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$40 for the matching fieldgray set
Category: Caps
GERMAN WW2 ARMOR and PANZER TANK KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Single piece prices available if you just want a certain kit. Most of these are very old kits , but some are as new as only 10 years ago. Many of the kits I list are no longer made by anyone! Some are only available in other scales. I picked the best vintage kits for my collection. I started collecting kits in 1970. I am selling every kit I have, some 6,000 pieces ranging from 1930's wooden models to a few high tech kits with etched and accessory packs from boutique manufacturers. I also have diorama supplies, Bunkers, Buildings, Trenches, Ruins, and other battlefield scenes in foams and plaster for the master modelers out there.
Category: Modern
Category: Cloth Insignia
Heer radio qualification BLITZ insigniasThe hand embroidered mint PANZER one is NOW SOLD!!!, the other two are $23 each and they are also mint. The Light blue is pretty rare. Again as to price... If anybody has an item you like the price of, buy it. but please do not think my asking price has anything to do with anything else. I want to sell my item for my price. If not, no problem. I do NOT wish to argue about it, fair enough? Seldom do you get to be there when an advanced collection of genuine original Nazi Third Reich militaria collectible relics, is broken up and sold off. When it does happen, it is usually some other long time collector or dealer who gets first shot at all the best stuff. That is not the case here and now. I am not actively collecting and almost all this stuff is the best of the best, and what I saved for my own personal collection. This item is NOT going to the BIG SHOWS or THE BIGTIME GUYS! It is here for you, before the big guys get
Category: Other
Nazi Era Post Card . Cool items and priced cheap. Bargains and likely to be missed by Swastika Enthusiasts There are several ways, to find all my items. Search my name, Charles Warriner.Click my featured seller banner of Combat Relics on any page it is on! <POn the Homepage *Featured Sellers* Drop Down Menu... Or Just Search *Combat Relics* in the search box From any listing of my items, you can also click *See seller's other items*. Everything I offer here as original, is original. I do not know everything. To be fair and keep everyone happy, if I have made any mistake, I do take returns. You have a 2 week return period to examine, and decide on owning any piece you buy. The full purchase price will be refunded. Shipping is a service fee, and is not refundable. Any returned items are sent back at the buyers expense. I will refuse any returned item that has been altered in a
Genuine and near mint condition... Original US Insignias Pins D.I.s ... Rare Early pinback, screwback and sterling silver DI pins and other desirable insignias. Let me know if you see something that interests you. Offers entertained Please see my other items by clicking my featured seller banner of Combat Relics since 1976, On the Homepage *Featured Sellers* Drop Down Menu... Or Just Search *Combat Relics* in the search box From any listing of my items, you can also click *See seller's other items*. As always, this listing can sell at any moment, if it is gone when you decide, remember it WAS available ... for a short time. It is not 1962 anymore. Unlike intangible assets, and even real estate, RELICS, have NEVER gone down in price. If you need further pictures, or information, please write me. Everything I offer here, is original or I would not own it. The photos give you enough
Category: Other
70+ years old, near mint condition, OFFICER's HAND EMBROIDERED, no mothing, no corrosion, 4 $20s ... 568 views (Supposedly "collectors") ... 2 + years listed .... baffling ... and a perfect example of why thousands of items don't get listed here. 15 years ago's price, and still the shoppers look for cheaper.
Category: Visor Hats
WW2 Heer Family Portrait Framed Large Original Obviously removed from a home, or disposed of by the family. These are very seldom found in the places I have located relics. Right off the wall of my old office.
Category: Art Objects
Here is a nice example of officer insignia for the soft caps. A Bullion Hand Embroidered Roundel Scarce and VERY hard to locate when you get a hat that needs this patch! I have several from Mint unissued to well worn.
Category: Headgear Parts
4 distinctively different variations for $59 each
Category: Heer

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