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Brochure given out on the occasion of a factory being awarded the ARMY-NAVY E-FLAG. This one was for the 'FLEETWOOD CRAFTSMEN' co. in Fleetwood, Penn. on 6 Oct. 1942.
Category: United States
Lot of 3 U.S. WW2 ARMY-NAVY E-AWARD PINS (Excellence in production).
Category: United States
Absolutely MINT condition WW2 ARMY-NAVY E-FLAG (Excellence in production). 45x95 inches. Multi-piece sewn construction (NO printing !)
Category: Flags
A set of 2 woven canvas support straps for the leather combat belt. These went between the lining and the wool exterior & over the shoulders. The 4 metal support hooks were fed through 3 of the eyelets & then through 1 of the holes at the waist of the tunic. A RARE accessory ! Slight mis-match in color. One marked & 1939 dated.
Category: Heer
HEER M36 Generalmajor's tunic that went through 2 wars ! Looks like it was worn every day for the entire duration of WW2; the elbows have been patched, the cuff edges repaired, and the entire collar replaced. The lining was worn to a frazzle, there are various spots (such as next to buttons) that are worn through, faded and soiled. Even though heavily worn it is obvious that the Tricot (gabardine) wool was very durable. Eagle & boards are early metallic wire type, replaced collar tabs are Cellon. Loops for various awards including the German Cross, but NO iron cross loops ?? The 2nd war was against every moth on the European continent; alas, the moths won ! ! Poor condition, but all insignia is still excellent plus. If not for the moth damage it would be a neat example of a combat used General's tunic & not the usual closet queen.
Category: Heer
HEER M36 Medic Obergefreiter combat tunic. Field-green wool with dark-green collar, grey-brown cotton lining. Dark-green wool slip-on boards with dark-blue wool piping. Eagle & rank patch hand-sewn, but all insignia original to tunic. Heavy wear to the nap (fuzz) of the wool. No staining to interior. Some moth damage on lower skirt. Dated 1940.
Category: Heer
Early HEER officer's Bergmutze mountain cap. Field-green doeskin wool w/ surface wear, grey-brown cotton lining, leather sweatband, short visor, officer's bullion eagle from a visor cap -original hand-sewn, no cockade. Marked to the 2nd Company 44th PanzerAbwehr (anti-tank) Batt.
Category: Caps
HEER mittens for serious winter use ! ! Field-green wool with sheepskin fur lining. EXCELLENT.
Category: Heer
Kriegsmarine buckle in ALUMINUM ! ! Pale blue-grey color rather than the normal dark grey. It looks rather green in the photos, but if you put it beside a HEER buckle it looks blue. Virtually no wear to the paint. Leather keeper has no marking.
Category: All Field Gear
Wehrmacht heavy leather combat belt. Un-issued condition. RBNr. number.
Category: All Field Gear

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