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This is a really nice and Historical grouping of Original WW 2 Aviation Autographs, all signed in ink on a May 1945, U.S. Cloth Aviators map, Map is marked, JAPAN & SOUTH CHINA SEAS, AAF Cloth chart. Map is original AAF issue and is dated MAY 1945. Map is still in minty condition and is folded. All signatures are Clear & Crisp, and are all original, signed by the aviators years ago, I would imagine this map was signed at some form of a Historical event, perhaps in the 1960's ot 1970's Etc. Someone could probably figure out when this item was signed if they can determine when all 6 aviators were togather at one time, or at what event etc. See photos. There are a total of 6 signatures and they include the Following: 1) R.E. COLE, Co-Pilot to Jimmy Doolittle, Doolittle Raiders, flew B-25 off of a carrier to Bomb Japan, Mr. Cole is still alive and is 1 of two of the surviving members left. 2) IRA C. Weathebury, Lt. Col. Weatherly was the Co-Pilot of the B-29 "Straight Flush" which Proceede
Category: United States
This Lot was acquired from a Civil War Union's Soldiers Family member, to include a Re-Print of the famous "The Vicksburg Daily Citizen", WALLPAPER EDITION, Vicksburg Miss. July 2nd. 1863. I wont go into the history of the story behind this newspaper & its re-print, but will explain briefly. This edition, Re-Print, Wall-paper edition was published shortly after the Civil War, it was re-published by many organizations, Companys, and individuals. This edition was Published by George R. Fuller, whose company Manufactured Artificial Legs, for Civil War Veterans, his company was established in 1857 in Rochester New York, and this Re-print is in Essence an Advertising for his Company, Targeting Civil War Veterans who have lost a Leg during the war. My Research puts this Re-print in the late 1860's-Early 1870's, etc. Bottom has a nice advertisement for his company, there is plate glass on both sides of the paper, and the reverse shows an old Wallpaper pattern, numerous small tears and old rep
Category: U.S. Civil War
Enlisted Soldiers SS Rune Collar Tab, in excellent condition.
Category: Cloth Insignia
Nazi Germany Automobile License Plate Disc, Red painted aluminum disc with silver Eagle, Swastika & wording. This is a been there example being actually removed from a license plate during the War, not a post War reproduction. 1.75" in diameter.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Metal Derrigible pinback device, with nice photo of President Von Hindenburg in Black & white on the front. I believe its Paul Von Hindenburg, pinback, on original cardboard board. Imperial Germany WW 1 Era. Excellent condition, card shows ageing and wear.
Category: World War I
Informal Pattern Adolf Hitler, 8.25" Dinner knife, proper 800 marked with proof marks, typical wear from actual usage by the Fuhrer or by his Dining company, etc. Whe"ll maybe Hitler didn't actually use this Knife but its from his Informal Pattern Group, etc. See photos, partial trades accepted.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
This is extremely rare in that there was only one of these used at every six position dinner setting although there would be at least 5 to 6 pieces of flatware at each position. Thus this would probably be one of the most rare of the dinner setting pieces, except for possibly a meat fork or carving knife. The ladle is very seldom encountered in formal style Hitler silverware. This is a very fine example. It was finished in 800 silver and is so marked along with the moon crown and eagle on the shank. Brukmann of Heilbron was the manufacturer It is 7.5" long and the cup bowl is 2.5" x 2" in dimension and almost an inch deep. The National N.S. eagle is supported on its sides with the "AH." Partial trades accepted. I don't have Paypal, & No overseas shipping.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Brass button, German Third Reich Feuerwehr Uniform, rear is marked A.P.W. with logo.
Category: All the Rest
This is a Regulation U.S. Army Officers Sabre or Sword, made by Atlanta Cutlery Corp. to U.S. Military Specifications & Standards, it is NOT a Replica type army Officers sword. The Blade has the Standard U.S. Army Military Engravings to both sides, and the upper scabbard on 1 side is lightly Engraved to Kevin B. Long, ROTC Distinguished Graduate. I believe this scabbard engraving can be buffed off if one desires, it is a very light engraving, barely felt by your fingertips. Blade is 28" in length, Metal scabbard has 2 rings. Overall Sword & scabbard are in excellent condition. Currently this same exact Army Officers Sword by Atlanta Cutlery, with scabbard is selling for $285.00 without any engraving expenses. I believe blade is made by the Windlass Firm, and has a cloth storage bag that goes with the sword. This was acquired from A families Estate Sale, probably made in the 1980's etc.
Category: United States
Nice looking Vintage Spainish Officers Visor Cap, looks like possible rank of captain, I believe it from the 1930-1940's era, green cotton fabric, eagle & rank stars are made of metal bullion, inside has 2 Maker Labels, 1 could possibly be the soldiers name. Shows minor wear to inside from sweat, but no damage noted. Chinstrap & 2 metal side buttons.
Category: Other

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