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U.S. Air Force Jacket Patch, Vietnam Era
Category: United States
Removed from Tunic, Silver thread RZM pattern, appears to have applied to the Uniform Tunic as shown, some minor damage to edges & Strands, see photos. There also appears a round circle pattern on the front which looks like an old sticker residue, minor staining with the "D" showing minor discoloration to a small area. Still overall a nice looking Cufftitle. I don't have a Paypal Account
Category: Cufftitles
Both patches never been used, both show minor age. Original U.S. NAVY Insignia.
Category: U.S. Civil War
Published in 1938, Front of Dustcover is still intact, rear is missing a small portion of paper, which connects to the lower spine. Book has an Archival clear plastic cover over the original dustcover. Plenty of photos of Goeing, his career, family, etc. No damage or concerns with book, has small amount of age spots on title page, but other than this in great shape.
Category: Luftwaffe
German model 1932 Helmet band, red on both sides, appears that it never had a restraining band on the reverse, metal buckle. 1 end is folder over to a point, other end is sewn over and is padded for width, sewn to the metal buckle, no damage. Red Ribbed cotton band. In 1932 the Weimar era Reichswehr introduced a battle training maneuver helmet band for wear by participants in simulated battles and maneuvers. The M32 helmet bands were secured to the M16 and M18 style helmets by a single buckle to the reverse and the ventilation/face plate lugs of the helmets also assisted in securing the helmet band in place.
Category: Heer
Excellent shape, Dachau Style
Category: Tabs and Boards
In Excellent condition,except for a small nip on 1 corner. Dachau Style
Category: Collar Tabs
Excellent shape, Dachau Style
Category: Collar Tabs
Excellent shape, Dachau Style
Category: Collar Tabs
Excellent shape, Dachau Style
Category: Collar Tabs

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