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These late war Camouflage material fur lined trigger finger gloves came from a vet in 1977. They were combat used and captured during the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, and used by that GI for the rest of the winter. I bought all his war stuff and got home and looked these over. The I realized they had used rare cloth helmet covers to manufacture them! The covers are worth like $3+ grand today!!
Category: All Field Gear
This was acquired from a guy who had a real eye and knew his stuff. Martin Kampmann, was what I would call an expert, and this was his cap before I bought it from him. The only Heer Example I ever felt comfortable with enough to pay out my money to own all these years. The fakers were simply not this good back 30 years ago. Marty tragically passed away at far too young an age. He was truly one of the good guys in this hobby.
Category: Caps
This is the mid-late war Panzer wraparoud tunic I have had in my personal collection for decades. It is for a junior NCO, who served in the Afrika Campaign. It shows moderate war and age with the expected signs of service use, such as wear to the area behind the neck on the collar, as shown. It is a medium size, but the interior in markings have faded out with use and laundering. No oil , diesel, or other stain or discolorations. Well maintained with only a couple minor and very well done mended spots. If you need more photos, I understand and will try to show anything you need to see. I have much larger and more detailed versions of these photos. Please do not make me waste my time just to look. My price is firm and researched, ... and FAIR. If you are not a buyer, serious and ready or able to do a deal, there are plenty of things to look at on the internet. All insignia is correct for this uniform, and of course everything is wartime original. The Mint original Panzer
Category: Heer
The 2 embroidered on wool are $140 each and the late one on thin cotton twill is $35. All eagles are not equally rare!!!
Category: Headgear Parts
A very Nice Pair of British Devil Buttons. I was told by a collector of Brit items that these were used by the The Inns of Court Regiment. It was a squadron of cavalry and two companies of infantry. It was transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps in 1940. From January 23, 1941 until January 15, 1943, the regiment was part of the 9th Armoured Division in Great Britain. On D-Day, C Squadron of the regiment landed on Juno Beach with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. During the campaign in Northwest Europe of 1944-45, the Inns of Court, organized as an armoured car regiment, was the reconnaissance asset of the I Corps..
Category: Great Britain
Original WW2 Marines Wartime Japanese Phrase book from Vet 4th DIV USMC Sgt. Saipan and Iwo Jima.
USA WW2 ARMOR and TANK KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Single piece prices available if you just want a certain kit. Most of these are very old kits , but some are as new as only 10 years ago. Many of the kits I list are no longer made by anyone! Some are only available in other scales. I picked the best vintage kits for my collection. I started collecting kits in 1970. I am selling every kit I have, some 6,000 pieces ranging from 1930's wooden models to a few high tech kits with etched and accessory packs from boutique manufacturers. I also have diorama supplies, Bunkers, Buildings, Trenches, Ruins, and other battlefield scenes in foams and plaster for the master modelers out there. Prices start at just $8
Category: Modern
This estate grouping is the effects of Colonel Greenlaw who had a career in the US Army and rose to senior rank in the Pentagon. He attended the war college, commanded an Army Security Agency formation, and helped with intelligence in the Viet Nam war. There is a lot more including uniforms. f interested, CONTACT ME for more information.
Category: United States
Gray on Green Bevo Heer Cap EAGLE and roundel, will separate
Category: Caps
If you only want one great example which beats the socks off the rest!
Category: Metal Insignia

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