage to report. minimal wear to the surface.
Excellent example, removed from scrapbook as shown by the glue on the back. Nice construction.
Category: Tabs and Boards
Very nice badge with a desirable maker. Retains about 30% of its gilt but is nevertheless very presentable.
Category: Accoutrements
Hard to find police holster in excellent condition. Typical closing tab favored by police. Well marked to Otto Sindel in Berlin and dated 1939. It also has the 4-digit serial number. Mag pouch is separated but not really as bad as it sounds.
Category: All Field Gear
Very rare to find these boxed. Box has very light wear. Badge has a silverwash eagle and dark-toned wreath. Very desirable JMME & Sohn Berlin maker.
Category: Combat Badges
Incredibly rare to find a party armband with a nice SA Marine stamp. Gau is hard to read but the anchor and the early party eagle are quite clear. As a bonus, the armband is maker marked in stitching.
Category: Armbands
These don't surface too often. Textbook example by Deschler & Sohn, one of only two authorized makers. Serial number is below 90,000. Good research project. Front has suffered some damage to the enamel but most of the features remain. Unfortunate but priced accordingly.
Excellent example, unmarked.
Category: Combat Badges
Excellent example of the pilot badge in the less encountered cloth form. VERY thick padding to give it a good look. Proper 2-color thread work.
Category: Combat Badges
Nice badge with a rather rare maker. BSW in a clover leaf.
Category: Combat Badges
Most of the gilt is gone from this one but it has a nice horizontal pin and the hook on top. Nicely marked.
Category: Combat Badges
Decent example with about 25% gilt remaining on the front. Nice Rudolf Souval marking on the back. Vertical pin.
Category: Combat Badges
Nice example by a more common maker. Nicely marked on the pin.
Category: Military Medals
Nice example well marked with a boxed '3'.
Category: Military Medals
Textbook example of a zinc GWL. About 50% of the gilt finish is gone - as can be expected from zinc ones - but the medal itself is in sound condition.
Category: Combat Badges
Not so common to find medal. Complete with ribbon and pin.
Decent example showing wear to the finish and some soiling to the ribbon. Complete with pin.
Excellent pair of shields in great condition with all pins present
Category: Headgear Parts
If you have a damaged felt helmet with good insignias, here is your chance to salvage it. This one has only a minor surface cut (barely visible) and it will be hidden by the shield.
Category: Headgear Parts
Rarer type to be found, made from brass. Has all 3 pins.
Category: Headgear Parts
Rare to find replacement part to fix your tropical helmet. More desirable canvas type. Ready to mount. Minimal wear.
Category: Headgear Parts
Near mint example that was folded over to be sewn on a shirt but didn't. Well marked Ges. Gesch..
Category: Eagles
Mint example
Category: Eagles
Excellent example in great condition. Pictures tell the story.
Category: Eagles
Very rare umpire armband for DDAC races. Gorgeous multipiece construction with ribbed color band on a white cloth band.
Category: Armbands
Although a very common medal, the issue document is not so common. Nice set. Medal is marked. Issue in 1934 to a Berlin driver.
Very common medal but the issue document is not that easy to find. Issued in 1935 to a general worker ('arbeiter'). Very crisp stamp.
Very rare to find 5 combat award documents to the same man with medals included! Gefreiter (corporal) Robert Schier, served with Grenadier Regiment 7 both as an infantry man and a tank buster (panzer-jager). Awards are: EK2, infantry assault, wound badge black and silver and Eastern Front medal. All medals and documents are in excellent condition. See pictures to fully appreciate this rare set.
Category: Heer
Not a common one to find. Excellent condition. Was sewn but is complete.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Rare to find 9mm holster. Nice brown color. Nicely marked jkh4. It was obviously seized and used by an American GI as a hole was made on the bottom to fix a cord to tie on the leg and some nazi pins were put on the flap. besides these few pin holes, no damage.
Category: All Field Gear
Rare to find these. Neiderrhein district. Was taken off a shirt but shows no damage.
Category: Other
Hollow back type. All complete with no damage.
Category: Combat Badges
Small tea spoon. I have a dozen of those with 3 different markings. Excellent condition with clear markings. Price is for one
Category: All the Rest
Excellent example with no damage and nice tag. A few minor stains.
Category: Armbands
Beautiful zinc example and as with most zinc badges, the silverwash is long gone. Nice EWE maker. No damage or issues.
Category: Combat Badges
Nice early production knife. Blade marked 'Paul Weyersberg Rostfrei' with logo shows no damage. Parts are also matching and have number '90'. Pick tool has the waffenAmt and number '5'.
Category: Other
Rare WH officer car pennant. Thick embroidered double-sided white eagle with black outlines on a thick green HBT-type material. Encased in its protective celluloid frame closed by a grey leather flap with 4 snaps. Leather border of the celluloid is missing sections and threading is falling apart. Leather flap shows damage and the 2 clips have surface rust. pennant itself has been well protected. Come with the eagle section cut from another such pennant. Similar eagle design and cloth color but not same material. This one is single-sided. Protective cover is in rough shape but they are so rare, it has to be taken into consideration.
Category: Flags
Rare to find eagle and swords design. Condition is near mint with no damage.
Category: Eagles
Very nice untouched tab in a rarer higher rank configuration. All 4 pips are the correct type with eagle in the center. Eagle is intact with a dark spot. All prongs present on the back.
Category: Collar Tabs
Very nice example from a rarer maker. R.S&S. Retains most of its finish. Catch and pin assemblies complete with no issue.
Category: Combat Badges
The back to back squirrels were used between 1906 and 1921. Rarest and earliest Eickhorn logo. Crossguard marked 'OS' as well, for Osterreich (Autria), indicating this bayonet was reissued and reused after WW1. Red felt is present in the bayonet log slot. Blade itself is pristine. Outside has some tarnishing and surface rust but is really much better than it sounds.
Category: Bayonets
Very rare pouch to find. Maker marked at the usual place on the back. LBA marked and dated 1939 on the center inside flap. Hard to see on picture but readable when holding it. No damage. Nice brown color.
Category: All Field Gear
Binos have been there and back. Well worn but intact. Optics are fine. They come with the strap but one side is broken. Also has the leather tab to attach to the button on the tunic. Rare to find those. Also comes with the mega rare bakelite optic cover that is well marked, dated and waffenamted. The bakelite case is truly stunning. Leather straps are intact (they usually get damaged) and supple. The case is in perfect condition and has a nice color.
Category: All Field Gear
Web straps with superb markings. Bakelite cup marked gfc and dated 1943 as well. Felt cover looks dusty but is intact. Well above average condition. Getting rare to find with tropical webbing.
Category: All Field Gear
Long binos that are well marked for night vision and made by Hensoldt. Most of these were used by the KM who need large lenses (hence the large 56mm) and night vision capability to see small masses (other ships) on a large surface of moving water. They show minimal wear and come with the strap. Lenses are extra clear with no fogging and they adjust perfectly.
Category: All Field Gear
The most common type found. What makes this one interesting is that it is MINT, unissued. Complete with bulb, it retains 100% of its finish and there is no trace of wear even at the opening tab. Battery area is mint and it is obvious no battery was ever installed. Filters work flawlessly. Perfect for a pristine display.
Category: All Field Gear
Complete flask with attractive design. Front reads 'Defend and honor' while back shows a waving soldier.
Flask is in excellent condition. However, it is missing its braided red/black cord (easy to replace) and its small goblet. It still displays great as is. Front shows rifle, helmet and backpack and the back shows a fully combat-dressed man at attention.
Very rare honor guard frog. Thick white paint that has yellowed and cracked (but only superficial) over time. Markings are under the paint. These were used mostly by either SS or Feldhernhalle honor guards. Early aluminum rivets as it should be on those early pieces.
Category: Bayonets
Rare to find and in great condition with no damage. See pictures.
Category: Bayonets
A nice selection of armbands, some quite rare.
Category: Armbands
1st degree: $175 3rd degree without silk backing: $200 3rd degree with silk backing: $225 5th degree maker marked: $250 6th degree: $275 7th degree maker marked: $325
Category: Heer
A nice selection of uncommon matching pairs of shoulder boards. Contact me to get detailed pictures of the ones you are interested in and prices. TSD, early medical, early infantry, transport machine gunner, recruitment, mountain trooper, ordnance officer and war school.
Category: Shoulder Boards
Nice selection of nice cufftitles from various organizations: TeNo officer and enlisted; werkschutz officer in rare pink; veteran; female KM helper; female factory leader; officer motorised gendarmerie; NCO school, RAD and Org Todt. Contact me for close up pictures and prices of what you want.
Category: Cufftitles
Nice matching set that would be hard to upgrade. Bag shows light soiling in some areas. Early construction with leather reinforced loops. Blurred stamp marking to a firm in Karlsruhe, same town as the name tag. Faint ink stamp on the belt strap. Carry strap is unmarked but same police green material and is in pristine condition. Also an early construction.
Category: All Field Gear
Nice selection of matching shoulder boards for enlisted, NCOs and officers. Some rare stuff. Please contact me to get close up pictures and prices of what you want. One pair of petticoat collar tabs. I have several 'Kriegsmarine' tallies. Contact me for close up pictures and prices of what you are interested in.
Category: Shoulder Boards
Rare higher level insignia. RZM marked on the back as expected. Enamel is in perfect condition.
Category: Metal Insignia
Nice selection of matching pairs of collar tabs and shoulder boards. Some rare stuff like flight engineer, tropical and ground assault. Some high ranks, major and colonel. Contact me for prices and close up pictures.
Category: Collar Tabs
Aluminum and stainless steel. Lost of WH and LW, a couple of DAF, one RAD, one RDB (silver butter knife), various sizes and years, sporks and officer field set. Contact me for prices and close up pictures.
Category: All the Rest
Nice selection of WH, PZ, KM,LW cap and tunic eagles as well as a great selection of pips and chevrons. LW tunic officer, tropical, WH general, officer and enlisted in various patterns for tunic and cap. pips & chevrons in M36, M40, HBT and tropical patterns. Contact me for prices and close up pictures.
Category: Eagles
Looking for nice shoulder boards? Take your pick. All matching, all original. Heer and forestry. A few pairs of unissued, cut from the roll, Heer collar tabs in M36, M40, M42 patterns. Some forestry tabs and boards. Heer officer tabs are matching but show wear. Perfect to restore a tunic. One pair of extra long boards for greatcoat (M36 with pointed ends). GD, earlu PZ-Gren with numbers tabs, mega rare HBT, very early green-grey NCO, nebertruppen. Good stuff. Contact me for prices and close up pictures.
Category: Shoulder Boards
Nice example retaining most of its finish. Pictures tell the story.
Category: Military Medals
Large tinnie to commemorate the Luftflotte of an unidentified district. paint and enamel.
Category: Luftwaffe
Unmarked example with no issue. Pictures tell the story.
Category: Combat Badges
Excellent example. Police decal is about 80% and national decal at over 90%. Paint is strong at 85%. It has the rare comb as most of these were removed at the beginning of the war to recycle the aluminum content. liner is intact and very supple. Chin strap is broken but present.
Category: Helmets
Rare LW tunic tropical eagle. Removed from tunic with no damage. Thick thread construction that makes it more pleasant to the eye.
Category: Eagles
Nice example, unmarked. Pictures tell the story. No damage. Normal wear.
Category: Combat Badges
Very beautiful and would make a great display. Cover has a nice elk head. Issue stamps indicate content was 10 small cigars. Inside lid has the same design. 'Alpenkonig' brand.
Category: All the Rest
Very rare early NStB cap insignia. horizontal diamond-shaped with HJ diamond and black-painted swastika inside. Complete with prongs
Category: Metal Insignia
Choice example. Outside shell retains all its finish and the decal is at 97%. Just stunningly beautiful. Inside retains most of its decal and even has the owner's name. Liner is intact but shows normal wear. The only downer is that the chin strap has been shortened a bit and is separating in one section. It remains, however, a well-above average helmet.
Category: Helmets
Very rare water police cap. Dark blue cap and dark blue backing on the eagle indicate water police issue. Light blue lining. Unfortunately it suffered from severe mothing. Priced accordingly.
Category: Caps
it is rare to find such a large size. This must be at least a 62! Dark green soutache that indicates administration branch. Not the most glorious outfit but it makes a great display. Eagle is the officer type in aluminum thread. Cockade is the enlisted type, a common occurance as aluminum cockades were rather rare to find. Cap material is the early high quality 'Eskimo' wool. Unfortunately, it was also the most desirable material for moths to feast on and this cap suffered from a few bites on the front. Leather half moon sweatband as expected on officer caps. piping is aluminum thread.
Category: Caps
Excellent example with no damage. Trapezoid insignia is machine-sewn. Buttons show light wear, the same consistent wear is shown on the liner, especially on the forehead area. The only marking is the size, 57, a good size.
Category: Caps
Very nice cap with the most desirable piping. Condition is outstanding throughout and it is well marked to maker and early 1938 date.
Category: Visor Hats
Very rare to find higher rank KM caps. Cap has no damage except normal expected wear. Bullion insignia is hand stitched and wear is consistent with the cap. cloth-covered visor with bullion 'salad' embroidered in the visor indicating rank of kapitan-lieutnant. Only one of these caps per ship! Chin strap is the cheap ersatz type and might be a replacement but the anchor buttons are definitely original. silk liner with intact celluloid diamond but no maker mark visible.
Category: Visor Hats
High ranking cap for a Reichsbahn official. Eagle is the M39 type in gilt. Cockcade is a high quality embroidered wing with wheel. Chin strap is gilt and blue with gilt aluminum buttons that show a bit of wear. Cap is a high quality Erel with proper markings in the celluloid and as a bonus it has the name of the owner. No mothing or tracking.
Category: Visor Hats
Rare to find with all supporting documentation. Awarded to a Reichsbahn inspektor. Medal and box are in mint condition. Award documents are in various formats and all relate to this award.
Hard wood with black dye. One is the normal plain stick and the other one has the square wrench to tighten and change drum skins. These are much rarer to find. Used by all organizations.
Category: All the Rest
This is the most desirable set collectors want. Large binos with eagle over M, 7x50 and blc code. As all examples encountered, they have been well used and show wear in highlights. Optics are clear and have no damage. They come with the strap that is in working condition. The case is also eagle over M marked but it is faded and needs a close look to be visible but is all there. Also maker marked beh 1943. Straps are present but broken, otherwise, the case is in excellent condition.
Category: All Field Gear
Nice early kit as found in vehicles. Some of the original content is present as well as other items not on the original list of content. It has the booklet which is dated 1931 as well as various items, the most interesting being the triangle to support broken arms that is illustrated. It has a removable tray as well.
Category: All Field Gear
Very rare eagle. Gilt indicates water customs. Complete with all prongs.
Category: Metal Insignia
Bullion wire thread on a feldgrau base. No damage although it was removed from a tunic. Scarce.
Category: Eagles
Excellent example in nice condition. Stamp is pretty clear to read.
Category: Other SS Items
Very rare, early coded bayonet. Both bayonet and scabbard show a matte olive finish with nice patina. Frog is a brown, LW unit marked with same date as the bayonet.
Category: Daggers
One of the most desirable makers to find. Quite rare. Bayonet and scabbard retain a lot of their blueing, the loss being mostly at the tip. Dated 1939. Frog is unmarked but shows no damage.
Category: Bayonets
Only 130,000 bayonets were ever produced by this company which ran a unique numbering system where two sets of digits were used rather than numbers and letters. One of the rarest makers and for the advanced collector. Bayonet is in near pristine condition and scabbard only shows one dent. Pictures tell the rest.
Category: Bayonets
IMO one of the nicest armbands ever produced. It is silk with BeVo embroidery and is always marked. Decent example with a bit of soiling and some separation on the left side. It could not be put on a mannequin but will display fine on a flat surface.
Category: Armbands
Rare to find matching pairs. Both tabs have been removed from a shirt. Unit tab is missing the slant bar and the 'M' device is missing a prong. It hold in place fine but a thread was put to prevent movement. Rank tab has 2 pips and as a bonus, has a nice RZM tag.

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