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I am listing this Sword for a neighbor down the street, I believe its BRITISH, WW 1 or Earlier, Unknown Unit, looks 19th. Century, he told me it came from one of his Uncles estate after he passed away, I as listing as is, without any claims of Country of Origin, or when it was made, will be Sold to Best Offer received, Nice Brown leather Scabbard with top Nickle silver ring still intact, lower scabbard metal band and bottom scabbard metal tip are missing, as shown. Sword handle has Metal shield in front, lower crossguard has a stamped what I believe is a "N", guard also has mans name. Blade is partially engraved on both sides, has a crown over Double-Intertwined Initials? and VII, top of blade has 2 emblems on one side, and star of david type logo on other side?, unknown Mfg. markings, grip is sharkskin, more photos available. Any questions please E-mail me.
Category: Great Britain
Late War Zinc type Whitewashed White painted Tunic button, 20 mm. Reverse mkd.
Category: Heer
Zinc made Heer Uniform button painted in a tropical brown color, 20 mm, rear mkd. HA
Category: Heer
War Time Example, Black wool backing which I believe is for the Engineer Branch, several close up photos of enamel are shown, 2 large brass attatchment prongs on the rear. This leadership badge was established in 1920, and was issued to Hungarian Officers up to 1944. It came with 4 different wool backings depending on branch of service, etc.
Category: Other
Large Brass JUNKERS Kalorimeterbau G.m.b.H. Dessau Factory Aircraft Spec. PLate, dated 3/39 for 1939. Rear has lead solder where is was removed from JUNKER Aircraft or Other Junker piece where a Spec. plate was needed. Approx: 7.5 cm X 5 cm wide. Or 3" X 2" wide.
Category: Luftwaffe
Nice looking factory workers I.D. badge, my research resulted with some form of Metal Werk with german Aviation, or aircraft, manufacturing, of parts, etc. Rear has metal clip with original WW 2 era paper with mans name written on it, paper is a bit fragile.
Category: Metal Insignia
Nice looking badge, made of aluminum. pinback, rear mkd Rzm &"B"
Category: Hitler Youth
Nice looking badge, front says KREISMEISTER, & HESSISCHER SCHUTZEN VERBAND EV. FRANKURT/M. Rear has pinback
Shows some wear & age, needle pin, stamped.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Shows some wear & age, pinback. Has 1 small rivet in middle of eagle
Category: Luftwaffe

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