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REDUCED ***Order Now as the supplies are getting very low! Original hardcopy Reprint limited edition of ONLY 250 books hand signed by the author (personalized upon request) SPECIAL FREE SHIPPING (within USA) SALE $139.00 *** NOW $125.00 Be sure to include name address with your order we accept pay pal however pay pal fee's will be additional
Category: SS
"SS: Honor Ring named Hofler Dated 21 .6 .44 This beauty comes with his files shows him as Haupsturmfuher Capt also comes with Don Boyle's COA Size 91/2 Beautiful skull show's teeth All runic's are shown P.O.R
Category: Other SS Items
"SS" Honor Ring Named Neuber Dated 21 .6 .44 Large size 101/2 shows war time wear on bottom of ring P.O.R
Category: Other SS Items
Labor corps roundal Never sewn on No rips I have 3 available 175.00 each Free shipping in USA
Category: Other
REDUCED *** K-98 matches with frog Cof 43 # 2731 Price 220.00 *** now 175.00 P8
Category: Bayonets
REFUCED *** K-98 matching number Elite Diamant #220 f Chromed Nice frog Price 190.00. **** NOW 160.00
Category: Bayonets
REDUCED K-98 bayonet WITH FROG matching numbers maker Coopel GMBH Dated 39 SALE $175.00 item P5
Category: Bayonets
REDUCED **SALE!! K98 matching maker 43 ASW no date on back item P13 $240.00 NOW $190.00
Category: Bayonets
REDUCED ***K-98 bayonet matching numbers 41FNJ 98%original condition no date on back side SALE $220.00 - NOW 190.00 item P3
Category: Bayonets
REDUCED *** K 98 Bayonet matched numbers 7515 maker 44CUL nice war time condition NO DATE ON BACK SIDE P-11 price $240.00 **** NOW 190.00
Category: Bayonets

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