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Here is a WWII canvas spare MG bolt, measures 8 inches long closed, 4 inches wide, metal snap has some oxidation, however works fine. Marked BOLT on front, no other markings.
Category: Firearms
Here is a lot belonging to a Army Air forces Ground Observer, to include an original 1942 Identification of Aircraft book loaded with pictures of many allied and axis planes and characteristics of those aircraft, along with a gold pinback set of AAF Observer wings for New Jersey measuring 1 3/4 inches width, a Silver set of pinback USAF Observer Asst.Chief wings, a Silver set of pinback USAF Observer wings, Junior Jet Club pinback wings mkr mkd in England, along with three plastic Top Pilot wings from various associations for pilots. Nice lot of AAF Observer items.
Category: United States
Water Canteen with neck of canteen RZM marked. I was advised that this canteen was more likely made for the SA or NSDAP. Felt cover has had a few field repairs, all snaps present and in good working order.
Category: All Field Gear
Here is a WWII Swedish Army combat uniform. Jacket is dated 1945 complete with sewn on collar tabs, trousers are dated 1941, they are both in great condition for display.
Category: Other
WWII Swedish Army Winter hat, Has Swedish marking inside of hat, very nice near mint condition. Also hand marked 57 inside, assumed to be size.
Category: Other
Here is a WWI mfg. by MILLS Dec 1918 Khaki .45 mag pouch. This pouch in near mint condition was then reissued to a 101st ABN Military Police troop. It is stenciled 101 MP with trooper Id markings of C-8859 inside. Nice pouch.
Category: Firearms
Here is a mint unissued Thompson MG 5 mag pouch, green canvas construction with correct Klikit snaps, nice original pouch for collection or display.
Category: Firearms
Here is a mint unissued M1A2-1-1 noncombantant gas mask issued to civilians duirng the war. Comes complete with mask, carrying canvas case and original issue cardboard box dated April 1943 from Simmons Company in very good condition along with original instruction manual on proper use of the the mask. Nice set
Category: All Field Gear
Here is a nice original Vietnam era M1965 Cold Weather Mitten shells with trigger fingers used by door gunners. in great condition, no rips or tears or holes. Leather in good shape.
Category: United States
Nazi State Flag, size 11'X5'10, swastika is 4'7 in diameter, rope and metal hook intact, very nice flag.
Category: Flags

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