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Category: Accoutrements
Hi guys! Some of you may remember this cap from the collecting forums. After much thought I have decided that this amazing piece just doesn't do it for me. In all honesty, being a helmet collector... I'd rather have a nice one looker SD SS helmet. So I would definitely consider that trade heavily. Flatwire TK has some oxidation but is still very nice looking. The rest of the cap is about as mint as I can imagine finding. No staining to the cap inside or out and no nips or holes. I'd bet that it would be nearly impossible to find a comparable cap in this condition. PayPal (add 4%), trade for a nice SD SS, check or money order (item will be held till clearing)
Category: Headgear
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Collar tab for Transportation Corps.
Pair of collar tabs that is an issue item to be used on EM waffenrock. The scan does not do them justice - they are in excellent condition.
Category: Collar Tabs
These is a private-purchase, high-quality pair of Artillery collar tabs for the waffenrock. The pair is in mint, unused condition.
Category: Collar Tabs
A matched pair of collar tabs for an Artillery Officer's waffenrock or fully piped tunic. These collar tabs are in excellent condition. The backs show they were once glued into an album.
Category: Collar Tabs
CLEARANCE SALE- Matched pair showing combat tunic use soiling. Good alum. Bullion work & twisted piping yet. Original yellow color to reverse. No doubt about being Pre-1945 done! Money orders preferred, personal checks require up to 10 days to clear my bank. PayPal accepted with 4% shipping and handling fee.
Category: Collar Tabs
CLEARANCE SALE - Single collar tab for a Major in the Luftwaffe. Very nice condition. Money orders preferred, PayPal accepted with 4% shipping and handling fee. Checks require up to 10 days to clear my bank.
Category: Collar Tabs
HEER officer first model tabs for medical or possibly special administrative. Silver braid with medium blue center bars. Slightly mis-matched. EXC.
Category: Collar Tabs
Category: Collar Tabs
Nice looking original WW 2 German Officers Single Collar tab, silver bullion piped in a dark blue for Medical Officer, shows minor wear but no damage. removed from uniform As shown.
Category: Heer
Up for sale is a German railway officer's collar tab, good condition. Buyer pays shipping.
Category: Collar Tabs

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