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A very Nice Pair of British Devil Buttons. I was told by a collector of Brit items that these were used by the The Inns of Court Regiment. It was a squadron of cavalry and two companies of infantry. It was transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps in 1940. From January 23, 1941 until January 15, 1943, the regiment was part of the 9th Armoured Division in Great Britain. On D-Day, C Squadron of the regiment landed on Juno Beach with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. During the campaign in Northwest Europe of 1944-45, the Inns of Court, organized as an armoured car regiment, was the reconnaissance asset of the I Corps..
Category: Great Britain
If there is something you seek let me hear from you, by REAL EMAIL at : I will get back to you. I do actual research and I price just below the actual real value of 75 year old historical artifacts in this condition. This is to assure I have successful transactions. If any person has some delusion that bargains are easy to find and price shopping is their method, I suggest doing all that first before even contacting me. There are plenty of pretty fakes being sold to savvy shoppers who cannot resist " an amazing bargain ! ! "
Category: Caps
Obviously brought out of the factory and never finished! Includes a long strip of the correct pattern , siz e and type ribbon for this high award.
Category: Military Medals
Super nice slip on type, examples.
Category: Shoulder Boards
If you see something you want, let me know. The nebelwurfer unit straps are very rare
Category: Shoulder Boards
RARE VARIANT Fuze case in Steel, Well Marked and Mint
Category: Ordnance
Another rare Lot of items from my Vietnam collection. $45 to $140 per set. I got them 25 years ago, before the fake stuff polluted the market. All are Nam War era and NONE are postwar items. The items are all original Viet Nam Issue Jungle Boot Matched Pairs. I have since found an additional 2 pairs. Hey people these are not the post war "civilian Surplus market" COPIES! They are the genuine 50 year old US army issue jungle boots. If you are serious we should discuss the items you want, rather than trying to explain everything in a huge typed listing. There are few of us that appreciate and know the real values of real Nam items.
Category: United States
Heer Radio Electrician Specialist Qualification Badge Also called spec or specialty patches, these were a designation of those who had achieved excellence in extended skills and specialized job training. A great area to collect, with many varieties and reasonable prices.
Category: Heer
Excellent original Officer Wreath!
Category: Visor Hats
2 German WW2 Belt Hooks for Combat tunics Have a light tan paint finish . This pair came off a tropical tunic I already sold.
Category: Heer

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