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Nice looking Framed Polish Prisoners Memorial Plaque, MAUTHAUSEN 2 K.Z. 1940/45 y. Still in its original Wooden frame since the plaque was created, has never been open up. Wooden frame measures Aprox: 14 X 10". The Polish eagle is 1 piece, MAUTHAUSEN with Shield & barbwire is another piece with the top & bottom in cut slits to secure it to the Eagle, Bottom portion is another separate piece on white paper, with the wording and dates hand inscribed in a dark ink. You can see the original faint pencil lines where the original owner used to print straight with all letters having the same height, etc. No damage but frame shows some small dings and scratches, etc. There is a stain on the right side of the eagles wing, looks like old Bug residue. I was really tempted to take the shield off of the Eagle to see if something else is underneath on the eagles chest, but didn't want to open up the back. There are a couple of specks on the eagle, this is not damage or staining but parts of the old
This is a really nice and Historical grouping of Original WW 2 Aviation Autographs, all signed in ink on a May 1945, U.S. Cloth Aviators map, Map is marked, JAPAN & SOUTH CHINA SEAS, AAF Cloth chart. Map is original AAF issue and is dated MAY 1945. Map is still in minty condition and is folded. All signatures are Clear & Crisp, and are all original, signed by the aviators years ago, I would imagine this map was signed at some form of a Historical event, perhaps in the 1960's ot 1970's Etc. Someone could probably figure out when this item was signed if they can determine when all 6 aviators were togather at one time, or at what event etc. See photos. There are a total of 6 signatures and they include the Following: 1) R.E. COLE, Co-Pilot to Jimmy Doolittle, Doolittle Raiders, flew B-25 off of a carrier to Bomb Japan, Mr. Cole is still alive and is 1 of two of the surviving members left. 2) IRA C. Weathebury, Lt. Col. Weatherly was the Co-Pilot of the B-29 "Straight Flush" which Proceede
Category: United States
Nice looking large Tour of Foreign Service Document/Poster, NATIONAL DEFENSE, Hawaiian Islands, Battery "C", Thirteenth U.S. Field Artillery, Station Schofield Barracks T.H. In memory of my Tour of Foreign Service, Roster of September, 1934. Then lists soldiers in unit. Document is 23 X 19", and is folded several times, but has no damage. Would look nice framed. Also includes soldiers 1930's Enlisted Collar device, Artillery-"C", which is in excellent shape. Creases and folds to document.
Category: United States
Nice looking Brass Bracelet with WW 2 Axis Countries, to include Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, and others. All shields are painted with 1 shield with some paint loss, see photos. Attatchment devices on each end. Original to WW 2 Era. As shown.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Nice Informative book, 176 pages, lots of Photos, maps, text, etc. Copyright 1987
Category: Great Britain
Nice looking WW 2 Remember Pearl Harbor, and small "V" Victory Butonhole pin, no damage.Shipping within USA is $2.00.
Category: United States
Postwar Inked Autograph of Knights Cross Winner Willi Reschke, Oberfeldwebel & Pilot in Stab/Jagdgeschwader 301. He flew 70 missions and had 27 victories, 20 of which were American 4-engine bombers, B-24 & B-17's. He was shot down 8 times and bailed out 5 times. He earned the German Cross in Gold on 13 March 1945, and then was awarded the Knights Cross on 20 April 1945, which was on Hitlers Birthday. Signature is bold & Clear in ink, on a paper background, but is not photographic paper. Picture is Approx: 5 X 7.5"
Category: Luftwaffe
Nice looking DAF, Labor association metal Gravy Ladel from the Haus der Kameradschaft, stem is also marked Rostfrei-Stahl, shows minor wear from actual use but no damage.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
German Army Kantine, or Mess Metal knife, handle is aluminum, blade is stainless steel. mkd. FBCM above Eagle
Category: Heer
Nice looking RDB Dinner knife, this organization was associated with officials working with the civil service system in Nazi Germany. Nice stamped eagle & Swastika, RDB on the handle. Blade is also maker mkd, base is also marked with the metal plating number "90", as shown.
Category: All the Rest

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