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Category: Notices
Three nice ones in 50 years and hardly another example observed. There were few punishment battalions in the German military. Collectors are often confused by the mis-identification of the generic steel "Brain" industry workers buckle with no Motto, wreath or national symbol, as being for these probationary service personnel . But these are the buckle worn until reinstatement of membership in the ranks, by Military Prisoners serving sentences .
Category: Belts & Buckles
Category: Metal Insignia
I bought original packets containing 10 each of these still wrapped in the brown tissue, which Jim Atwood had found back in the 1950's when he, Snyder and the rest were digging around and finding stashes of left over original wartime stuff. I hear all these tales about those old guys, but I never bought a thing from any of them which was crap. They had good stuff, and I guess sometimes bad stuff too, but all anybody had to do was learn what was real, and not buy stuff they did not know about! I still have most of these, because most guys think if something is small it should be dirt cheap. Funny how some $800 or $1000 cap that is missing this insignia is worth a lot less when it is gone!
Category: Headgear Parts
Category: Collar Tabs
Original Bevo flat wire Panzer Officer's Rosette.
Category: Heer
Sets of common ones for $5, and some very scarce Nam types and High Ranks too.
Category: Vietnam War
Second and final pattern SS Junior NCO sword portepee consists of the main components of, strap, slide, stem, crown, and ball. The roughly, 32cm long, 16mm wide, dual laid, matte silver/aluminum strap has a repeating waffle pattern and two vertical, parallel, interwoven, black stripes near each outside edge. The bottom edge of the strap has an alternating, woven, black and silver/aluminum "V" shaped pattern slide and stem. The crown and ball are both constructed of dual, twisted silver/aluminum braiding alternating with a single black twisted cotton braid, mounted on an internal wooden ball. The crown braiding is horizontally laid while the ball braiding is vertically laid. The bottom edge of the ball has a recessed circular dot with an inset piece of the silver/aluminum strap. Nice example. Edged weapon portepees were originally introduced in the Prussian army in 1808, and continued to be worn with the Dress uniform, as a tradition and identifying item through-out WWI, the Weimar Rep
Category: Other SS Items
WW2 Army Air corps Pilots Summer Flying gear. Here is a Veteran Estate set up from a 345th BG (Air Apaches) B-25 Pilot's estate. set up including rare summer long billed flying cap with Polaroid style goggles/sunglasses built right into the visor. All is in Excellent war used condition and a rare chance to add an entire pilots head to your trophy wall. Does not include the mannequin head, just the war relics!
Category: Other
A pair of Early pattern SS Totenkopf NCO tabs as Worn by the Guards in the KZ Camps, and the TK regiments.
Category: Cloth Insignia

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