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Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner by "Schwerin" with near perfect finish to eagle, chain wreath and ship. Includes the large matching stickpin normally found with the badge in the cased set. Stickpin finish in equally matching condition as the badge.
Category: Combat Badges
Kriegsmarine un-marked High Seas Fleet Badge with near perfect bright wreath and eagle gilding. Ship details sharp and well defined, as an original should be. Reverse has large dark areas to gilding due to wear and age. Pin has a slight bend, but I will leave that to the next owner should he decide to straighten. Fairly priced at Low Excellent.
Category: Combat Badges
A fairly rare double decal Luftwaffe fiber parade helmet utilized by officers because of its light weight. Both sides of the liner marked "Fiber-Helm"' and "EreL Berlin". Has some small words above this that I cannot read. Unfortunately, the Luftwaffe eagle has had the swastika removed, but with part of the outline still present. The remainder of the eagle is about 90%. The shield is also about 90% present. The helmet shape itself is in near excellent condition with its paint about 90%, except for the metal rim which has about 40% paint. An area below the eagle, about 1 1/2" above the rim, has some darkening. The liner has the size 59 1/2 and shows very little use. The chin strap is intact, but much of the grey/blue finish is gone. Some suggested putting on the swastika from a repo decal, but I will leave that endeavor to a later owner should he so desire. Not that ever I looked for them, but this is only the second fiber helmet that I have owned in my many years of collecting. Hig
Category: Helmets
Afrika Corps sidecap with factory-sewn eagle, cockade and light green soutach. This color was initially for Motorcycle and Bicycle Troops, and later for Panzergrenadier. As this cap is 1941 dated, I would relegate it to the former. It is a size 57 and maker marked "F. Weissbach Glauchau E.41". Cap appears un-used. Excellent
Category: Caps
For original ww2 German and U.S. items, please visit
Category: Notices
Eastern People 2nd Class in Bronze Medal with the issue envelope. Envelope condition is Good, medal is Excellent For other original items available, please visit
Category: Military Medals
Eastern People 2nd Class in Gold with Swords. Excellent
Category: Military Medals
2nd Pattern RLB aluminum silver-grey painted buckle with the "LUFTSCHUTZ" winged emblem. Has about 93% paint intact on the front, and the un-marked reverse has almost totally turned a dark grey. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Political Leader's Gold buckle with an un-marked wide brown leather belt. Buckle has some light wear to highlights on front and a few small spots of missing finish on reverse. Buckle marked with an RZM and maker's code "M4/27". Belt has slides, sewn-on keeper, and apart from needing some polish, without issue. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles
Prussian State Forestry Service Officer's buckle with a silver finish over a bronze base. An un-marked buckle with both keepers. Features a Prussian eagle with a swastika on its chest, and clutching a sword in its right talon and two lightening flashes in its left talon. Front shows very light wear, but reverse shows much of the silver finish is gone. Very Good
Category: Belts & Buckles

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