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A nice well used example likely from a early or pre- war helmet. Minor age, but not fragile or damaged. Just moderate genuine age and use. This would clean to full excellent, and lighten up in color, as there is lanolin on the surfaces. It appears to be maker marked but my old eyes cannot make it out .
Category: Headgear Parts
When was the last time you saw an original one of these? I reckon 80% of the ones I see offered for sale are new production JUNK! This is the real deal
Category: Luftwaffe
Category: Luftwaffe
Category: Ranks & Ratings
If you need something, I will see if I have and can supply it. No overseas orders.
Category: Accoutrements
Here are some scarce breast and cap eagles, and some not so scarce. ORIGINALS. Contact me if you want anyof them.
Category: Eagles
Army dagger, manufactured by Eickhorn in great condition -Blade is in great shape with very light signs of its 70-80 years of age. No plating loss. Eickhorn's Crossguard, has the best looking eagle of any HEER Army dagger in my estimation. -Fittings and scabbard are in very nice condition. The Silver plated finish remains uncleaned , and shows very light wear from use. Nice undamaged grip / handle no chips or cracks!
Category: Daggers
ORIGINAL. If you see something you want, let me know....
Category: Cufftitles
Bullion Officer's Cap Rosette or Cockade . These are often seen on overseas or M-43 caps ... I have a couple nice examples like this, and several used mint condition examples as well (Mint ones are $89.00 each)
Category: Luftwaffe

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