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RARE VARIANT Fuze case in Steel, Well Marked and Mint
Category: Ordnance
Original WW2 Marines Wartime Japanese Phrase book from Vet 4th DIV USMC Sgt. Saipan and Iwo Jima.
The 2 embroidered on wool are $140 each and the late one on thin cotton twill is $342. All eagles are not equally rare!!!
Category: Headgear Parts
A fine selection of Heer EM and NCO Shoulder Straps. If seriously interested please inquire. I just sold the full tray of Pioneer straps to one collector. My prices are fair, but not Yard Sale prices. I Will trade liberally for Panzer black, Waffen SS, or HEER Tropical D.A.K. straps ... singles or pairs.
Category: Shoulder Boards
HEER Infantry Shoulder Straps and tabs in sets... For collectors of singles, or guys wanting rank charts for reference this is the way to go. One Tab and a Matching Shoulderboard per set. Always a fun way to treasure hunt and build an affordable displayable subject! If you see something you need, feel free to ask. Pairs of Infantry insignias like this are generally in the price range from $75 - $120, with a few rarer types individually valued.
Category: Heer
If you see something you want, let me know.
Category: Collar Tabs
If you see something you want, let me know. The nebelwurfer unit straps are very rare
Category: Shoulder Boards
If you see something you want, let me know.
Category: Shoulder Boards
GERMAN WW2 ARMOR and PANZER TANK KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Single piece prices available if you just want a certain kit. Most of these are very old kits , but some are as new as only 10 years ago. Many of the kits I list are no longer made by anyone! Some are only available in other scales. I picked the best vintage kits for my collection. I started collecting kits in 1970. I am selling every kit I have, some 6,000 pieces ranging from 1930's wooden models to a few high tech kits with etched and accessory packs from boutique manufacturers. I also have diorama supplies, Bunkers, Buildings, Trenches, Ruins, and other battlefield scenes in foams and plaster for the master modelers out there.
Category: Modern
3 SETS HEER EM ARTILLERY or ASSAULT GUNNER EM STRAPS. Two are in continental green badge cloth for 19361941 Era and one set is feldgrau for uniform use 1942 1945.
Category: Heer

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