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U.S. Air Force Jacket Patch, Vietnam Era
Category: United States
Large Brass JUNKERS Kalorimeterbau G.m.b.H. Dessau Factory Aircraft Spec. PLate, dated 3/39 for 1939. Rear has lead solder where is was removed from JUNKER Aircraft or Other Junker piece where a Spec. plate was needed. Approx: 7.5 cm X 5 cm wide. Or 3" X 2" wide.
Category: Luftwaffe
Nice looking factory workers I.D. badge, my research resulted with some form of Metal Werk with german Aviation, or aircraft, manufacturing, of parts, etc. Rear has metal clip with original WW 2 era paper with mans name written on it, paper is a bit fragile.
Category: Metal Insignia
Silver/grey in color with front showing minor ageing on the bottom, pinback & mkd "34"
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Nice looking DRA Sports badge without swastika. Rear is nicely maker Mkd. Still a lot of silver wash on the front, photo shows Silver/Bronze in color due to the flash
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Nice looking DRL Sports badge in Gold, German 1957 Issue.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Shows some wear & age, needle pin, stamped.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Some minor amounts of original Gilt finish still left on the front, rear has wide pinback & top hook, Mkd, CE. JUNKER BERLIN SW
Category: Kriegsmarine
Shows minor wear & age, wide pinback.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Shows some wear & age, pinback. Has 1 small rivet in middle of eagle
Category: Luftwaffe

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