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Pioneer squad's Edge of Minefield marker flag. Not the little pennants at the edges. These much larger rayon flags, were placed along the friendly side main traffic area to clearly warn German forces to stop advancing that direction. Seldom recovered and brought home, and since they were left in place, almost impossible to find in great condition.
Category: Flags
STOP thinking you know prices by your "Feelings" and do the research like I must every single time! Don't like the price, but crave the artifact ? You "Think" it is too high"? Hell boys, IT IS ALWAYS TOO HIGH, If it was $2 you would want it for a quarter! Go buy the same basic buckle for $1,451.06USD ! ! I am "only" saving you $351.00 .
Category: Belts & Buckles
Various models at various prices. If you know exactly which you seek, I will provide a quoted price. If you simply seek a standard embroidered $225-$265, or bevo model $285 - $335 for absolutely mint condition. I have them, and many rarer variation types. contact me through real email at: More pics forthcoming by email if anybody is an actual serious and funded buyer.
Category: Eagles
contact me through real email at: More pics forthcoming by email if anybody is an actual serious and funded buyer. Selling 1 set or all sets. Not the average oddball crap, but the best examples found over the last 50 years and carefully mated . $115 to $140 per set. No obviously not same maker on each set, DUH! Rookie concept. These were shipped by type in quantity boxes... eagle box, wreath box, zinc production, alumi production, early, late etc. Only an idiot thinks this is shopping at some "Nazi Wal-Mart". This was collected up before there WERE computers.
Category: Metal Insignia
3 color subdued Camo $2250. Minor handling wear but excellent overall. This is a top quality investment grade helmet. The great condition original liner assembly has all tongues, string and its complete chinstrap intact. USA Sale only. THIS IS A NAZI Item, so NO PAYPAL. More pics forthcoming by email if anybody is an actual serious and funded buyer. Real EMAIL, not messaging, PLEASE!! USA only.
Category: Helmets
I am still selling Uniforms, although almost none sell to "collectors" on this site. Apparently locating excellent originals currently available at well researched and fair prices is taken as the start of some magical trek for people these days. Did something else, claimed to be genuine, pop up in Tajikistan, or Mali? Is it a few dollars less? Going to keep looking? just in case there is another one even a few bucks cheaper ? Perhaps from Poland or some other place , where all the very best stuff keeps appearing in attics and barns, 75 years after the war ended.... I mean it could happen right? Collectors and dealers have only been scouring the planet since the moment each battle calmed down enough to shove stuff into a sack! So shopping is the new adventure, and apparently acquiring is not the real goal. I am used to shoppers who think EVERY PRICE is too much. They arrive, try some stunt or excuse, and go off to buy some cheaper crap and get their fix. At the
Category: Heer
Maybe I am wrong, but here on the site, there appears to be a stupid zone, when it comes to blades which are not festooned with the sacred swasisticker, or laden with skulls, runes and eagles. I have seen some spectacularly bad crap get listed and even sold (because why miss such a "good deal price"?) I spent 55 years of spending hours getting greasy, and searching through mountains of absolute garbage bayonets, and knives. When I list really REALLY great examples is WAY BETTER CONDITION HERE, at very fair prices, people run like they just had acid thrown in their face. Off to ebay , where all the best honest people, sell the very best quality stuff, to the smartest most well informed shoppers. Well here are some of my blades. Oh and by the way, they will NOT be on ebay or the Forums either. If you are a serious collector who does more than look at relics, I have some blades for sale.
Category: Bayonets
I bought them while everybody else was worshiping the swastikas! You will seldom ever find a mint original and the fakes look like crap.
Category: Caps
Here is a bunch of Identified Estate stuff. I believe I have put some various extra West Point academy "stuff in here too, but mostly it is from one guy. Some of this is almost never on the market, and usually only the "Gray" , or the "Brass" shows up If interested I will make you a very good deal on it. I also have much of his from Korea and Nam!
If interested in any of these contact me.
Category: Collar Tabs

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