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Gorgeous set of aluminum Bullion hand embroidered SS Runes. Bullion thread embroidered over police Blue/green wool. These look to be uniform removed and possibly were in a scrapbook. Super piece that has become difficult to find. NICE!!!
Category: Police
Full size uncut Bevo Waffen SS Panzer Trapezoid in excellent condition. Super piece machine embroidered over black Rayon. No holes or tears, Perfect!!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Collar tab for the Italian 29th Waffen SS Grenadier Division. This is a uniform removed piece that is in excellent condition. Super soft doe-skin black wool with the embroidery done in a silvery-grey thread. The buckram stiffener is still present. This is really a nice one with a great look!!!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Fantastic Waffen SS Hanchar Division Collar Tab. This is the typical Dachau produced collar tab. The silvery grey thread is perfect!! This one has a little glue residue on the back from being in a scrapbook. Super piece!!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Aluminum Bullion Target embroidered over a Diamond of Black Badge Cloth covering a buckram backing. Excelelnt condition!!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Super looking large size Political Eagle from the Gorget. This bird has a wing span of seven inches and will look great in your display. Stamped bronze eagle is in excellent condition and retains all of the hardware on the back should you have the gorget plate. Great piece with amazing detail!!
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Good looking Luftwaffe painted blue steel buckle. This one is in great shape showing only minor wear to the finish. No dents or dings just honest wear. Very nice!!
Category: Luftwaffe
Early Kriegsmarine Visor Cap Eagle in excellent condition. Super looking gold finish with both prongs remaining on the back. Perfect!!
Category: Kriegsmarine
Great looking DAF badge made of stamped and printed leather. Red and white badge face measures just over 1 1/4 inch across. Nice!!
Nice early two-piece pebbled police buckle in excellent condition. This is a stamped aluminum buckle that is unmarked and about as perfect as you could find.
Category: Police

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