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SS Soldbuch in Excellent shape, with entries, 3/25 W. Grenadier Div. "HUNYADI der SS, 1945, entries are photographed, no photo but several signatures and unit entries.
Category: Other SS Items
U.S. Pre-WW 2 Cased FISCHER PILOT GOGGLE, Mark 2-Clear Flight. I believe these are 1930's era, Civilian issued used by U.S. Pilots of the Army, Naval & USMC. I think these are Mark-2, but I could not find too much information on the Clear Flight type. All original and intact, rubber is still soft & flexible, head band is still elastic, nose bridge is mkd. CLEAR FLIGHT with FG logo, underside is stamped with company info. No damage but goggles show wear & age from use. Aluminum case has plenty of small dings, scratches, but no damage. Part of the inside green wool has been torn away, see photos. Lenses are green glass with no damage. Payment by U.S. Postal Money Order.
Category: United States
Nice looking patch on Wool. 2nd. Army.
Category: United States
Nice looking Vintage WW 2 British Shoulder or Hat patch. A large 4 inch tall patch. Rear is backed. Unknown of the Unit or Squad of this patch, nicely done unknown patch.
Category: Great Britain
Removed from Downed German Bomber He-111, obtained from WW 2 Veterans Son recently, he did not know how dad obtained it, but this was the story Dad told the son after the war, switch is maker and Luftwaffe FL markd. See photos. Postal Money Orders only for payment.
Category: Luftwaffe
Set of 3 Eva Braun Marked Silverware, Large Knife, Spoon & Fork, all of the same pattern. The knife's handle is 800 mkd, and the blade is maker mkd., I believe the Knife blade is chromed or silver plated. Spoon & Fork are all 800 mkd. Silver, and are marked Pennant, Moon, Crown & 800. All show wear from actual use, these are not un-issued pieces. All pieces show some patina, the Spoon shows a partial fingerprint in the patina, I found the following on the Internet from Albert Speers Book. The Butterfly monogram on the Silverware stands for the initials E.B. (Eva Braun) which was designed by Albert Speer. Speer stated in 1981 in his book: I have discussed the many patterns of silverware possessed by myself, Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun-Hitler, Goring, Himmler, Bormann and others. It was common practice for the silverware manufacturers in Germany as well as the occupied countries to present complete sets of their patterns to the members of the High Command and people who had power and influe
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
This is a Rare Item that has survived many years in storage, Original 1920-1930's Metal Pencil Sharpener with even Rarer Cardboard Derrigible Hanger. Both the Derrigible and cardboard hanger are stamped "GERMANY", which I believe was for Export being that the Hanger is spelled in English. Both are in really great condition, but show minor signs of wear. See photos. Made to resemble a U.S. Navy Derrigible.
Category: United States
WW 2 Air Corps Full length Navigator Flight Wing, it is Sterling but is not marked on the reverse. Pinback. Shows minor wear, see photos.
Category: United States
U.S. Army Air Corps Full length Observer Flight Wing, it is Sterling made but is not marked on the rear, Pinback, shows minor wear. See photos
Category: United States
U.S. WW 2 Army Air Corps Navigator Flight Wing, Full length 3", with L.G.B. maker mark & Sterling on rear. Has 2 rivet construction. Pinback. See photos.
Category: United States

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