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Blue Web A-frame.... $ 600 (another like it recently brought $750, so no bitching!) Tropical Assault pack for A-frame $160 .. dead mint! Tropical Y Straps $500 Luft NCO straps: $99 Flak Arty set $115 Paratrooper or Flieger set
Category: All Field Gear
Matched Pebbled Buttons, many different little groups of matching ones, and loose ones. I can probably get you back in business with buttons... $4 each or 3 for $10. Let me know what you need!
Category: Other
Here is a German Waffen SS Tropical Uniform Chevron
Category: Cloth Insignia
an original whistle from a vet lot. original string that was on it when found. Will look great on your NCO Tunic.
Category: Other SS Items
3 matched sets. These are $75 each set, or they can remain matched to Shoulder strap sets I have them with now. Pioneer set is now SOLD.
Category: Collar Tabs
A 30+ Year collection, of near mint condition Sterling Silver and other US Army Colonel's Shoulder Eagles. All these are sterling and the vast majority are pin back. There are war Eagles and there are Peace Eagles Both were worn anytime, by any colonel despite that lore, which some dealers invented. Many are perfectly matched pairs, and some are singles that are exact matches except for tarnish or whatever. Some are VERY EARLY, and the latest ones here are WW2 types. I will deal on the entire collection first if anybody is serious.please note. These were carefully selected from among thousands that have come available over the last 40 years. Most of them are $50 a matched set, and $25 for singles. Among these are An extremely rare Australian made, and many WW1 and other scarce types. Anyone really serious about acquiring the largest, and best collection of these Silver Birds in the world, please inquire. <Please see my other items under my featured seller banner
Category: United States
A beautiful near mint example
Category: S.A.
Miniature Badge CollectionHere are a group of little beauties I have found over the years. From the Flying Wing Design team project pin, to the Japanese Sword handle decoration insect, They are interesting and tiny. If you are interested in any of these contact me!
Category: Pins
Army EM Bevo Cap rosette cokardeOriginal with no age.
Category: Other

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