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Adolf Hitler als Maler und Zeichner: Ein Werkkatalog der Olgemalde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen und Architekturskizzen (German Edition) 1983 Out of Print. This book is in un-used condition, it was wrapped in a plastic sleeve in which I removed to photograph it. This book sells on the internet up to and above $200.00. Hitler's style was very calculated when representing architecture in his paintings. Instead of progressing in his artistic influence, his works copied the artists of the nineteenth century and other masters preceding him. He claimed to be the synthesis of many artistic movements but drew primarily from Greco Roman classicism, the Italian Renaissance, and Neoclassicism. He liked the technical ability of these artists, as well as the understandable symbolism. Rudolf von Alt was his greatest teacher, as he called him. The two show similar subject matter and use of color, but Alt displays fantastical landscapes giving equal if not more attention to nature and the surrounding enviro
I think is a re-issued, type bayonet after WW 1. Walnut grips, small striation in the wood on both sides, 1 side of blade is serial # 2853, other side is engraved S/240G, this might be a Reichsmarine or Kreigemarine accountability number, but I may be wrong. Pommel top is engraved with serial number 2853. Bayonet release button is gone. Scabbard shows 2 layers of black paint, showing some paint chipped off, small partial line of white paint and white paint specs, frog lug shows old spot brass weld under the paint, lower ball has a small spot weld on both sided, the seam probably had a small split and the armourer spot welded it closed etc. See photos. Payment by U.S. Postal Money Order.
Category: Bayonets
Commerative Medal of the Entrance Of the Allied Armies in NAPLES 1st. OCTOBER 1943. Shows minor wear to medal & ribbon but no damage. This is the ribbon that came on the medal when I aquired it, I do not know if its the correct ribbon, the internet shows several different ribbon patterns for this medal, so ????. Ribbon is original to the period though. The 5th Army Commemorative Medal was produced after the liberation of Naples Italy on October 1st 1943.
Category: United States
Nice looking Vintage WW 2 British Shoulder or Hat patch. A large 4 inch tall patch. Rear is backed. Unknown of the Unit or Squad of this patch, nicely done unknown patch.
Category: Great Britain
Nice looking Badge, pinback, rear is marked 900. MUNICH, As shown. WW 1 Era
Category: World War I
Very Rare and seldom seen Germanske SS Norge Cufftitle, Text-Book example with remains of SS Rzm tag on the back.
Category: Cufftitles
Recent Local pickup, M-42 Single decal Combat Helmet with original leather liner, has vintage string on inside helmet liner, has size stamp on liner but only partial stamp is still readable. Inside rim is lot Mkd. what looks like 2133, under period re-paint. Inside metal liner band is impressed with what looks like a maker name, maybe a logo and is dated 1940. Liner and band are original to helmet, rivets are all intact and never been messed with. Helmet has period re-paint/re-issued, look at photos, I wont attempt to estimate paint coverage or finish condition, photos show helmet, and I can send additional photos, decal appears Gold in color, look for condition and amount of decal visible/condition. Helmet might be a Kriegsmarine Issue, perhaps Heer, I have never been a collector of helmets, and my knowledge is minimal, lot number might indicate Heer or K.M. etc. Shipping within is $20.00, payment by U.S. Postal Money Order.
Category: Heer
ROMANIA Gilt Medal of Distinction for Achievement in Education, 1st. Class with Bow type ribbon. 1898-1906 type. Awarded for work in Secondary Schools. (There are 2 classes & 3 different Nominations, Primary, Secondary & Professional). Award was given in Gilt & Silver) This award is the Highest award possible, -Gilt Professional-.Front of Medal has picture of CAROL I AL ROMANIEI, back of medal says: CA RASPLATA - MUNCEI-, PENTRU INVETAMINTUL- PROFESIONAL This type of Bow ribbon shows the Medal was issued to a Woman, this type of ribbon is much Rarer than the standard type ribbon. Front has Designer & Maker Marks below the portrait, Carniol Fiul. No damage seen, ribbon shows minor wear and some old sticker residue on the reverse, see photos
Category: Other
Nice NCO School Cufftitle, German Army during the third Reich, Excellent condition, ends are sewn closed. Silver Metallic thread on Bold green backing. Full length.
Category: Heer
3" Sterling silver mkd, BALFOUR, 2 rivets on back, pinback, Nice Patina, Rear pin has a slight bend but no damage.
Category: United States

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