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I research my items and try to arrive at fair prices which will be below real market level . Some of my ads have been looked at many hundreds of times, and have not sold. Occasionally I consider an offer, but generally my price is already less than the item's true value, and the offer is unrealistic. I devised a test to see if indeed there are more buyers here, who only hedge due to price. If so I should see more interest in the various bargains. I spent several hours looking over my hundreds of ads and reduced MANY prices. Some are 30-40% less now Now I will see if "High Prices" are really the reason or if it is true that ANY and EVERY price is automatically " TOO HIGH ! ". This being, because people have been fooled into thinking it is only a "Good Deal" if you beat up the seller, and "WIN". I tend to believe it is the latter, since so few inquiries, result in purchases. I guess in a while I will have some answers. I want to thank the many new friends
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Let's face it, serious collectors know what things are worth and the chance of someone paying a super high price for something is remote to say the least. So, why give an auction house 25 or 30 percent of YOUR money? Post it here and keep all the profits! While you're at it, why not list as many items as you wish, for an entire year? Run one or a thousands ads with no extra fees or commissions. This is a promotional ad. ITEM PICTURED IS NOT FOR SALE.
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Obergemeinshaftsleiter Kreis level political collar tabs, matching pair. Nice matching pair removed from tunic, original RZM tag intact, show some normal wear. Nice vet bring back souvenirs. Will ship via USPS, but if you would prefer alternative shipper just let me know.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
I would prefer to sell them all together for just $1200 for all 10. The market value for the 10 averaged out to a total of around $1500-$1600 for them all, so it is a good fair price and deal. I found them together in the estate of a 42nd Infantry Lt. I will sell individual pieces if it helps you out. Lets talk about a fair price!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Category: Collar Tabs
If you collect Panzer related items here are some scarce items! I will sell individual items .
Category: Metal Insignia
Category: Collar Tabs
A Nazi Political Collar Patch in nice condition, for a motorized formation.
This type set is very rare, and when I acquired them they had skulls mounted which some "Experts" claimed were replicas. I found this matching set of absolutely undeniable originals and installed them, so there can be no doubts. A pair of this pattern with the self propelled Artillery piping and the continental green badge cloth field is almost impossible to locate for acquiring at any price. You will see dozens of the pink piped black sets (And many dozens of fakes of those as well) , show up and nary a pair of these or years.
Category: Heer
Extremely rare original pair of Panzer Recon collar tabs. I have never seen another pair this nice. One prong has been repaired. I have not removed the skulls to look at them but evidently someone before me did?
Category: Collar Tabs
Original pair of Luftwaffe Panzerjager collar tabs. These were uniform removed and bought from a Vet..
Category: Collar Tabs
Let me hear from you if there is something you want!
Category: Heer

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