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IF you wish to contact me, please us my email address. I sometimes have a problem with the GMC message system. Thank you.
Category: Notices
A battle trophy from Panzer Regiment 8 of the Afrikakorps' 15th PANZER DIVISION. Talk about a rare artifact! Genuine D.A.K. shoulder straps, and most especially war worn and captured ones, are amazingly rare and expensive, with a bashic single in decent shape BEGINNING at $250 and selling at up to $425 for various SINGLE STRAPS. Don't know it or believe it? Well stop "Shopping" and do some actual research. A black tanker strap? well in 50 years, a "Fer Sure" genuine example? Here it is... All one I ever saw, and I acquired it. It is $285, and if you believe it is too much, FINE! It is no longer in with my black panzer section, but in among my DAK Items.
Category: Heer
A real nice set specifically for shoulderstraps and sometimes used on pockets too.
Category: Metal Insignia
I have this huge selection of books which are my reference section on all aspects of Hitler, his life, his actions, agendas, personality, etc. V A R I O U S P R I C E S Having read all of these and some of them several times, I have a very good idea of the facts. I have had enough of Adolf and his thugs, and am ready to allow somebody else to own them and begin to truly become competent to state opinions based on more than having watched Hogan's Heroes and The Longest day, TWICE! Want to truly understand he era and the most infamous man in history? Become knowledgeable! Realize this is a small section of my overall archives. Almost any subject involved with the geopolitical and military history of the 20th century is well represented . Luftwaffe, USAAF, W1 Germany on the ground in the air and at sea, Kriegsmarine history surface and untersee, Parachutists from all nations and aircraft as well, The security and intelligence apparatus and their members from all nations.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Vetern Acquired over 30 years ago. Empty light brown bakelite container that at one time held Kart. Vorl. charges for the WWII German 7.5 cm Gebirgs Kanone 15 . The term "Kart. Vorl" is short for Kartusche Vorlagen which were special charges that chemically smothered the muzzle flash of the gun when firing so the location of the gun would not be revealed. An original bakelite transit container with for additional powder charge bag for 75 mm mountain gun. Excellent condition. On bakelite is moulded Kart. Vorl. d. Geb.K.15 , typical maker's logo and year. Diameter 74 mm, 37 mm high. The bakelite case in not cracked and the threads are in great shape and not damaged. The outside of the lid of the container is embossed "Kart. Vorl. d Geb K15". The inside of the bottom is embossed with three markings.
Category: Accoutrements
I have 6 near mint originals . There run from $600-$675 each. All mine are genuine and officially produced under RZM License, unlike the rest I see posted here... These are RZM Standard official production examples in wool. The six shown are pretty much in AS NEW Condition and they each have a price if anyone is actually serious about owning the real thing at "A little less", than what they are worth. Want to "Shop" (because original SS Stuff is not faked or anything!) FEEL Free. There run from $600-$675 each.
Category: Armbands
If I have something you want, Please contact me.
Category: Luftwaffe
GERMAN WW2 ARMOR and PANZER TANK KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Single piece prices available if you just want a certain kit. Most of these are very old kits , but some are as new as only 10 years ago. Many of the kits I list are no longer made by anyone! Some are only available in other scales. I picked the best vintage kits for my collection. I started collecting kits in 1970. I am selling every kit I have, some 6,000 pieces ranging from 1930's wooden models to a few high tech kits with etched and accessory packs from boutique manufacturers. I also have diorama supplies, Bunkers, Buildings, Trenches, Ruins, and other battlefield scenes in foams and plaster for the master modelers out there. Prices start at just $8
Category: Modern
Here a examples of all the types of original Flying uniform sleeve ranks of the Luftwaffe. This represent decades of locating and purchasing the best examples of these rare types. Each is an individual specific price, according to what variation and rank it is. Please contact me if serious about these.
Category: Luftwaffe

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