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"Waffen-SS" armband worn by civilians or auxiliary personnel assigned to duty with the Waffen SS. This armband is the less common embroidered type on yellow cotton. Clean and without issues. Excellent
Category: Armbands
SS wool multi construction armband with the early embroidered RZM tag. Armband without any moth damage or negative issues. This one would be difficult to up-grade. Excellent
Category: Armbands
Narvik Shield with the cloth material indicating for the army issue. This was the first of a series of follow-on shields later authorized, and silver was for both the army and Luftwaffe who took part in the Narvik campaign area. The Kriegsmarine had an identical shield, but in gilt. This shield is unused, and with its intact paper backing. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Krim Shield with navy-blue material indicating for issue to an individual in the Kriegsmarine. Hitler ordered that all personnel who were honorably engaged in combat in Crimea were authorized to wear this shield. It is interesting to note that there was very specific criteria for the award of this shield in that the individual had to have served for three months in the area, wounded or took part in at least one major engagement. This was to prevent staff officers from making short "official" visits to this area in order to qualify for another decoration. This badge is unused with the obverse finish intact. The reverse flimsy paper backing shows its age with much of the paper edging flakind off. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Kriegsmarine Narvik Shield in gilt finish and with navy blue material. Shield is unused, and apart from a few small pieces missing from the brittle edge of the paper backing, in near mint condition. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Submarine War Badge awarded to all crew members who serve on submarines directed against the enemy. The finish on the obverse of this un-marked badge is near 100% with bright highlights. The reverse has mostly darkened. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Mine Sweeper, Sub Chaser and Escort Vessels War Badge. Awarded to men and officers of the ships for which the badge is named. This is an early un-marked quality badge with bright wreath and water plume. Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge awarded for participation in a "successful long distance voyage by the crew of an auxiliary cruiser or supply ship". Ships sailing under the guise of neutral cargo ships were designated auxiliary cruisers. This un-marked badge has about 95% of the obverse gilding, with the riveted silver portion of the upper globe still bright. The reverse is dark, appearing that no gilding was ever applied. Pin, clasp and attachments still bright. Low Excellent
Category: Combat Badges
Two medal dress bar having both the Four and Twelve year Long Service Medals. The Four Year is nicely patinaed. Metal backing has both pin and catch intact. Excellent
Category: Military Medals
Female18 Year Long Service Medal on ribbon bow with silver eagle. Has the attaching pin on reverse, however the pin, and the plate to which it is attached to the ribbon, has some rusting. Medal is bright and ribbon is clean. This medal is much less common than the men's silver medal. Low Excellent
Category: Military Medals

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