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A very rare and nice Muzzle cover for the PAK 3,7 CM. Complete with all straps, not cleaned. Found as is
Category: Heer
A very nice field dressing case for vehicles, very good condition complete with it's contence (some SS marked)
Category: Heer
W.K.C, Not cleaned, found as is
Category: Swords
Very Rare 17CM K(E) shell, in a very good condition. Not cleaned, found as is
Category: Heer
A fully reversable Tarnungs Jacke f?r Winter, from mouse-grey to white. In a nice salty condition, nicely maker marked.
Category: Heer
A very nice and original standard staff, topped with a brass DRKB finial in a very nice condition. Uncleaned and unrestored, found as is.
Category: Standards
A very nice little (but heavy) Italian silver plated paperweight from 1927 to commemorate the 5th aniversary of the March of Rome when Mussolini took power. A beautifull and original item. nice patina. SCARSE
Category: Flags
A very nice Police shako with minor wear
Category: Caps
A very nice uniform set of the HJ, it comes with it's tunic, trousers, cap, multi layer ! armband and insignia. The insignia did came with the tunic but were not applied, everything a 100% guarantied original. No motting or what so ever.
Category: Hitler Youth
A very heavy duty winter coat, used in the Eastern front back in the coldest winters ever.
Category: Heer

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