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Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Third Reich DAF serving plate measures 7 1/2 inches in diameter. Excellent condition with no damage. Reverse is marked with the DAF cogwheel and made by Hutschenreuther in Kohanberg, Germany.
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Lugar loading and takedown tool stamped WaA63 with Woffenamt in excellent condition.
Category: Firearms
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Unknown when this was made or by who. It might be original or not, selling as is. Good for reenacting or as a cheap topper for your flag.
Category: Flags & Banners
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Reverse is marked Wernstein, Jena. Overall a very nice example of the DRL Sports Badge in silver. 3rd design with swastika measures 17mm x 14mm. on magnetic vaulted wi th a knurled pin and LDO card it was issued with.
Category: Accoutrements
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Enameled pin is very nice, retaining all its original finish. Reverse is marked Ges Gesch. Pin is a bit bent but could be fixed.
Category: Pins
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 DAF stickpin has knurled pin and marked RZM 1/47 on reverse for Ludenscheid Christian Dicke.
Category: Pins
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Luger Pistol Grips for Nazi Era. One is marked 0 and the other is marked 2 on the inside of gripes. They have some type of marks on outside as shown. Original Grips are extremely hard to find, so get them while you can.
Category: Firearms
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 shooting league pin with enameling in gold, red and black. Awarded to persons with high accuracy. Reverse is marked Ges Gesch, Steinhauer & Luck. Excellent condition
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Hollow back KDF Gau Hamburg tinnie in excellent condition with pin on reverse.
Category: Tinnys
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 War Merit Cross w/o swords was issued to non combatants for contributions and actions in the war efforts. This one is in excellent condition and comes with the original ribbon, marked 52 on the retaining ring. Made by Gottlieb & Wagner, Idar-Oberstein.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 The War Merit badge was given to non combatants for their contributions to the war effort. This one is an excellent example, retaining all its finish and comes with the original ribbon, which has never been mounted.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Silver Wound Badge was issued during the Third Reich to WWI veterens wounded during the Great War. This one comes mounted on the original LDO card as issued. It retains about 80% of the silver finish. Knurled pin, which as it should be. Very nice.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Great tricolor enamel work with bright gold finish & short 5 inch section of ribbon. Proud mother worn example. One of the most beautiful medals of Nazi Germany. Excellent!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Assault Badge is unmarked, but is a textbook example by JB & Co. Silver finish is fading and at about 40%. Very Good condition.
Category: Combat Badges
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Die forged zinc vaulted example with nice details. 50% silver remaining. Crimped in ball hinge pin with wire hook. No maker mark variation showing honest wear.
Category: Combat Badges
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Made of green and gold rayon. Wupper's National Castle festival 1936. District of Busseldarf culture festival. Pin back for putting on the lapel. Tinnie is in excellent condition.
Category: Tinnys
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Tag Der Arbeit tinnie is in very good condition. Pin on reverse has been repaired at some point, unknown when this was done.
Category: Tinnys
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Tunic is in excellent condition with just some minor wear. Small blood stain on upper outside. Marked inside with Japanese script.
Category: Japan
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Wehrmacht Wehrpass for man that enlisted in October 1939. Born 1899, listed as Obercommando in 1939 with retraining in 1943. Discharged in 1944. Interesting historical item. Excellent condition.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 for War Merit Cross with Swords and Iron Cross 2nd Class winner with many entries in excellent condition.
Category: Combat Badges
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Landwehr II classified with some entries. Excellent condition.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Luftwaffe in combat over England loaded with photos with fighters over Dover, Bombing raids. Magazine is in very good condition with some fraying.
Category: Accoutrements
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Great condition and rare copy of this magazine with Herman Goering on cover. Great photos of the invasion of Poland . German text.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Third Reich Ein Volk Ein Reich pin in excellent condition.
Category: Pins
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 NS KK Membership pin marked RZM M1/11 in excellent condition as shown.
Category: S.A.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Missing cover page, printed during battle of Britain. Pictures of battle of Scapa flow, Battle of Britain, life aboard U Boats, Hitler meeting with Admirals, etc. Miss
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 NSDAP Membership pin RZM 122 in very nice condition as shown.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 NSDAP Membership pin. Reverse is marked RZM M1/92 Has some paint flaking as shown.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 von Lang, 1979 1st American edition. 430 pages with large center section of period B/W photos. Mint!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 They were the shock troops of the American Army. In their ranks were lumberjacks, miners, skiers--men from the United States and Canada, accustomed to hardship and living on their own. Their training was extraordinary: forced marches of 100 miles in the Montana wilderness with 50-pound backpacks was typical. Weapons training was equally rigorous and the men became as dangerous with their hands and a knife as they were with rifle and machine gun. In Italy they became the unit called to accomplish the impossible. At Monte Casino, and at Anzio, they earned the respectful accolade from their German enemies. In this book, the men of the First Special Service Force tell the full story of their unit, regarded as the parent of the Green Berets. 336 pages, Rare collectible Hardcover, Like New.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Award document issued in 1917 to German soldier for service in the Great War. Signed by unit officer. Has been folded & their is some minor tearing on the seams. Very Rare WWI document.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Deutscher Reichsbund fur Leibesubungen printed in black ink, with the NSDAP Sports Association eagle with swastika. The inside has a photo of the owner, as well as his membership date 1937, and personal information. The back page has dues stamps for 1937 to 1939. The book is showing its age and mishandling. The inside page binder is missing, and the cover shows mild staining. Very Good to Excellent!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 This shovel has seen a lot of use, surface rust on all metal. It has a Bakelite tightener still works, a very faint Waffen amt appears near the top of the wood handle. If the blade has markings, I can't see it, but guaranteed original Third Reich!
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Most are 3.5x2.5 size b & w snap shots of army soldiers in uniform, trucks, one showing SS plate and motorcycles w/sidecars.
Category: Other SS Items
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 SA or NSDAP breeches, approximate size 32 waist, are made of a yellowish brown polished cotton, 4 hidden button fly buttons are black finished steel, display some rust, hook at waist [bit rusty, adjustment straps at each waist w/buckle field gray wool backing displays nothing, buckles rusty inside suspender buttons [composition, several exhibit chips], small front waist pocket, two side pockets, rear buttoned pocket, split cuffs w/3 button closure, and unmarked mouse gray cotton lining. Breeches exhibit some use and wear, a few moth track spots, and a few very small fabric tears.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Gold enameled Prussian eagle on white and black enameled shield. For service on the Watch on the Rhine. The reverse is hallmarked Ges.Gesch and member numbered 1902, K. Schilling, Berlin S42. It has a nice pin and catch assembly. Shows some bleeding of the black onto the white, as shown in picture on left. Complete with both ribbons with minor fraying as shown.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Prussian gilt enameled eagle, white and black enamel shield in great condition, showing just a minor chip on left side. Complete with ribbon age yellowing and minor fraying and brass attachment on bottom of ribbon. Reverse is hallmarked Ges. Gesch. Preussischer Landes Kriegerverband. Strong pin and catch assembly.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 14mm silver 4-F stickpin does not have a knurled pin, 99% original finish.
Category: Pins
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Excellent example of a KM cap emblem. It is stamped, gilt-finished, &has a 50mm wingspan, complete with attachment pin. This example can be a 1st Pattern Officer`s or 2nd Pattern EM/NCO. Vaulted, some finish wear to eagle`s left wing.
Category: Pins
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Blue printed profiles, gummed & folded sheet to fit auction bag. Near Mint!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 This large bowl measures almost 11 inches X 11 inches, and about 3 and a half inches deep. It shows some use and wear, no chips or other damage. Excellent!
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 This item came from the Museum of World Wars in California. It is a 5" x 3.5" B/W postwar made photo of Army Knight`s Cross winner, Gerhard Fischer, attached to "8./Pz.Grt. 23" ", winning the KC on December 28, 1943. He has signed photo in blue ink.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 B/W photo of Hitler standing on ridge with Wehrmacht Officers and men. The reverse is hall marked with maker mark, and shows glue e paper remnants from being removed from a personal photo album. It measures about 3 1/2 inches X 2 1/2 inches in size. Excellent condition!
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Great looking photo with a grinning Galland. The Luftwaffe's most famous ace, he was also the first pilot of the ME-262. Many believe that if he was in charge of the Luftwaffe instead of Goering, the war could have been much different. Seems to be enjoying a cup of tea. The reverse is hallmarked Leonar with hand written notation. Measures over 3 inches X 4 inches in size. This photo was removed from a personal album. BONUS!! Also comes with a Battle of Britain envelope with Galland's Post War Autograph in Sharpie original signature, not a photo copy. Excellent Plus!
Category: Luftwaffe
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Large 19.5 inch x 15.5 inch framed document in silver ink. Features huge eagle & swastika, bordered by SA runes and oakleaves. Blank spaces for competitor`s name, event, and score. Facsimile signature of Viktor Lutze, successor to assasinated SA Chief of Staff Ernst Rhom. By 1938 the SA was a shadow of its former self, and basically served as a training organization for the Wehrmacht. Lutze`s death in a car crash reportedly prompted Hitler to order his officers to reduce their driving speed and other careless behavior. Mint!
Category: S.A.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Canteen marked "DRGM HRE 42 DRP angm. No straps or cover, just the canteen.
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Very fine condition, minor age yellowing, unused, prestamped.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 This book was written in 1944 by Conrad Heiden, accessing the German Leader, Adolf Hitler. There are many things in this book that you will never read or see in any other place. Covers the very beginning of the Nazi party, from the formation of the movement, up to a year into his reign. There are some pages that have sentences underlined, but otherwise the book is in excellent.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Magnetic black centers have nice details & minor small peeling spots. 43mm wide silver frame w/dark patina & ring has bulls-eye style stamp. 25mm wide ribbon is 6" long. Clean display!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 One cloth shoe lace with metal OD tips, paper labels.
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Very Rare and Scarce Book! The 7-1/4 x 9-3/4 inch, 96-pages soft cover book was written by Wilhelm Koehler who also published it 1933 in his own publishing house in Minden, Germany. The book depicts the historic first three months of the year 1933, from the day when Adolf Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor by Reich President Paul von Hindenburg to the first assembly of the Reichstag German government under NSDAP leadership. The book is in very good to Excellent condition and comes with its rare original dust jacket.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Four page program guide for music from Bach, Beethoven, etc. Photo of Dr. Ley inside cover. Cloth divider with tuft on end. Comes in a frame with original backing, period done. Photos show it being a little pink, but it is not really pink, sorry about that! Rare item in Excellent, Near Mint condition! Please email me at as am having a lot of message problems with this site.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Silver Panzer Assault Badge early in silver AS manufacturer (Assman) in nice condition. About 40% silver remains.
Category: Combat Badges
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Black & White photo of the caption of the cruise liner Wilhelm Gustloff. Unused postcard in near mint condition.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Hb, dj, 226 pages. 1943. Dutch language biographies of two German brothers, Friedrich Christiansen, pilot of the famous Dornier Do.X seaplane, and his brother Carl, blockade breaker. 50+ photos.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Paperback, near mint condition. This is one of John Keegan's earliest books, written well before he completed his other works that would win him renown as one of England's (and the world's) greatest military historians (i.e., Face of Battle, Six Armies in Normandy). The book provides not only a good overview of Guderian's life and background but also the times he lived in (with particular emphasis on German military strategy and political history) and how he forged the development of German mobile warfare doctrine and what he had to overcome to do it. All this is done in a relatively short 160 page length. If your goal is to invest a few hours (book can be read in about 3 hours) with this goal in mind, then this is the book to read.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00224 pages, Brasseys Publications (August 15, 2002). Near mint, no damage. This work brings together a collection of previously unseen photographs which feature the years of German success as the Blitzkrieg methods conquered mainland Europe.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 First edition, 192 pages, 2002. This military history examines the Second Waffen-SS division, covering its formation, through to its involvement in the invasion of poland, Holland, France, the Balkans and Kursk on the Eastern Front, and on to Hitler's final defeat.
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00: 10 Ways to Win the War,keep em Rolling, great long article on America's Ordnance Maintenance units, lots of photos of equipment repair and people who keep it moving. We Can Win in the Air by Vincent Sheean, cool two page photo of B-17 in the air. Negro Solider, Sergeant Franklin Williams of Baltimore fights with distinction story by Fowler Harper, shown training and with family. Holland fights psychological war with Nazis story, with cartoon by Albert Orbaan. Bill Stern tells of his biggest sports thrills, with photos of car crashes, pole vaulting, Cornelius Warmerdam, football, Al Kreuger, boxing, Joe Louis and Galento. Back page ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes featuring Claudette Colbert as nurse in Volunteer Army Canteen Service (VACS). Magazine is in excellent condition!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Could the Second World War have been won by operational decisiveness, daring, and surprise, or was it preordained that the logistical enterprises of the Western Allies and the systematic battering of the Soviets would triumph? Hitlers Variation of the war. Interesting!
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Freedom and Bread tinnie issued in March, 1936. Stamped brass with a needle pin on reverse. Near Mint!
Category: Tinnys
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Very Large 16x11 size heavy white china. The bottom is marked with Bavaria makers mark, 1939 date & Reichsarbeitsdienst Nations work service below, no chips or damage. Shows some field use, but very nice!
Category: All Field Gear
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Very nice cotton NSDAP pennant measures about 9 X 15 inches in size, not including the ties. Three piece construction, with two ovals w/swastikas sewn to red field. Shows some minor staining here and there, but nothing that detracts from it. Lifetime guarantee of authenticity.
Category: Other
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 Life, Love and Death in Nazi Germany, The War in Russia, story and map by Major George Fielding Elliot, detailed review of war plan. Marine Parachute Attack Units, tough marines, paramarines, leathernecks, cool photos of early parachutes, training and jumping, includes Trotti, Blasingame. Trudy Marshall makes a splash in Hollywood. movie "Secret Agent" with Preston Foster, Flossie Freeman, Dolly Tree, Tyrone Power. This issue of Look is in good condition, (Inside VG, cover has mild wear).
Layaway accepted for purchases over $100.00 12 pages, German text, poor condition, fraying and some pages loose. Articles: War in Russia continues, battle for Kuban area, learning to use oxygen and other training of the Luftwaffe, England putting bounties on German sailors?
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