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Army officers dagger with hangers, and an un-marked bright blade. Dagger fittings and scabbard have an un-blemished all matching bright plated finish, and the yolk-yellow grip is perfect. Hangers are as nice as the dagger, and show virtually no wear. Excellent
Category: Daggers
Army un-marked Flak Badge of later finish and material showing large area where zink base metal surfacing through dark finish. Not pretty, but at least a tough to find original. Pin has a bend, but next owner can straighten if so desired. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
SA Military Sports Badge in bronze for the War Wounded. Instituted in July, 1944 for SA members on active duty who were wounded or disabled. Being the base metal for this late badge is zink, there has been some fading to the bronze finish. Reverse marked "RZM M1/100". High Good
Category: Combat Badges
DRL Sports Badge for Wounded presented to members of the military who, "in spite of considerable disability, manage to attain the average level of proficiency in the performance of the test-exercises for those types of disability". This badge was first awarded in December, 1942, and was identical in the design of the 1937 pattern DRL Badge, except that the initials were in silver and the wreath in gold. Maker "Wernstein" and "DRGM". Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe officer's overseas cap of top-of-the-line doeskin material with bullion eagle and cockade. Un-marked, and about a size59. Appears un-used, and could not be up-graded. Tough to find one of this age in this condition, but a guaranteed original. Excellent Please visit to view pictures.
Category: Caps
Luftwaffe tropical enlisted overseas cap with hand stitched insignia. Cap made by a German manufacture in Warsaw, Poland, dated 1942 and a size 58. Cap is clean and showing very little use. Please visit to view pictures.
Category: Caps
Bronze Tank Assault Badge by RK. Some very minor wear to the front high-lights, and reverse without issues. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Kuban Shield with army wool material. Un-used. ExcellentKuban Shield with army wool material. Un-used. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Kriegsmarine Coast Artillery Badge with wide pin by C.E. Juncker. Still has a bright gilded wreath. Excellent
Category: Accoutrements
Krim Shield on army cloth with simulated leather paper backing. This has been on a tunic, and most of the wool nap is worn. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges

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