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Category: Accoutrements
No long drive, no hotel bills, no setting up and taking down and no morons handling your stuff with ketchup covered fingers....
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
FOR SALE: three (3) pieces of insignia, all removed from the same Heer (army) NCO's tunic. The collar tab - still attached to the chunk of tunic collar - and the slip-on blue-piped shoulder-strap are an absolute perfect match in terms of material and condition. The medical specialty patch shows slightly more age and wear, but it was definitely tunic-removed (note attachment threads still present) and it was found in the same batch as the other two pieces. $175 postage-paid to anywhere. I assume PayPal payment (no extra charge), but I also accept cash, checks, and money-orders.
Category: Collar Tabs
Silver/grey wire threads on a dark green wool base with dark brown branch of service colors. Tunic removed.
Category: Heer
Just some nice original tabs. Various prices around $24-$35.
Category: Collar Tabs
3 matched sets. These are $75 each set, or they can remain matched to Shoulder strap sets I have them with now.
Category: Collar Tabs
Again, see anything interesting? Just ask.
Category: Collar Tabs
Let me know what you wishto acquire.
Category: Collar Tabs
Let me know what you want to acquire.
Category: Collar Tabs
If you know, you will buy quickly, if not, learn some more.
Category: Collar Tabs
This rare matching pair of collar tabs is a rank unique to The Waffen and Allgemeine SS. This pair was removed from a wartime fieldgray Wool tunic of the Der Fuhrer regiment which was eaten up by moths. They were likely on a formal or dress uniform previously, because at one time they were won as removable tabs. An SS Oberfuhrer is the mast senior rank of Colonel, and one rank below SS Brigadefuhrer, the first rank of SS General. I have reduced the price for a quick sale. They are perfectly matched and show just very light signs of age, storage, handling and use. These have been in my collection since 1977 and are fine original examples.
Category: Tabs and Boards

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