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A MINT UNISSUED BEVO IDEL-URAL Tater Volunteer Legion Sleeve Shield.This price is $100 below market value!
Category: Other
Let me know which ones you want and I will get you a good and FAIR price. buy all these for $54 !!
Few of these fragile publications survived in such great condition. I have sold a few dozen, but these I selected, packed away, and kept for another 25 years! I sell them for $5 each, if you take them all I will Knock off $30.
A 30+ Year collection, of near mint condition Sterling Silver and other US Army Colonel's Shoulder Eagles. All these are sterling and the vast majority are pin back. There are war Eagles and there are Peace Eagles Both were worn anytime, by any colonel despite that lore, which some dealers invented. Many are perfectly matched pairs, and some are singles that are exact matches except for tarnish or whatever. Some are VERY EARLY, and the latest ones here are WW2 types. I will deal on the entire collection first if anybody is serious.please note. These were carefully selected from among thousands that have come available over the last 40 years. Most of them are $50 a matched set, and $25 for singles. Among these are An extremely rare Australian made, and many WW1 and other scarce types. Anyone really serious about acquiring the largest, and best collection of these Silver Birds in the world, please inquire. <Please see my other items under my featured seller banner
Category: United States
My MINT Original Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords. This beautiful example is as clean as I have ever seen. The Gold plated surface plated finish is entirely intact. It has some minor patina on the surface of the bright gold finish. My conclusion is that the lacquer seal which was applied to medals and badges, at the time of manufacture to protect the finish, has been lightly dulled by handling oxidation and pollutants. I believe that if soaked in a strong solvent such as acetone, the surface plating would be revealed as mint and pretty as the day the badge was made. Many collectors would do that, however I will not alter it in any manner, shiny or not. Few were ultimately awarded. But significant numbers of all classes of this decoration were manufactured to stock the shelves of suppliers of insignia and awards, for those with the documentation to acquire further examples for wear. These photos were taken inside, and natural light pictures will look considerably differen
Category: Military Medals
Here are 3 lanyard plates. On the left is an Assmann und Sohn example (The best looking eagle of any maker) $90 The Beauty in the center is quite rare and is $275 On the right is another mint Aluminum example for $80
Category: Metal Insignia
Mint unused example of a WW2 tropical or camouflage woven hat totenkopf.
Category: Accoutrements
Almost made of unobtanium. This extremely rare 1942-43 Kriegsmarine foul weather deck coat was issued in very limited numbers to the Uboot service for use in the terrible weather of the North Atlantic. Almost every example went down with the submarine they were used on. (Pretty hard to swim in, and few crewmen ever got to the deck when a Uboat was sunk.) This example came from Don Frailey, who had one of, if not the finest Kriegsmarine Collection in America in the 160's-1980's. Don reckoned this one came from either the U530 or the U977, because it was acquired from an Argentinian collector . Only two uboats survived to surrender intact in Argentina, and this must have been removed from one of them. That collector wanted to trade for a US Navy Admiral's White top cap. So Don got one which was a current PX type item for peanuts and sent it in trade. Those were the days! Note that it has unique fasteners so it can be closed or removed even if hands are frozen or in heavy
Category: Kriegsmarine
Let me know what you wishto acquire.
Category: Collar Tabs
It took years to match up these great sets. If interested simply contact me. The 4th Panzer Rgt. Hauptmann set is sold.
Category: Shoulder Boards

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