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EXTREMELY RARE! WW2 German Selbstfahrlafetten-Zielfernrohr Sfl.Z.F. 1a/1 5x10 Gun Scope BOX, as used on various Assault Guns and Tank Destroyers! This SPECIFIC type was used on the JagdPzr. 38 "Hetzer", Sturmgeschutz StuG III/IV, JagdPzr. IV/70, and Sturmpanzer 43 "Brummbar"! Easily restored to accept the optic Panzer sight! A great display item and useful for storing Relics in STYLE! Having a magnification of 5x10?, this was the gunners main aiming scope. It featured an an aiming pattern consisting of 7 triangles laid in a horizontal row, each separated by 4 mils. Placing the target on the point of a triangle allowed the gunner to aim without obstructing his view of the target. The distances between triangles were used to lead moving targets. The triangle height and separation distances in mils were also used as an aid in estimating the range to a target. The sight was mounted to the left of the main gun with the head just protruding through the roof of the armoured superstruct
Category: All Field Gear
Priced to sell and genuine, ... unlike the majority of items in the market. Panzer officer flatwire bevo cap eagle! Bullion Panzer Breast eagles on black wool! Undamaged near mint bullion Heer Officer Eagles etc. Various fair prices, let me know what interests you.
Category: Heer
Priced to sell and genuine, ... unlike the majority of items in the market. Various fair prices, let me know what interests you.
Category: Heer
GERMAN WW2 ARMOR and PANZER TANK KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Single piece prices available if you just want a certain kit. Most of these are very old kits , but some are as new as only 10 years ago. Many of the kits I list are no longer made by anyone! Some are only available in other scales. I picked the best vintage kits for my collection. I started collecting kits in 1970. I am selling every kit I have, some 6,000 pieces ranging from 1930's wooden models to a few high tech kits with etched and accessory packs from boutique manufacturers. I also have diorama supplies, Bunkers, Buildings, Trenches, Ruins, and other battlefield scenes in foams and plaster for the master modelers out there. 35th scale tanks and armored cars etc. are $25-$40, accessories like M.G. team, Motorcycles with troops, Radio units, Wagon and horse teams etc. are $8-$10. MANY of these kits are completely gone from the retail market and can only be found in collector hordes like mine. Many com
Category: Modern
A Pair of "ALL riveted" later war pouches in fantastic condition. I got these off a veteran bring back belt. Everything the vet had was almost new condition. Both are completely serviceable and RB Number marked.
Category: All Field Gear
Most you will find currently for sale, are Piles of surplus with mixed years of parts up to the late 196s, and an occasional war era part. Post war are often not painted, and never painted in wartime colors (Tan being very VERY Rare!) , but this one has much of it remaining. It has the tools you see and the very scarce CORRECT WARTIME ISSUED Bakelite Oiler. (Note the early syle tip! The details DO make a difference. This maker was one of the biggest suppliers to the Nazis, but NOT to the Bundeswehr.
Category: Accoutrements
Scarce "Edge Prongs" variant Silvered Zinc Kriegsmetal Heer Cap Jager Leaves. A beauty with all prongs intact. Dead Mint Condition!!
Category: Other
Category: Military Medals
GERMAN WW2 ARMOR figure sets KIT COLLECTION Take one or all! Ask for more photos of the rest of them!
Category: Modern
Here are some scarce breast and cap eagles, and some not so scarce. ORIGINALS. Contact me if you want anyof them.
Category: Eagles

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