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Photos show condition, been there and Salty, Brown leather carrier is all intact but shows some wear & age, has 1 thin area on 1 strap on the carrier, but is still intact, located by the set of closure holes in leather strap. Carrier has 2 metal Roller buckles at the end. Grenades are empty but show a white residue inside, one of the top fuses seems to be missing the pin, but the other one appears intact. I have not taken anything apart, this is how I acquired them. Some white paint residue is still on the bottoms, I was told this is when the grenades were packed, etc. Tops still retain some of the original red paint. Both spring clips are intact, one still has the original cord attatched. No Overseas Sales, and No Paypal.
Category: Japan
This is a really nice and Historical grouping of Original WW 2 Aviation Autographs, all signed in ink on a May 1945, U.S. Cloth Aviators map, Map is marked, JAPAN & SOUTH CHINA SEAS, AAF Cloth chart. Map is original AAF issue and is dated MAY 1945. Map is still in minty condition and is folded. All signatures are Clear & Crisp, and are all original, signed by the aviators years ago, I would imagine this map was signed at some form of a Historical event, perhaps in the 1960's ot 1970's Etc. Someone could probably figure out when this item was signed if they can determine when all 6 aviators were togather at one time, or at what event etc. See photos. There are a total of 6 signatures and they include the Following: 1) R.E. COLE, Co-Pilot to Jimmy Doolittle, Doolittle Raiders, flew B-25 off of a carrier to Bomb Japan, Mr. Cole is still alive and is 1 of two of the surviving members left. 2) IRA C. Weathebury, Lt. Col. Weatherly was the Co-Pilot of the B-29 "Straight Flush" which Proceede
Category: United States
Original 1936 Germany-Olympics 5 X 7 photo, shows 2 Nazi Policemen along with an Army Heer Officer with a group of Athletes from Monaco, also shown is a young kid in an Olympic assistants uniform holding a flag case. rear is marked.
Category: Photos & Prints
Nice looking original 1936 German Summer Olympics 5 X 7" Press photo at a Railroad Train Station, shows a contingent of Australian Atlletes. 2 German Heer Officers. 1 enlisted Heer Soldier and 1 Reichbahn Official, nice visable Railroad train station sign in background. Has label on rear. Photo also has a nice image of a young kid in an Olympics hospitality uniform on the left.
Category: Photos & Prints
Original 1936 5 X 7 Press photo from the 1936 Winter Olympics, shows an Official delegation along with the King of Sweden shaking hands with Athletes, probably also from Sweden, nice image of a High Ranking Nazi Kreigsmarine Officer with decorations, etc. Looks to be A Kapitan, rear is photographer marked and says King of Sweden.
Category: Photos & Prints
Unissued condition, a couple of small areas of wear on reverse from storage wear, paper HJ RZM tag still attatched. Rear of buckle is marked M5/276. See photos. Another example is shown in the book "Belt Buckles & Brockades", by John angolia, page # 273. With identical RZM tag, different serial #, and same M5/276 marking on the inside of buckle, this is a metal parts designation and not the normal M4 marking for buckles.
Category: Hitler Youth
Souvener from 4711-Erinnerung OLYMPIA 1936 BERLIN, no ribbon. Silver plated shows a couple of small areas of wear, The 1936 Olympics were hosted by Germany, summer games were held in Berlin.
Small arear of silver wash still intact to front & Rear, back is maker Marked, nice details.
Category: Heer
Nice looking Example, no maker mark
Category: Heer
Most of the Silver wash is still intact, late war version, some minor ageing. Rear is marked W.H. Heavy metal version
Category: Heer

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