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Promotional Document of Friedrich Schulz, member of Gestapo in Hanover area in the mid to late 1930's, then an ORPO Leader in the Luneburg area. The information regarding Friedrich Schulz is included, Document is original 1944 issue. Several photos of document are included, Document opens up for added information and Documentation. As Himmler read over the Chronological events of the Document, he put small green pencil marks next to all the Relevant data, etc. This is a Rare, and original Document, Himmlers Signature is Clear and Bold. This document is a proposal of promotion that was submitted through the police hierarchy prior to actual promotion and issue of a promotion document. This one requests the promotion of Regeriungsrat Administrative Councilor Friedrich Schulz to Oberregeriungsrat Senior Administrative Councilor. The typed notation above the date indicates that the Party Chancelory has no objection to the promotion. The date of 8 April would be proper for April 20 promoti
Category: Other SS Items
Historical 1931 Dated Book, The Story Of The Airship, by HUGH ALLEN, index page is Dedicated to The Rev. J. Keeney McDowell, Hudson Ohio. Compliments of Clarence J. Fox, Purchasing Agent, Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation. Front cover shows some wear and a small area of damage to the spine, above this is another area on top where the spine is cracked, see photos. Deals with the History of the Airship, the Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation. and the development of the U.S. Navy's Airship Program, especially the U.S.S. Los Angeles & The U.S.S. Akron. Book is complete and shows no damage other than the spine damage as noted.
Category: United States
Nicely done Silver Soldiers, or Soldiers sweetheart Bracelet, looks jeweler, or silversmith made, top has 3 separate enameled flags to include, USA, POLAND, & ENGLAND. All of the metal is made out of Silver, maybe sterling, or similar. No marks. American flag has a small scratch to it, but no damage. See photos. Clasp ends fit togather, but locking device is gone. All hinges are still flexible and are all still tight. Flags are enclosed in a nice silver, 3 level beveled tier.
Category: Great Britain
Front shows some patina to the gilt finish, but no damage, pinback and rear mkd.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Air Gunners badge is made of aluminum, eagle is blackened in color, also in aluminum. One of the rear rivets has been repaired/replaced, you can see the head of the rivet on the front. Rear shows where rivet was replaced with some scratch marks to reverse on left & right side of wreath, looks like some minor filing of the aluminum on the reverse where the rivet was replaced. Maker Marked "A" for ASSMAN, and mkd. D.G.R.M. on reverse. Bottom catch wiggles a bit but is still intact, appears the owner turned the bottom catch around for his convenience. This and the rivet replacement were both done during the third Reich, and are not post-war modifications. Replaced rivet is sound and intact, but lets the eagle move a little, not as tight as the original rivet would of been etc. Still a nice looking original badge.
Category: Luftwaffe
All 5 medals are from the Same WW 2 British Soldier, the three named medals are to one soldier and are made from Silver, the other 2 medals in the group show some age, etc. to ribbons. Soldier served in North Africa, etc. Payment made by U.S. Postal M.O.
Category: Great Britain
This lot was obtained from the daughter of J.D. Fleming recently, who was the author of enclosed book "With Wings As Eagles" who used the pseudonym of Gideon R. Gray. The book was published in 1983. Mr. Flemings daughter stated her father did not want to use his real name as the author of the book because there was some embaressing moments, and some foul language in the book and he did not want his church congregation to be aware of any of this, also his Biblical pseudonym, etc. Mr. Fleming is still alive, his book recalls some historical times while as a Navigator aboard B-24's while flying with the 450th. bomb group in Europe during WW 2. Mr. Flemings personal theatre made 3 place ribbon bar is also included. Personal letter to Mr. Fleming from James Doolittle dated 4 June 1985, Signature is still Bold and clear, on J.H. Doolittle Mutual Of Omaha Insurance Co. letterhead. Doolittle had his old mailing address on letterhead which was not current at this time so he affixed another lab
Category: United States
Looks like a Home made Nazi Flag or pennant, black Swastika sewn to white disc, sewn to red flag. 2 tie strips on end, looks like the 2 other tie strings have been cut off. Type of pennant that might of been displayed below a window. Size is Approx: 17 X 14". Veteran Souvenir bring back, includes a mailing box that item came in, Appears flag was mailed from Pueblo Colorado to Trinidad Colorado in 1944. See photos. Payment by U.S. Postal Money Order.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
As shown, 5 Mark currency, most of the original silver wash is still intact, some age to both sides, made of Aluminum/Magnesium thus the easy wear & decay from over the years, still a rare piece of currency. Listed under Poland in the Coin Catalogs, weight is 1.58 grams.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
As shown, 10 Mark coinage, most of the original silver wash is still intact, some age to both sides, made of Aluminum/Magnesium thus the easy wear & decay from over the years, still a rare piece of currency. Listed under Poland in the Coin Catalogs, weight is 3.54 grams.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.

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