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M-40 Luftwaffe single decal camo helmet with spray painted light tan and over sprayed with a dark brown wide band in rough shape of an "X". Paint is about 80%, and decal, which was masked-off during painting, also about 80%. Were camo paint is missing, bare spots have smooth surface rusting. Liner, about a size 57, is intact with its original tie, and supple with moderate sweat-stains, and no chin-strap. Maker is Q52 and lot number is DN110 with a lower 4. An interesting example. Very Good
Category: Helmets
Army M-40 camo helmet with single decal, and with paint in shades of light, medium and dark greens. Paint is about 60%, with smooth surface rust where missing, and decal is about 80%. Intact liner is sweat darkened, but supple and with a replaced tie, and about a size 58. Liner likely had a field repair, as one segment is not as sweat stained as the rest of the liner. As like most helmets I have been finding, this too is missing the chin-strap. Maker is SE64 and lot number is 541. Helmet has much hard wear, and if it could talk, I would imagine it would have an interesting story to tell. Good
Category: Helmets
Luftwaffe M-40 helmet with its original sweat-stained, but supple liner, that shows more wear than the helmet's finish. Leather has separation in the fore-head area from the metal band, and shows peeling around the rest of the perimeter. Still has its tie, stamped either a 55 or 56, and has the inked number, 1037. The maker is Q62 and the lot number is T598. The paint was cared for during its war-time life, as I would estimate the paint at 94-95%, and the decal the same. The chin strap is no longer present. Liner condition Poor, and the steel pot, Good Excellent
Category: Helmets
Army tropical officer's M-41 with Signal soutache made by "Carl Halfar", and dated 1941. Both the eagle and the cockade are factory-sewn, as is the soutache. Cap shows much use, and shows stains and some minor snags. Has a small area of the soutache that is abraiding. In spite of its problems, it is guaranteed original cap that has been "there". Good
Category: Caps
Luftwaffe tropical M-41 with white piping indicating that the individual who wore this cap was attached to Herman Goring Division during its time in Italy or Sicily. The cap is un-marked and with its insignia hand-sewn, and with the white piping made during the caps construction. It is possible that the cap was made in Italy during the period the division was stationed there, being it is un-marked. The cap shows its age, but it does not show heavy use. There are some light sweat stains in the for-head area, and some wear in the rain, as the interior gromets have some light rusting. The left side has some small black stains like something splashed on it. It is about a size 57-58. High Good
Category: Caps
Artillery Officer's dress visor hat of fine doeskin material and with high peak. Hat has a metal eagle with bullion wreath with metal cockade. Green satin liner with maker "W. Haberle" under the intact sweatshield. Liner is clean with a little indication of fading due to forehead wear. The leather sweatband is intact, and is the type often seen in KM visors with a thin ribbon running through it. Hat is un-marked as to size, but I would estimate a size 56-57. The top rear right has several small moth bites and nips, and one large, about 5mm, and one smaller on the center left side. A quality constructed hat with great appearance. I am grading this hat as between a High Good to a Low Excellent
Category: Visor Hats
Kriegsmarine officer's overseas cap with an enlisted hand-sewn eagle and cockade. Darkened gold bullion piping is hand-sewn, probably indicating that this was originally an em/nco cap that has been up-graded due promotion to commissioned rank. Cap has a couple pin-head vermin bites seen only on close examination. Inside forehead area shows a little use, and has a sewn-in red name "Strauch", a typical KM name type label. Size is un-marked, but is a size 58-59. Low Excellent
Category: Caps
Luftwaffe NCO/EM single button M-43 with factory-sewn eagle and hand-sewn cockade. Exterior without any mothing, but visor showing wear to nap. Satin liner marked with an RB Number, dated 1944, and size 58, and showing light wear in forehead area. Has two small ink stains, and one larger, on liner, A textbook Luftwaffe M-43 that was worn, but not abused. Low Excellent
Category: Caps
Police Officer hat for the Schutzpolizei having green piping. The Bremen High peak maker is Heinrich Balke, and the exterior is without issues. This hat, unlike most Police Officer hats, has the two-piece officer style Police insignia rather than the enlisted 0ne-piece found on most officer hats. The interior has the complete sweat-shield, and the lining is clean and intact. The only negative is that the forehead sweatband has rips and small gaps as well as one rip on each side. Not marked as to size, but about a 57-58. Low Excellent
Category: Visor Hats
Miniature Luftwaffe dagger by SMF, and about 9-1/2" in overall length. Blade is bright and blemish-free, and obverse is marked "Kraft & Co, Hohenlimburg". Reverse is marked D.R.G.M. Next to the SMF logo. The dagger fittings are aluminum, and the grip is without any issues. This dagger is about as pristine as one could find. Excellent
Category: Daggers

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