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Summer is the slowest time of the year for militaria sales. The kids are out of school, families are going on vacation and people are saving money for next years school clothes. It can be tough for sellers to connect with buyers, so it sometimes makes for a "buyer's market". If you see something you like but the price seems a little high, don't just pass it by, make an offer. You never know, the seller might be motivated and you might get a great buy.
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Enlisted Soldiers SS Rune Collar Tab, in excellent condition.
Category: Cloth Insignia
Category: Collar Tabs
Here is a set of genuine SS Death's Head collar tabs. The Skull is earlier 192-1943 quality, and type Rank Side is typical Dachau production. The skull tab is the first type not made with the paper RZM inspector tag/label attached. Note the early war white stiffener cloth! Likely among the first batch made at the Dachau Works and still having the double silvery back guide stitching.
Category: Cloth Insignia
Nice single bullion COASTAL ARTILLERY OFFICER'S COLLAR TAB tunic removed. Good condition. PayPal accepted.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Nice pair of Hauptmann collar tabs. PayPal accepted.
Category: Collar Tabs
NOT a common Dachau skull. Yes I know it is not cheap. Replicas are available and cheap.
Category: Collar Tabs
Genuine and uniform removed
Category: Heer
Collar tabs, pair: Fire department, silver braid, rose-colored with black branch color.
Category: Collar Tabs
Collar tabs, pair: for parade tunic, Infantry, silver braid on white backing.
Category: Collar Tabs
Collar tabs, pair: M35, Panzerjaeger, rose branch color, mounted on dark green backing.
Category: Collar Tabs

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