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Eastern People 2nd Class in Gold with Swords. Excellent
Category: Military Medals
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Category: Notices
2nd Pattern RLB aluminum silver-grey painted buckle with the "LUFTSCHUTZ" winged emblem. Has about 93% paint intact on the front, and the un-marked reverse has almost totally turned a dark grey. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Political Leader's Gold buckle with an un-marked wide brown leather belt. Buckle has some light wear to highlights on front and a few small spots of missing finish on reverse. Buckle marked with an RZM and maker's code "M4/27". Belt has slides, sewn-on keeper, and apart from needing some polish, without issue. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Prussian State Forestry Service Officer's buckle with a silver finish over a bronze base. An un-marked buckle with both keepers. Features a Prussian eagle with a swastika on its chest, and clutching a sword in its right talon and two lightening flashes in its left talon. Front shows very light wear, but reverse shows much of the silver finish is gone. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Water Police EM/NCO gilded pebbled steel buckle with a 1943 dated leather tab stamped with maker "C.T.H. Dicke" located in Ludenshield. Has about 90% exterior finish, and where most of it is missing is on the lower edge. From my experience, one of the more difficult Police buckles to acquired. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Dr. Fritz Todt Prize in Gold. 2nd type without date and award number. Obverse has some darkening, particularly in the lower half, and most of the reverse has darkened. A fairly rare original of a much reproduced badge. Very Good
Category: Combat Badges
Female18 Year Long Service Medal on ribbon bow with silver eagle. Has the attaching pin on reverse, however the pin, and the plate to which it is attached to the ribbon, has some rusting. Medal is bright and ribbon is clean. This medal is much less common than the men's silver medal. Low Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge awarded for participation in a "successful long distance voyage by the crew of an auxiliary cruiser or supply ship". Ships sailing under the guise of neutral cargo ships were designated auxiliary cruisers. This un-marked badge has about 95% of the obverse gilding, with the riveted silver portion of the upper globe still bright. The reverse is dark, appearing that no gilding was ever applied. Pin, clasp and attachments still bright. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Organization Todt armband named for head of this large construction conglomerate that built the Normandy fortifications, among others. This two piece armband has the name strip sewn, and in case some (foreign) idiot could not figure out how it should be worn, had inside the word "oben" (top) with an arrow to show which end was up. Also has the Roman numeral "IV", that may have been for the size. In un-used condition
Category: Armbands

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