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Both Brassards are on a Olive green Cotton, one says U.S. N. A., and the other says S.P. which I do not know what this brassard was used for, but both came togather and both have identical Green stitching on the rears where they were attatched to uniforms. The U.S.N.A. brassard was used by the Army in WW 1, and I believe it was used with the new inductees into Army Life, etc. The one brassard shows some minor staining, see photos.
Category: World War I
Looks like a Bank Savings Book, earning 2.5%, German city of Oschitz, Kreis Reichenberg, named to Grete Kuse of Kessel 17, covers 1944-1945, last entry was made Feb. 24, 1945. Booklet comes with an outer Cover, and some form of Script type document Nr. 125/659, has been folded but still looks good, says Sparkaffe der Stadt Berlin with Embossed Bear & Shield. No Swastikas in the book, but late War vintage.
German Army K-98 cleaning kit, shows wear and Age, both clasps functional, contains only rifle Chain & Brush, lid is mkd. ab 44 with Waffen Eagle WaA 313. No damage to Chain-Brush.
Category: Heer
Blackened Silver metal plaque of an Army Artillery crew with the German 88 Artillery Cannon, below this is a brass 1936 engraved plate, plaque shows minor wear & age, metal hanging clasp on top. Plaque is affixed to Approx: 10 X 6" wooden base by 3 metals type nails. The white stuff at the bottom of the plaque, in-between some of the crevices, shown in the photos comes off easily, I took a moist q-tip to a couple of small spots and the unknown white crud/dirt came off on the q-tip without affecting the patina, I will let somebody else do this or leave it be.
Category: Heer
Nice original large Aluminum German DAF Plaque, attached Post-War to a heavy Walnut Wood base, no damage to DAF device, it is glued to the wooden base, lower Disc is a Rare Aluminum what appears to be a Vintage Railroad Baggage Tag, one tag was attached to the luggage, and an additional tag was given to the passenger when their luggage was claimed. These old luggage tags are rare whereas most of them were melted down for the metal content. Tag says BRETTNACH, which is a French Town near the German border. Below this is what looks like a winged Railroad wheel, but is a winged Flower, the Flower is what is used on the Town's Crest & Flag, the wings indicate railroad. I think when the WW 2 Vet mounted the 2 items he might of thought the Railroad tag was German, but who knows the history, etc. I think that both items were picked up in France though.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Red cotton 2-sided German Luftwaffe Artillery Branch Vehicle Pennant, Approx: 14X9", 1 side has 2 small arear of slight stain, not that noticeable. White cord sewn around the 3 sides. The end of the pennant on 1 side has the stitching undone, looks like this happened when the pennant was originally removed and the rope device was removed, at one time the side had some form of rope or string device. The other side the edge stitching is still intact, this is an easy fix by hand re-stitching, or by sewing machine. Both edge corners show where rope device was removed. Both sides are individual pieces sewn togather with inner cloth cotton pieces, Eagles beak looks a bit odd on 1 side, but then looks like really better on the other side, I figure this is just a sewing machine oddity, etc.
Category: Luftwaffe
Front Cover shows some minor color fading & a couple of small scuffs, as does the spine, rest of album is in really great condition with no damage, just some minor wear with age. Complete with viewer and complete set of 100 cards, published in 1940, comes with original 2-sided instruction sheet. ORIGINAL THIRD REICH STEREOSCOPY PHOTO BOOK DER KAMPF IM WESTEN ABOUT THE DEFEAT OF FRANCE AND THE BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCES. This 8-1/2 X 12 inch hard cover book was published in 1940, after France had to surrender to the Germans and the British Expeditionary Forces had to return to their island. The book contains 100 photographs in stereoscopy. The book comes with the original, collapsable viewer which, if you look through it at the photos, it makes the photos appear three-dimensional. The pictures and the viewer are stored in compartments inside the front and back covers.
Category: Heer
Never used, or edges sewn closed armband, right from the factory produced, late in the war this is how this type of armband was distributed to many of the older and younger men, and just pinned to the sleeve, etc.
Late War Zinc type Whitewashed White painted Tunic button, 20 mm. Reverse mkd.
Category: Heer
Zinc made Heer Uniform button painted in a tropical brown color, 20 mm, rear mkd. HA
Category: Heer

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