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GERMAN WW2 ARMOR figure sets KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Ask for more photos of the rest of them!
Category: Modern
Here are some scarce breast and cap eagles, and some not so scarce. ORIGINALS. Contact me if you want anyof them.
Category: Eagles
Here is the Uniform which most guys want and few ever get. This dead mint example came out of a defunct local New Mexico state, county historical society in 1990. It was donated as a gift to them by a General Homer, and the original display card stating this is included. I have been instructed that this type of issue uniform was Manufactured in Austria after the Anschluss, and was issued to the expanding pre-France (Early 1940) German Army . The numbers of surviving 1940 era Heer Infantry EM Tunics in anything like nice shape, is infinitesimally small. It is dead mint and identical to several other surviving examples. Other tunics of this type can be found piped in other colors. My set is the sole matching uniform with correct trousers which I know of.
Category: Heer
Just a killer example, and so near mint/new that it will be hard to ever upgrade. Manificent breast eagle in all "Flatwire" or "Number 1" Bullion thread. A medium size,and again simply beautiful.
Category: Heer
Dark blue gray Luftwaffe wool construction with 2nd pattern, machine-embroidered breast eagle. This is not a dinky size and is near mint with only a few tiny flaws from age. One tiny insect chew on the left (as worn) collar tab. A rare rank and in fabulous condition. Original tunics are seldom found in this condition these days. Very Nice ORIGINALLY APPLIED Der Speisse (NCO) braid running around the cuffs. Legible depot and unit markings on the lining. Please contact me for any other information. This is also listed elsewhere and may be sold at any time.
Category: Luftwaffe
Beautiful, private-purchase Luftwaffe communication branch enlisted man service tunic. Dark Luftwaffe gray blue wool construction with 2nd pattern, machine-embroidered breast eagle. Nice copper color piping on the shoulder boards and collar. This is in amazing near new condition despite 75 years and all the things which happen to old things in this world. War Service Cross ribbon sewn through the second button hole. Several ribbons and decoration loops. Depot and manufacturer's markings on the lining with original manufacturer's paper tag included. Please contact me for any other information. This is also listed elsewhere and may be sold at any time.
Category: Luftwaffe
A custom retailored 4 pocket issue tunic. Converted in England into an IKE jacket. It retains all of its 100% WW2 era matching condition components. Including Sterling pin back Jump Wing and Infantryman Badge. Ribbon set ... D-Day Invasion jump and 4 ETO Campaigns, plus 2 Bronze Stars for Valor!) Shoulder Honor Lanyard, Unit Presidential Commendation Ribbon, and rank elevate this uniform far above just some Joe Blow nobody post war replacement. A exceptionally nice example of a very desirable and rare WW2 American Uniform. Marked with matching official and written in ID Number of the WW2 type. If you are serious, contact me for details.
Category: Other
Just some nice original tabs. Various prices around $24-$35.
Category: Collar Tabs
3 matched sets. These are $75 each set, or they can remain matched to Shoulder strap sets I have them with now.
Category: Collar Tabs
See Anything interesting?
Category: Shoulder Boards

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