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A very nice little (but heavy) Italian silver plated paperweight from 1927 to commemorate the 5th aniversary of the March of Rome when Mussolini took power. A beautifull and original item. nice patina. SCARSE
Category: Flags
A very nice Police shako with minor wear
Category: Caps
A very nice uniform set of the HJ, it comes with it's tunic, trousers, cap, multi layer ! armband and insignia. The insignia did came with the tunic but were not applied, everything a 100% guarantied original. No motting or what so ever.
Category: Hitler Youth
A very heavy duty winter coat, used in the Eastern front back in the coldest winters ever.
Category: Heer
This is a very nice lot of original Hitler Youth items. On sale is here a HJ drum, the drum hanger with leather belt loop, the drumsticks in their original leather pouch, the HJ belth with buckle and the shoulder strap!!!
Category: Hitler Youth
A nice collection of large press photos
Category: Heer
A real nice and original and not often encountered gadget here. nicely marked with an early droop tail Luft eagle
Category: Luftwaffe
In a very nice condition, complete and very well maker and WaA marked
Category: Heer
Well engraved pocketwatch named to Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Stoppel. I have done a small check on him, it would be worth it for some further research since Otto Stoppel was the head of guards from the KC Auschwitz. N.S.D.A.P Party number 1050628 Mitglied der Allgemeinen SS since: 06.1931; Dienstgrade: SS-Scharfuhrer, SS Membership Number: 25564 Dienst in den / Service in SS-Verfugungstruppen, Totenkopfverbande, Waffen-SS: Mitglied der Bewaffneten Verbande der SS seit: 08.1931; SS militarische R?nge: SS-Scharfuhrer 06.1931 - 03.1933; SS-Oberscharfuhrer]: 03.1933 - 01.01.1935; SS-Untersturmfuhrer]: 01.01.1935 - 30.01.1935; SS-Obersturmfuhrer: 30.01.1935 - 10.03.1935; SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer [kapitan]: 10.03.1935 - 21.12.1944; SS-Sturmbannfuhrer [major]: 21.12.1944 Awarded decorations, distinctions, medals: Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern: 01.02.1944; Olympia-Ehrenzeichen II. Klasse; Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen in Bronze; SS-Ehrenring genannt auch: SS-Totenkopfring];
Category: Other SS Items
A nice set of portrait pictures, a few of them of the same LW man in different career ranks.
Category: Luftwaffe

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