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This rare matching pair of collar tabs is a rank unique to The Waffen and Allgemeine SS. This pair was removed from a wartime fieldgray Wool tunic of the Der Fuhrer regiment which was eaten up by moths. They were likely on a formal or dress uniform previously, because at one time they were won as removable tabs. An SS Oberfuhrer is the mast senior rank of Colonel, and one rank below SS Brigadefuhrer, the first rank of SS General. I have reduced the price for a quick sale. They are perfectly matched and show just very light signs of age, storage, handling and use. These have been in my collection since 1977 and are fine original examples.
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Waffen SS Officer Totenkopf Skull Tab. This wartime used and uniform removed collar tab came from the estate of "Swede" Nelsen who was a Sgt in the 34th US Infantry division. After being wounded the first time in North Africa, Swede was assigned to an intelligence unit based at the POW area for Axis prisoners in Tunisia. He gathered a fine selection of enemy artifacts and this is from that source. This pattern with the skull looking up over the right shoulder is extremely scarce and seldom found in even the most advanced SS Insignia collection. Many "Mint" examples exist in the market, but very few of them are actual original wartime material. Note the intact correct RZM tag! This is in exactly the same state as when his son shipped the estate to me. It has not been cleaned or altered in any manner. If you fear replicas and prefer actual combat worn originals, this one is your chance to have a solid investment grade piece you can trust.
Category: Tabs and Boards
This item is a rare, original high-ranking political leader's single collar tab. Haupt-Dienstleiter (Head Service Leader). Reichsleitung level. In fine condition & comes with small color photo of a Gau Leader wearing identical collar rank as seen in scan. Will consider REASONABLE offers. I've seen such high-ranking single tabs list on other military sites for much as $950.00!
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Obergemeinshaftsleiter Kreis level political collar tabs, matching pair. Nice matching pair removed from tunic, original RZM tag intact, show some normal wear. Nice vet bring back souvenirs. Will ship via USPS, but if you would prefer alternative shipper just let me know.
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I would prefer to sell them all together for just $1200 for all 10. The market value for the 10 averaged out to a total of around $1500-$1600 for them all, so it is a good fair price and deal. I found them together in the estate of a 42nd Infantry Lt. I will sell individual pieces if it helps you out. Lets talk about a fair price!
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Category: Collar Tabs
If you collect Panzer related items here are some scarce items! I will sell individual items .
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Category: Collar Tabs
A Nazi Political Collar Patch in nice condition, for a motorized formation.
This type set is very rare, and when I acquired them they had skulls mounted which some "Experts" claimed were replicas. I found this matching set of absolutely undeniable originals and installed them, so there can be no doubts. A pair of this pattern with the self propelled Artillery piping and the continental green badge cloth field is almost impossible to locate for acquiring at any price. You will see dozens of the pink piped black sets (And many dozens of fakes of those as well) , show up and nary a pair of these or years.
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