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Large Souvenir Book & 2 Bundles for BRITAIN Pins, both pins have pinback & are maker mkd. Book & Pins are USA made marked, book is dated 1941 before USA entered WW 2. Show wear but all still nice.
Category: United States
Most of the silver finish is still intact, nice looking badge. Solid version.
Category: Heer
The CPTP (often shortened to CPT) would eventually operate at more than 1,100 colleges and universities, with over 1,400 individual flight schools. As a result of the high level of training provided by the CPTP, CPTP-trained pilots did well while receiving additional training at US Air Corps flight schools. Between 1939 and 1945, the CPTP would go on to train more than 435,000 pilots, logging over 12 million flight hours! As was occassionally practiced among CPT graduates, the "CPT" on the shield of the wings has been ground down to denote graduation from the program. Maker mark DANECRAFT STERLING was the only maker of these Wings during this period.
Category: United States
Document is in original frame, looks to have framed sometime after WW 1, it had a cardboard matting around the document that didn't expose the whole document and Jonn Brooks signature, so I threw the matting away. Document is split into 2 pieces but still displays nice, I can ship document with or without frame. Rear of Document has Notary Info signed by local Justice of the peace 1817. There is information on the internet on John Brooks, Alden Bradford, & Captain John Blasdel Junior. I also have photos of gravesites. To John Blasdel Jun.: You being elected on the ninth day of August A.D. 1817 to be Captain of a Company in the Battalion of Artillery in the seconds Brigade and the seconds Division of the Militia of this Commonwealth. John Brooks (May 4, 1752 March 1, 1825) was a doctor, military officer, and politician from Massachusetts. He served as the 11th Governor of Massachusetts from 1816 to 1823, and was one of the last Federalist officials elected in the United States. Tra
Category: United States
Removed from uniform, looks like artificial silk on blue wool, lower left side has 1 very small nip next to were stitching was, see photos.
Category: United States
Excellent shape, scrapbook remains to reverse. WW 2 Era.
Category: United States
U.S. WW 2 Army Air Corps Type AN-H-15 Summer Flight Helmet, 1944. Inside tag is maker mkd., Medium & 1944. All leather is still soft & pliable. Helmet is used & shows minor wear & age but no damage. 1 metal hook clip to attach to front snaps is included, helmet only had 1 clip when I acquired helmet. See photos.
Category: United States
U.S. WW 2 Army Air Corps Type AN-H-15 CADET Summer Flight Helmet, 1944 Cadet Named. Rare version with plastic communication tube inserts on both sides, letting the cadet hear the flight instructor who was sitting next to or behind the cadet. Communication was through rubber tubing, several of the front metal snaps are yellow color coded to assist the cadet in hooking up his mask/oxygen etc. Front of helmet is named COPLEN, inside brim is stamped C, 2120, inside is also marked C-2120 COPE for (COPLEN). Inside tag is maker mkd., large & 1944. All leather is still soft & pliable. Helmet is used & shows minor wear & age but no damage.
Category: United States
Used condition showing some wear but no damage, several small areas of unknown white spots, high points fleck off with my fingernail, may clean up some, large size 1942 date on inside label. Leather chinstrap is still soft.
Category: United States
Black leather binocular case, might be a commercial version for I cant find any maker marks, issue stamps or date, etc. But bottom has German Soldiers name, location, and possible unit he served in scratched in the bottom leather, has most of the remaining white color present. Carrying strap is missing, and only 1 of 2 strap buckles on the sides is present, both side swivels still work. Front closure tab is still functional, elastic still works, top of bottom front strap has worn away. Soldier also etched his initials to the front, and again etched him name again on the inside of the top lid. The 2 inside wooden eyepiece side inserts have been removed from the bottom of the case. Case outside is intact with many small scratches and some dings but case is still presentable, Bottom is marked by soldier Dietrich Berg Altdamm Flugust Frostweg 10 (Or something Close to this) see photos.
Category: All Field Gear

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