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This is a really nice and Historical grouping of Original WW 2 Aviation Autographs, all signed in ink on a May 1945, U.S. Cloth Aviators map, Map is marked, JAPAN & SOUTH CHINA SEAS, AAF Cloth chart. Map is original AAF issue and is dated MAY 1945. Map is still in minty condition and is folded. All signatures are Clear & Crisp, and are all original, signed by the aviators years ago, I would imagine this map was signed at some form of a Historical event, perhaps in the 1960's ot 1970's Etc. Someone could probably figure out when this item was signed if they can determine when all 6 aviators were togather at one time, or at what event etc. See photos. There are a total of 6 signatures and they include the Following: 1) R.E. COLE, Co-Pilot to Jimmy Doolittle, Doolittle Raiders, flew B-25 off of a carrier to Bomb Japan, Mr. Cole is still alive and is 1 of two of the surviving members left. 2) IRA C. Weathebury, Lt. Col. Weatherly was the Co-Pilot of the B-29 "Straight Flush" which Proceede
Category: United States
Photo book by Hitlers Favorite Photographer, Von Heinrich Hoffman, published in 1940, involves The War in France, Defeat of France, Exavaction of Dunkirk, etc. Hundreds of photos. Book is intact with no damage, dust covers show some wear & age, see photos.
Category: Heer
German Customs Visor Hat device, prongs still attatched on rear, red wool center is gone, but this can be replaced. As shown.
Removed from Uniform, Infantry # 235. Prussian Infantry Leutnant's Shoulder Board
Category: World War I
Allgemeine-SS Uniform Removed Scharfuhrer collar tab. The tab is uniform removed, and shows moderate wear.
Category: Collar Tabs
Early pattern SS enlisted sleeve eagle. The eagle is made of machine embroidered silver-gray thread on a black wool background. It looks to be uniform removed with some nips along the edge.
Category: Eagles
WWII Canadian fighting knife. The fighting knife has been made from a cut down WWI .303 rifle bayonet. It is complete with it's original leather scabbard and frog.
Category: Other
In excellent condition, was worn on the lower sleeve of the NSKK Uniform, 2nd. Pattern
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
In excellent condition, 2nd. pattern, For HJ Members who are serving with the NSKK, worn on the Uniform sleeve.
Category: Hitler Youth
Has wear on 1 edge of the insignia, still nice. 1st. Early pattern, Metal Eagle with 8 spokes. Removed from uniform.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.

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