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50 round Gurt 34/41 ammo belt for MG34 & MG42. Black phosphated. Marked: cvo.
Category: Firearms
50 round Gurt 34 ammo belt for MG34 & MG42. black phosphated. Marked: 2.41.
Category: Firearms
Bronze Panzer assault badge -almost completely oxidized to grey.
Category: Combat Badges
Panzer enlisted slip-on shoulder boards. un-issued.
Category: Shoulder Boards
7 place ribbon bar. Light soiling. Olive wool backing.
Category: Military Medals
HEER single shoulderboard for special administrative officer. Grey braid on blue wool with metal device. Slip-on. MINT
Category: Shoulder Boards
German WW2 period paper packet of 'Sweat-foot powder". Intact & undamaged & full of powder.
Category: All Field Gear
Kaki colored light-weight canvas with detachable hood. Well marked inside. Light wear.
Category: Japan
Code dou 1942, Un-numbered Czech bolt, Laminated stock. 99% blue.
Category: Firearms
Reproduction covers for the 4 power & 6 power scopes used on the Kar98k, Gew98, etc. Models available: -Zielvier commercial types with one 36m/m cap & one 39m/m cap. -ZF 39 with two 39m/m caps. -Zielsechs with one 39m/m cap & one 46m/m cap. These are the 'long' style where the strap was feed through the scope mount & then wrapped around the scope a time or two. available in brown or black. Hand-sewn by myself using WW2 German Linen thread.
Category: Weapons

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