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Fantastic very hard to find second pattern Luftschutz buckle. This is a stamped aluminum version that does show a bit of wear. This one was not abused and has a great look. Very nice!!
Category: Belts & Buckles
Iron Cross Second class in great shape. This one is ring marked 65 for Klein & Quenzer.
Category: Military Medals
Nice early made Russian Front medal with a complete finish. This one is ring marked 107 for Carl Wild.
Category: Military Medals
Super looking Bronze Close Combat Clasp in zinc. This one has a decent finish remaining and is complete. Well marked on the back by JFS.
Category: Combat Badges
Luftwaffe Two place medal bar. This one has a four year service medal with a droop tail Luftwaffe device attached. There is also a Czech Medal with Prague Bar. This is a really nice configuration to have. This set is in great shape with the exception of the missing catch on the back. NICE!!!
Category: Military Medals
Great looking Medal for Entry into Czechoslovakia October 1, 1938. Complete with ribbon and attachment pin. Nice medal!!!
Category: Military Medals
Beautiful large size 9 1/4 X 6 1/2 inch Stand-Up Sword Sign from Carl Eickhorn. This one is Heer Sword #1706. The high gloss sign is in excellent condition with only one very minor scratch just below the crossguard. This is a fantastic image that would make a killer back ground for your edged weapon collection. The back of the heavy 1/8 inch card has some Eickhorn information about available sizes, their guarantee and location. There is a small string for hanging or you can slide open the stand which functions perfectly. This is a really nice piece!!
Category: Swords
Gorgeous set of aluminum Bullion hand embroidered SS Runes. Bullion thread embroidered over police Blue/green wool. These look to be uniform removed and possibly were in a scrapbook. Super piece that has become difficult to find. NICE!!!
Category: Police
Full size uncut Bevo Waffen SS Panzer Trapezoid in excellent condition. Super piece machine embroidered over black Rayon. No holes or tears, Perfect!!
Category: Cloth Insignia
Good looking Luftwaffe painted blue steel buckle. This one is in great shape showing only minor wear to the finish. No dents or dings just honest wear. Very nice!!
Category: Luftwaffe

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