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A nice, honest 5 place parade bar with a common grouping of medals that span the years from the First World War to the era of the NSDAP. Solid and sound bar. Pin back is well mounted. Backing felt shows evidence of moth activity. An honest piece that is priced to sell. If Pay Pal is used, buyer pays fees. Thanks for your interest! (10-05-14 250)
This badge is a Auxiliary Cruiser Naval Badge that shows some wear. The badge has some discoloration on the right side of the sail of the boat. The back of the badge is marked "FO." Shipping is $3.00 for US and $13.00 for International shipping. Payment can be made by personal check, money order or paypal. Will ship after personal check clears. Thank you.
Category: Military Medals
Really nice Silver IAB by Josef Feix und Sohne. This badge is in excellent condition showing very little wear and a bright silver finish. This is a zinc constructed badge with a ball hinge and crimped in catch. This is a Mid-War example and is slightly convex. While not a super rare badge it is rare to find one with this much finish remaining. Very nice!!!\
Category: Combat Badges
This is a super nice cased EK1 by Steinhauer & Luck. The cross is in excellent condition with nice silvered frames that still retain a nice bright finish. The magnetic black center shows very minor paint loss and has a nice high relief Swastika and 1939 date. The back has the block barrel hinge and the thick cut metal catch. The coke bottle pin has the double mark for Steinhauer L/16 & 4 both stamped in. Very beautiful cross!! the case is also in excellent condition showing only very minor wear to the outside and very minty on the inside. The white satin lid flocking is LDO stamped. This one is a keeper!! Excellent piece!!!
Category: Combat Badges
Orginal Communist Medals Free shipping
Category: Other
This is for the pair.
Category: Military Medals
This is a great example of a seldom seen badge.
Category: Combat Badges
Haven't seen another one of these.
Category: Combat Badges
I have seen another cased example.
Category: Military Medals
Beautiful Italian-German AFRIKAKORPS Campaign medal. This one is struck in Bronze with it's original piece of ribbon. Crisp!!!
Category: Military Medals

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