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U.S. Air Force Jacket Patch, Vietnam Era
Category: United States
This book is in Excellent condition with minimal wear and no damage, photos are crisp & Clear. Copyright 1928, Graf Zeppelin, Dr. Hugo Eckener, etc. See photos
Bakelite Tinny with metal front plate, GAU KOBLENZ-TRIER, shows minor wear but no damage. Original WW 2 Nazi Era vintage.
Category: Tinnys
Nice looking WW 2 German Marksmanship Lanyard, level 12, this is the highest level an individual soldier can achieve, metal shield is a gold color, the two top knots and 1 at the bottom are all a dark Golden bullion color, as are the tree acorns are a dark golden Bullion color, overall shows minimal wear and no damage. Can see that lanyard was actually worn on a uniform from the wear pattern of the bullion loops and reverse on the protective backing.
Category: Heer
Nice looking Metal Spoon, attributed to HANS FRANK, Governor of Poland, General Government. This was the Nazi Occupation of Poland from 1939 to 1945, etc. Rear has proper maker Mark ART. KRUPP Berndorf with Proof marks and metal content marks. Nice Patina on spoon, just over 7" long.
Category: All the Rest
This appears to be a French or Belgium Sailors Medal from WW 1 or even earlier, I could not reference it anywhere but the ribbon colors signify French or Belgium, as well as the Oak & Laurel leaves on the medal. Ribbon shows some wear, medal is still in really nice shape, there is some old glue residue on the reverse of the medal, I will let someone else clean it off. I don't think this is an Official Medal but perhaps a Navy Veterans type medal, due to the Nautical Anchor, see photos.
Category: World War I
1925 Book on the Amerika-Fahrt Des Z.R. III Grap Zeppelin, Spine shows minor wear and age, overall the book is in really good condition except for 2 pages side by side that have some edge damage, see photo. Pages show slight discoloration from age, but only 2 of the pages show any damage as noted above.
Nicely Professionally done by a jeweler for soldiers sweetheart or wife, 8 original enameled D.I.'s, veteran was a 1946 graduate. All devices are hung from brass clasps, the only Insignia that is suspended upside down is the West Point D.I., has clasp on brass chain. All devices show some wear and age, some have minor enamel chips missing but not distractive. West point, Infantry, Artillery & Signal units, etc. See photos.
Category: United States
Clear plastic disposable German Army Dust goggles, with rubber straps & metal buckles, dosent appear un-issued, paper packet is inked to front. Shows expected wear and age but no damage.
Category: Heer
Original WW 2 German Iron Cross 2nd. Class medal paper envelope, rear top flap as been cut off, only the envelope remains, still a nice display item. Have several.
Category: Military Medals

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