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An extremely rare and impossible to find framed set of 3 1867 Medalls: the Battle of Mentana Cross a bravery and dedication medall issued by pope Pius IX. All belonged to one Belgium Papal Zouave Volunteer who's name is embroided on the backing. The backing is made of fine silk and mention's the Battle of Mentana and a hand embroided Vatican Sword with Pennant with gold stiching. Between 1860 and 1867 about 10.000 volunteers where recruited by the Catholic church, these Papal Zouave troops came from Holland, Belgium and France. 3.181 Dutch, 2964 French en 1.634 Belgians. In this case it's a Belgian Papal Zouave soldier, which means only 1.634 of these medalls were issued! The Battle of Mentana was fought on November 3, 1867 near the village of Mentana between French-Papal troops and the Italian volunteers led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, who were attempting to capture Rome, then the main centre of the peninsula still outside of the newly unified Kingdom of Italy. The battle ended in a
Category: Flags
2 beautifull volumes of The Century Edition De Luxe of Raemaekers' War Cartoons. With Descriptive Chapters. Foreword by Theodore Roosevelt. Edited by J. Murray Allison Item Description: The Century Company. NY. 1917, 1917. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Two very large volumes. Bound in olive green cloth with gold facsimile of authors signature on the covers, please note: both volumes has their original dustcovers!. Black leather title labels on the spine. 2 volumes. First volume has 54 color plates tipped in. Volume 2 has 71 more. Books measure a whopping 14 x 18 inches. This is the deluxe edition, printed on Alexandria Japan Paper. A limited edition of 1050 copies. This is copy 262. It is signed on the limitation page by the artist, Louis Raemaekers. In addition, this copy has the recipient's name printed on the limitation page -- it is E.M Byers, please find more out about him here: http://www.neatorama.com/2013/11/18/The-Strange-Fate-of-Eben-Byers/ Very good condition.
Category: Art Objects
A very rare and nice Muzzle cover for the PAK 3,7 CM. Complete with all straps, not cleaned. Found as is
Category: Heer
A very nice field dressing case for vehicles, very good condition complete with it's contence (some SS marked)
Category: Heer
W.K.C, Not cleaned, found as is
Category: Swords
Very Rare 17CM K(E) shell, in a very good condition. Not cleaned, found as is
Category: Heer
A fully reversable Tarnungs Jacke f?r Winter, from mouse-grey to white. In a nice salty condition, nicely maker marked.
Category: Heer
A very nice and original standard staff, topped with a brass DRKB finial in a very nice condition. Uncleaned and unrestored, found as is.
Category: Standards
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