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M-40 Luftwaffe single decal camo helmet with spray painted light tan and over sprayed with a dark brown wide band in rough shape of an "X". Paint is about 80%, and decal, which was masked-off during painting, also about 80%. Were camo paint is missing, bare spots have smooth surface rusting. Liner, about a size 57, is intact with its original tie, and supple with moderate sweat-stains, and no chin-strap. Maker is Q52 and lot number is DN110 with a lower 4. An interesting example. Very Good
Category: Helmets
M-42 camo helmet with brush-on dark green with areas of random brush-on dark tan. Liner intact and showing moderate use, and with original tie. Liner marked a size 58, and chin strap long gone. Paint is about 85%, and where missing, shows flat surface rust. Not a particular pleasing choice of camo colors, but apparently not all Landsers had an artistic bent. Maker and lot number lost in the paint. Very Good
Category: Helmets
Luftwaffe tropical M-41 with white piping indicating that the individual who wore this cap was attached to Herman Goring Division during its time in Italy or Sicily. The cap is un-marked and with its insignia hand-sewn, and with the white piping made during the caps construction. It is possible that the cap was made in Italy during the period the division was stationed there, being it is un-marked. The cap shows its age, but it does not show heavy use. There are some light sweat stains in the for-head area, and some wear in the rain, as the interior gromets have some light rusting. The left side has some small black stains like something splashed on it. It is about a size 57-58. High Good
Category: Caps
Artillery Officer's dress visor hat of fine doeskin material and with high peak. Hat has a metal eagle with bullion wreath with metal cockade. Green satin liner with maker "W. Haberle" under the intact sweatshield. Liner is clean with a little indication of fading due to forehead wear. The leather sweatband is intact, and is the type often seen in KM visors with a thin ribbon running through it. Hat is un-marked as to size, but I would estimate a size 56-57. The top rear right has several small moth bites and nips, and one large, about 5mm, and one smaller on the center left side. A quality constructed hat with great appearance. I am grading this hat as between a High Good to a Low Excellent
Category: Visor Hats
Miniature army dagger by Eichorn, ten inches in overall length. Grip without chips or cracks, and scabbard without dings or dents. Blade is bright with a few small gray spots on either side. Dagger fittings and scabbard has patina, and would polish up bright should its next owner so desire. Low Excellent
Category: Daggers
Army Officer's Dagger by Eichorn with knot and hangers. Blade is bright without issues, and scabbard and dagger fittings have a nice, dark, patina. Grip has no cracks or chips, and is a deep yellow/orangish with one side slightly darker than the other from one side having been exposed to the light over a long period of time. The scabbard has patina matching the dagger fittings, and without any dents, dings or rust. The deluxe hanger fittings also have patina matching the scabbard, the bullion is intact, and the velvet reverse shows just the slightest of wear. The reverse of the deluxe snaps are D.R.G.M. marked. The bullion knot is in perfect condition. An all around excellent dagger with hangers.
Category: Daggers
Original metal painted plak for I./ Schnellkampfgeschwader 210, a Luftwaffe fast bomber wing created in April, 1941, consisting of three Staffels, primarily flying Bf 110's. The plak shows the British Isles with a bombsite above. This unit carried out anti-shipping operations during the initial stages of the Battle of Britain. It then switched to low level bombing of RAF fighter airfields, often using the element of surprise. It was involved in the invasion of Russia flying Bf 110's, giving valuable support to the German Army. In the opening air strikes on 22 June, this unit claimed 344 Soviet air craft destroyed, more than any other unit, for a loss of 7 Bf 110's. The plak, 5-3/4" x 7-1/4", is attached by three sunken screws to a wood back made for hanging. Paint shows its age with some yellowing to the white and a number of small chips to the paint. High Good
Category: Other
NSFK enlisted kepi with maker under intact sweatshield "Gebr. Meder", and a size 57 stamp. Kepi interior liner clean with intact sweatshield showing moderate sweat staining. Exterior without any mothing or issues. Chin strap has crazing at the area it connects to buttons. This was acquired by me from a veteran bring-back. Low Excellent
Category: Caps
Panzer Officer's overseas cap with factory applied silver BeVo officer's eagle and hand applied cockade. No markings, but about a size 58. Interior with a tan satin liner and a leather sweatband attached to the front half of the cap, with some very slight sweat staining. Exterior without any mothing, tares or issues. The only negative I can say is some slight surface abraiding to a small spot of the left side soutache. A handsome example of an officer's overseas cap in an otherwise excellent condition.
Category: Caps
Kriegsmarine officer's overseas cap with an enlisted hand-sewn eagle and cockade. Darkened gold bullion piping is hand-sewn, probably indicating that this was originally an em/nco cap that has been up-graded due promotion to commissioned rank. Cap has a couple pin-head vermin bites seen only on close examination. Inside forehead area shows a little use, and has a sewn-in red name "Strauch", a typical KM name type label. Size is un-marked, but is a size 58-59. Low Excellent
Category: Caps
Spanish Civil War Commendation Medal with its original issue cardboard box. On July, 17, 1936, this award was issued to the Spanish forces under Franco fighting against the Republicans, as well to all members of the Legion Condor. This is the Spanish strike, having the pin-back, metal gold rectangular bar at the top of the ribbon. Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Parade Dress mounted 4 Year Army Long Service Medal and Sudeten Medal. Army Long Service Medal shows minor discoloration to highlights of finish. Low Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Winter Campaign in Russia 1941-1942 Medal. The unofficial name for it by the Germans who experienced the Russian winters was the "frozen Flesh Medal". The medal and ribbon are excellent, except for a small area on the reverse of the ribbon at the top left where it appears a small tag had been glued. The paper bag shows its age, but intact, and has the manufacturer's inked name, "fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart".
Category: Military Medals
Silver Tank Badge by "A.S" (Adolf Scholze), a nice quality badge. Obverse shows some minor darkening, primarily to the barrel, headlights and right front (facing tank) of tank fender and treads, as well to the upper portion of the eagle and upper left portion of the oak leaves. Reverse has some darkening in the tank depression. My nit-picking makes it sound worse than if you had it in your hands. High Good
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe quality un-marked Flak Badge showing the obverse with a clear strike of the guns small details. The reverse dark grey flat finish has a small area of light fading where the barrel joins the gun. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge awarded for three separate actions of front line duty. This un-marked badge has a riveted separate silver eagle that nicely compliments the darkened highlights of the silver wreath. Apparently, this was an awarded and worn badge, as the name "Aroben" or "Arober" is scratched on the reverse. This badge was obtained from a veteran's bring-backs, and had been only in his "collection" prior to me. One of the few named badges I have owned that I know was not "named" in this country after the war. What was probably a medium grey reverse is now a mottled light and dark grey. High Good
Category: Combat Badges
Narvik Shield with Luftwaffe wool, and paper backing with maker's stamp on reverse. I can only read part of the stamp, and the bottom line appears "jena.....schieldt". Shield appears to have never been sewn-on. Excellent
Category: Metal Insignia
Demjansk Shield with Luftwaffe wool and paper backing. Appears un-used, with some small areas of powdering to the zinc from age to the eagles shoulders and head. Reverse has some small areas of damage to the paper at edge, and one rip in the paper in the area of the lower right pin. Low Excellent
Category: Metal Insignia
Condor Legion Wound Badge in Black issued for up to two wounds. Only a total of 182 of this class of wound badge was issued to German personnel during the Spanish Civil War from July, 1936 to March 1939. This early pattern stamped wound badge bore the WW1 style helmet with a raised swastika on the helmet. This badge is a unusual, having a screw-on back as opposed to most which were pin-back. This badge shows it's age in that paint shows wear to swastika and helmet, and to minor wear to highlights of badge detail. The screw-on has surface rusting to both sides, but could look better from someone giving it a little TLC. Good
Category: Combat Badges
An Imperial German Submarine Badge in solid bronze by WALTER SCHOT fec. This badge was made left with the natural bronze finish, and also, some were plated with a gold finish. It was issued for completion of three war patrols. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
WW1 Austro/Hungarian enlisted army brass buckle. Apart from tarnish, Excellent
Deutsche Reichsbahn Leader's buckle in gold-washed aluminum. The reverse is marked "DRGM40", and with the Assman "A" Logo. The buckle itself is in excellent condition, however the left side keeper is "chewed" at its bottom area. Overall High Good
Category: Other
Luftwaffe un-marked painted steel buckle with leather tab marked "Dransfeld & Co." and dated 1941. Buckle appears un-used. Excellent
Category: Other
1939 Clasp to the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class showing much age darkening patina, primarily on the reverse. Pin marked L21 for Godet & Co. With a little polish work, would brighten up. High Good
Category: Military Medals
Luftwaffe unmarked Unqualified Gunner Badge. This badge, along with an unqualified Radioman/Gunner Badge, were introduced in April, 1944, to personnel who were not qualified, but had taken part in at least ten missions (less if wounded in action). It was in the reverse of the colors of the qualified badges, having a black wreath and silver eagle. These two Unqualified Badges are considered very scarce. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
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Category: Notices
Aircraft industry Badge of Merit in Silver for Meritorious Achievement. This was only in a stickpin form, and for civilians, as it was intended for wear on their clothing. It is 25mm high and about 17mm in with. The design is a perched eagle with a "T" crossed by a wolfsangle on its chest, and clutching a white enamel shield with a black swastika. The reverse is marked "Ges. Gesch" (patent Pending). Excellent
Category: Other
Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer Badge of un-marked construction. Wreath gilding has some minor age fading, and eagle's powdered silver finish has some darkening. An honest guaranteed original at a fair price. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Radioman/ Gunner Badge of un-marked quality construction and having a slight vaulting. Very nice contrast with the bright high-lights of the wreath with the dark eagle. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
An unusual and exceptionally large and heavy solid bronze medal about 2" in diameter and 5mm thick awarded by the National Food Estate Organization for Achievement in Agriculture in Rheinland. According to Angolia, this was awarded cased and without a ribbon. Excellent
Category: Metal Insignia
RAD men's 3rd Class Silver Medal for 12 Years of Service. Has some darkening of the obverse wreath. Low Excellent
Category: Military Medals
HJ High Leaders Bullion breast shield insignia for a graduate of the Reichfuhrerschule (national Leadership School). This rare insignia was worn over the right breast pocket, and is a silver embroidered bar of oak leaves with the initials RFS outlined in black thread. This insignia was removed from a tunic, and most of the paper backing material is gone, and the bullion is showing age darkening. In all my collecting years, this is the only one that I have owned. Low Excellent
Category: Other
War Service Cross 1st Class with swords. Early quality piece with pin struck 15. Has some dried scotch tape remnants on reverse, otherwise excellent.
Category: Military Medals
WWI large anti-German pin in the shape of a spike helmet on which is stamped HEL-MET THE KAISER. Has a large safety pin soldered on the reverse. Unique piece. Low excellent.
Single tab for Gau Level collar tab for Gemeinschafsleiter. Appears taken off of a tunic. Low excellent.
Category: Collar Tabs
Set of Luftwaffe sew-in boards and tabs for a private in the 13th Luftgau District. Excellent.
Category: Collar Tabs
Pair of Luftwaffe sew-in Unteroffizier boards for the 23rd Flak Rgt. Excellent
Category: Shoulder Boards
1938 pattern Female BDM Leader's breast shield of a flared wing, silver bullion eagle with a swastika on its chest for the rank of Gruppenfuhrerin. Appears un-used. Excellent
Category: Other
RLB Armband of BeVo type embroidery. Marked "Ges. Gesch. H. & F." Excellent.
Category: Armbands
Verkehrs Aufsicht armband printed black on orange linen for traffic control duties. Excellent.
Category: Armbands
SS Administrative Officer on green wool. Had been on uniform, and without backing. Has one moth hole and upper and lower tips blunted where torn from tunic. Bullion intact. Good.
Category: Other SS Items
War Service Cross 1st Class w/o swords. Pin marked L/15 Frederick Orth. Quality badge with nice plated finish.
Category: Military Medals
Pair of unused Customs Officer Collar Tabs with the rank of Zollfinanzrat. Low excellent.
Category: Collar Tabs
Uniformen der Alten Armee published by Waldorf-Astoria covers a more recent period than the Der Bunte Rock Album. This one covers the GardeCorps and the Army Corps of all the German States prior to WWI. Has 312 pasted in color illustrations, all of which are intact. Another interesting reference for the student of the Imperial period. Low excellent.
Der Bunte Rock the colored tunic album published by Haus Neuerburg with 252 colored pasted in illustrations of uniforms of all the German states in 21 groupings from 1800 to 1863. An invaluable source for anyone interested in this period. All illustrations intact. Some wear to cover finish at spine, but considering it's age, not significant. Low excellent.
Jahrbuch der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1942 hard bound 196 page book covering the year and with 121 photographs. Has a listing of all the 1941 Luftwaffe Knights Cross winners thru October. Minor scuffing and some dis-coloration to the cover, but all pages intact. Very good.
Kriegsmarine Destroyer Badge of unmarked construction showing nice detail. Being back shows reverse of front detail, possibly of French manufacture.
Category: Luftwaffe
Hitler Youth Golden Leader's Sport Badge. Marked with a large "B", and RZM and M1/101.
Category: Hitler Youth
Pair of Smoke Troops Feldwebel slip-on boards. Show light use. Low excellent.
Category: Shoulder Boards
Aluminum enlisted Social Welfare buckle showing very little use, as the detail to the raised front surface area is near perfect, Reverse marked " ges. gesch. 1 ", and showing just minor evidence of having once been on a belt, excellent
Category: Belts & Buckles
Be Vo white on green Ostturkisher Waffen-Verband der SS late war cufftitle designated for the Moslems from the Turkistan Region. This cufftitle was definitely manufactured during the war, but likely never issued for wear. Has about one inch missing from the standard 19inch length cufftitle. Low Excellent
Category: Cufftitles
RZM enlisted cufftitle for the 7th SS Freiwilligen Gebirgs Div. Prinze Eugen. Cufftitle is full length, un-used, and with paper RZM tag. Excellent
Category: Cufftitles
Pair of General Staff Captain boards removed from a tunic, and still having some thread and material still attached. Excellent
Category: Shoulder Boards
Pair of Luftwaffe Administration 2nt Lt. Collar tabs. Both tabs have some mothing on the reverse. Low Excellent
Category: Collar Tabs
Pair of green Luftwaffe Administration 1st Lt. Collar tabs. Excellent
Category: Cufftitles
Prinzen size Naval Airship die stamped Badge by Walter Schott fec. Some of the finish has worn through showing areas of the bronze base metal. Has the correct T-pin style hinge and thin tapered pin, and the hook attachment on the reverse of the crown. A rare badge in this size. Low Excellent
Silver Wound Badge of brass base metal showing wear to finish of swastika and wreath highlights with the brass showing through. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
NCO Dress Bayonet with engraved blade for Remembering my Service time in infantry Rgt. 11. Un-marked blade is without issues on both sides, and red felt still in bayonet slot. Scabbard with frog and knot, and about 85% paint. Bayonet Excellent and scabbard Very Good.
Category: Bayonets
Bronze Close Combat Badge marked for Peekhaus and FLL in circle. Has some minor surface rust on the steel backing plate. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Cased Hindenburg Cross for next of Kin. Reverse of the cross is marked with a small cross flanked by an "A" and an "S". Lower interior of the case has some light soiling to white flocking. Low Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Krim Shield on army cloth with simulated leather paper backing. This has been on a tunic, and most of the wool nap is worn. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
Kriegsmarine Coast Artillery Badge with wide pin by C.E. Juncker. Still has a bright gilded wreath. Excellent
Category: Accoutrements
Luftwaffe officer's overseas cap of top-of-the-line doeskin material with bullion eagle and cockade. Un-marked, and about a size59. Appears un-used, and could not be up-graded. Tough to find one of this age in this condition, but a guaranteed original. Excellent Please visit to view pictures.
Category: Caps
DRL Sports Badge for Wounded presented to members of the military who, "in spite of considerable disability, manage to attain the average level of proficiency in the performance of the test-exercises for those types of disability". This badge was first awarded in December, 1942, and was identical in the design of the 1937 pattern DRL Badge, except that the initials were in silver and the wreath in gold. Maker "Wernstein" and "DRGM". Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
SA Military Sports Badge in bronze for the War Wounded. Instituted in July, 1944 for SA members on active duty who were wounded or disabled. Being the base metal for this late badge is zink, there has been some fading to the bronze finish. Reverse marked "RZM M1/100". High Good
Category: Combat Badges
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