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Very nice K98 dou.45 made by Waffen Werke Brum AG. Brunn all matching #'s, butt plate is marked svw, only 29,712 of these made in 1945, one of the harder 45 rifles to find. I have more photos available upon request.
Category: Firearms
Very nice K98 rifle 1940/42 made by Mauser Werke AG. Obernorf a/n, all matching #'s with brg on butt plate, barrel marked 37 Kp 145. I have more photos available upon request.
Category: Accoutrements
Very nice Springfield Armory Krag model 1898 rifle as shown with original era leather sling. Nice cartouche on stock. I do have additional photos upon request.
Category: Firearms
A very nice K98 1938/147 rifle made by JP Sauer&Sohn, Suhl, pretty sure 2nd type, no sling, WaA37 marked all matching #'s, E/H marked for Heer Army. I do have additional photos upon request.
Category: Firearms
Large HJ Banner, measures 220" long by 55" wide, diamond measures 29"x29" and is two sided sewn, nice sturdy material, no other markings I can make out on it. has the one small hole near the diamond as shown in photo. Very nice rare to find banner of this size.
Category: Hitler Youth
Here is rare original WWII Thompson MG rifle drum magazine canvas pouch complete with strap. Obviously used in combat as it has a war era repair as the snap wore off and an era button was added to close the flap. Marked GB MFG CO INC 1942 inside the flap. metal parts has some oxidizing that can be cleaned at the new owners descretion.
Category: United States
Set of 3 US WWII FM manuals to include: FM21-40 Defense against Chemical Attack 8/7/42, FM21-45 Protective Meaures Ind. & Small Units 3/10/42, & FM26-5 Interior Guard Duty 1942. Price for all 3 manuals in very good condition.
Very nice conditioned K98 bayonet marked cof44 #4737J, sheath Gebr. Heller 1937 #2286d as shown in photos.
Category: Bayonets
Very nice conditioned K98 bayonet 41 cvl #3301n, sheath 44cvl #7883K.
Category: Bayonets
Some type of headgear or cap cover, dark navy blue, almost black, dated 1943, maker Franz Ritter Vorm. CarlRoth Dettingen Size 54 in very good condition. if anyone has any additional information on it, would gladly add to the description.
Category: Kriegsmarine

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