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Set of passbook and papers for Frenchman from 1931 to 1940 showing numerous crossings and stampings. I do not read French so do not know what all it says. Nice set of documents for research.
Category: Other
Some type of headgear or cap cover, dark navy blue, almost black, dated 1943, maker Franz Ritter Vorm. CarlRoth Dettingen Size 54 in very good condition. if anyone has any additional information on it, would gladly add to the description.
Category: Kriegsmarine
WWI French Croix du Combatant medal.
Category: Other
WWI British Victory medal named to PTE R. Davies of the York & Lancaster Regiment, nice named medal for research.
Category: Great Britain
Set of two uncut, unused WWII Japanese Naval pilot wings as shown.
Category: Japan
Here is some kind of WWI era German Navy or Yacht club patch in bullion wire as shown.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Here is what I believe is a US WWI pilot collar insignia pin. if something else, let me know and I'll change it.
Category: United States
WWI French 1916 Verdun medal, no ribbon
Category: Other
WWII American Defense Medal
Category: United States
German shooting award stickpin
Category: Pins

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