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IF you wish to contact me, please use my email address. I sometimes have a problem with the GMC message system. Thank you.
Category: Notices
If I have something you want, Please contact me.
Category: Vietnam War
If I have something you want, Please contact me.
Category: Vietnam War
A selection of insignia which people sometimes need. Funny how things are considered common, until the day you actually need to have something! That is the day you suddenly realize that the last 10, 20, or 30 years changed availability and things are not a nickel any longer!
Category: United States
These scarce and great late war insignia, were often called fakes back when Noobs were allowed to speak out of ignorance. Now they are recognized by most collectors as originals. But since they are not "Pretty" , few guys value them. An example of how competent the hobby is.
Category: Metal Insignia
I have a few pairs in various shades. All are in nice condition showing light age and wear. What is with you guys? Replicas cost the same as my 70 year old originals!
Category: All Field Gear
Luftwaffe Field Cap insignias set 3 Shows wear and use...great for matching to a cap in similar condition.
Category: Eagles
An exceptionally attractive rendition of the EM Eagle of the Navy. This is a dead mint example of this rare eagle at a very attractive price.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Matched Pebbled Buttons, many different little groups of matching ones, and loose ones. I can probably get you back in business with buttons... $4 each or 3 for $10. Let me know what you need!
Category: Other
Gray on Black Panzer Bevo Heer Cap EAGLE #6 1 just like this sold on the Guild for $180!
Category: Caps

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