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Aircraft industry Badge of Merit in Silver for Meritorious Achievement. This was only in a stickpin form, and for civilians, as it was intended for wear on their clothing. It is 25mm high and about 17mm in with. The design is a perched eagle with a "T" crossed by a wolfsangle on its chest, and clutching a white enamel shield with a black swastika. The reverse is marked "Ges. Gesch" (patent Pending). Excellent
Category: Other
Customs Service Badge authorized by the Reichs Finance Administration. Stamped gold colored metal oval shield with the impressed number 8206. This shield was worn either sewn-on a green armband, or sewn directly on to the tunic upper sleeve, and was the individual's badge of authority. About 2 1/2" x 3 1/4". Excellent
Category: Other
Unusual, thick, gold colored plak showing a mountain range in high relief. Wording translates, Motor Vehicle Winter Testing 1937. Flanked by a swastika on either side is the word "ons", which I don't know the meaning. Plak is a little over 3" in diameter and 5mm thick. Reverse has logo and name for the quality maker, "Lauer". I have had and seen a lot of plaks over my collecting years, but this is the first time for this one. Could this be winter testing for their planning about eventually heading East? Low Excellent
Category: Other
M-35 Luftwaffe double decal tropical painted helmet with about 60% paint, 65% eagle decal and about 30% of national colors. Darkly sweat stained liner is about a size 58, intact with tie and chinstrap marked "G. Singer" with town and "1941". Liner washers present and tight. Skirt marked SE66 and 4296. Has penciled written name initials "E.N." and penciled numbers on skirt. This is a helmet that has "been there". Good
Category: Helmets
Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer Badge of un-marked construction. Wreath gilding has some minor age fading, and eagle's powdered silver finish has some darkening. An honest guaranteed original at a fair price. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Radioman/ Gunner Badge of un-marked quality construction and having a slight vaulting. Very nice contrast with the bright high-lights of the wreath with the dark eagle. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Flak Badge of quality construction by "Juncker". Has a bend to the upper part of the pin which can easily be straightened, however, I will leave that to its next owner if desired. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge of un-marked late war construction and having a separate riveted eagle. Wreath, cloud and lightening finish near intact. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Spanish Civil War Commemorative Medal awarded to the forces fighting against the Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War. Issued on 17 July, 1936, this medal was also awarded to all members of the Legion Condor. This is a Spanish strike having the pin-back gold metal rectangular frame at the top of the ribbon. Ribbon has a couple of minor soiling spots on the front. Loe Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Spanish Commemorative Medal for Russian Service in hollow relief. This strike, unlike the flat German made medal, from my experience, is very scarce. The black enamel of the Iron Cross is intact, and the ribbon, having the national colors of Spain and Germany at either edge, is without issue. At the top is a pin-back gold metal rectangular frame. Obverse has some slight darkening to the eagle, and the reverse has darkening to the high relief chain and Kremlin towers and their background. High Good
Category: Military Medals

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