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Zinc made Heer Uniform button painted in a tropical brown color, 20 mm, rear mkd. HA
Category: Heer
Late War Zinc type Whitewashed White painted Tunic button, 20 mm. Reverse mkd.
Category: Heer
Original Vintage WW 2 Era Cast Metal of a B-17 E Flying Fortress, (Bottom is impressed B.17E under the nose), almost a 18" wing span, some minor paint flaking here and there, looks like it was dropped at one time damaging the rear section on 1 side, I would think a good hobbyist could fix and repair this with the proper knowledge and tools, etc. Rear bottom piece is still present but has broken apart into 2 pieces, won't fit correctly being fuselage is broken and bent, this section of fuselage has a little wiggle due to the breakage and crack. Bottom broken piece is marked B 17 on the inside. The name Picadilly Queen is Hand painted in white paint to the front of the plane, and is original to the WW 2 Era. Bottom has a threaded hole for old metal or wooden dowel that is gone, can be easily displayed even in this condition, still looks nice and historical. Never had propellers on display, See photos
Category: United States
War Time Example, Black wool backing which I believe is for the Engineer Branch, several close up photos of enamel are shown, 2 large brass attatchment prongs on the rear. This leadership badge was established in 1920, and was issued to Hungarian Officers up to 1944. It came with 4 different wool backings depending on branch of service, etc.
Category: Other
DLV Badge for Free Balloon Pilots, this badge was incorporated into the NSFK in 1937, and continuously awarded up tp 10 March 1938. This was the first NSFK Qualification badge awarded to Licensed Free Balloon pilots after the DLV was absorbed into the NSFK. This was the First pattern. This Badge is hand Embroidered as were all of the 1st. Pattern Free Balloon Pilot badges. A full explanation of this award can be found in the book Uniforms, Organisation & History of the NSKK & NSFK by Angolia & Littlejohn, under Awards of the NSFK, page # 412. This is a Rare Badge, and was removed from a Uniform Pocket, not an un-issued example. Black paper backed. Some areas of the Bullion thread on the front of the award show some wear & age from actual use, these are small areas on some of the more raised areas of the award, especially on the balloon, see photos.
Category: Other
Front show minor wear & age, rear has silver paint applied, pinback, mkd rzm M1/34
Category: Hitler Youth
Silver/grey in color with front showing minor ageing on the bottom, pinback & mkd "34"
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Nice looking DRA Sports badge without swastika. Rear is nicely maker Mkd. Still a lot of silver wash on the front, photo shows Silver/Bronze in color due to the flash
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Nice looking DRL Sports badge in Gold, German 1957 Issue.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Some minor amounts of original Gilt finish still left on the front, rear has wide pinback & top hook, Mkd, CE. JUNKER BERLIN SW
Category: Kriegsmarine

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