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Nice looking Pre-WW 2 Pin of a Navy Derrigible or Lighter than Air Balloon, marked on front, has attatchment pin on reverse, I believe it from the 1920-1930's, etc.
Category: United States
Nice looking 1943 dated French Army, or FFL COMMANDOS MARINE Brass Badge, large badge. Rear is mkd. AB PARIS M. CHAUVET 1943. In excellent condition.
Category: Other
Allgemeine-SS Uniform Removed Scharfuhrer collar tab. The tab is uniform removed, and shows moderate wear.
Category: Collar Tabs
In excellent condition, was worn on the lower sleeve of the NSKK Uniform, 2nd. Pattern
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Early pattern SS enlisted sleeve eagle. The eagle is made of machine embroidered silver-gray thread on a black wool background. It looks to be uniform removed with some nips along the edge.
Category: Eagles
Early Doorknob With WR Cipher. The doorknob is made of cast brass with a glided finish. It looks to be of the 19th century or early 20th. It features a cipher "WR II" as a stylized "W" flanked by two letters "R" and "R" on each side, below is the Roman numeral "II" Typically Wilhelm II had a different cipher, perhaps this is a variation from one of his residences. Veterans nephew told me that this was removed from a large "CASTLE" like building by his Uncle, the WW 2 Veteran, Stem has a slight bend in it where the Nephew claims his Uncle had broken it off of the door with the Butt of his Rifle, M-1 Garrand. I picked this up from the Nephew of the WW 2 Veteran who served in the European campaign in Germany, etc. The nephew was given this Doorknob from his uncle way back in the 1950's, he told me that it was off of a German Castle, and that the Vet had to use the butt of his Grand Rifle to Pop the doorknob off of the door, you can see in the photos of the slightly bent handle stem on the
Category: World War I
German Fire Police Overseas Cap, front has machine sewn Police Eagle, Cap is a fine blue wool, inside cotton lining, size stamped 57, cap is used but is still in excellent shape, the only damaged area is a small hole below the eagle along the seam, but does not go through the lining, hardly noticeable, a coupe of small stitches and it is gone. Cap is very clean, photo shows some lint and some small pieces of hair from my dogs. See photos. Payments by USPS Money Order.
Category: Police
Japanese Military Revolver Type-26, serial numbered 2452, which would date manufacture 1897-1898 vintage, functions well with no problems, all matching numbers, cylinder is marked 15, there are 3 Japanese characters on the inside, grips are matching same serial numbered. Bore is bright with plenty of swirl, no pitting in the barrel. Revolver has some dirt & grime-grease, and needs to be cleaned, some of the specs on the cylinder and surrounding area are old dirt & old grease, etc. See photos for condition, grips, blueing, etc. Grip has metal lanyard ring on bottom.
Category: Japan
Removed from Tunic, Silver thread RZM pattern, appears to have applied to the Uniform Tunic as shown, some minor damage to edges & Strands, see photos. There also appears a round circle pattern on the front which looks like an old sticker residue, minor staining with the "D" showing minor discoloration to a small area. Still overall a nice looking Cufftitle. I don't have a Paypal Account
Category: Cufftitles
Both patches never been used, both show minor age. Original U.S. NAVY Insignia.
Category: U.S. Civil War

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