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An Iron Cross 1939 First Class by Rudolf Wachtler & Lange in its Original Case of Issue. A very good example of a cased Iron Cross 1939 First Class; silver frame with a blackened magnetic iron core; vertical pinback with a functional hinge/catch assembly; unmarked but I have been reliably informed by the Wehrmacht Awards Forum that this is a textbook example of ?Rudolf Wachtler & Lange" manufacture. The condition is very good, with some obvious signs of wear as can be clearly seen in the detailed photos and the hook into which the pin fits must have been replaced, almost certainly in the period. The Cross measures 43.7 mm x 43.90 mm; in its original case of issue; the exterior constructed of a heavy cardstock with a black faux leather (leatherette) exterior; embossed in silver with an outline of the Iron Cross; the interior with a velvet recessed medal bed and a satin interior cover; functional push-button; intact interior fabric hinge with a functional exterior metal hinge; measurin
Category: Combat Badges
An excellent example of Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf Marriage Edition with its Cardboard Slip Cover. Hard Cover Book in Half Leather, 781 + pages. Approx 19 x 12.5 cm (7.5 x 5 ins) 1.4 lbs. This Mein Kampf is from the 1939 Edition - the 419 to 423 Edition (of which it states that to that date (1939) 4,850,000 copies had been printed)..and although it states below the Copyright confirmation and - Printed in Germany -..it also states that the Publisher was Waldheim-Eberle Buchgewerbehaus M. Mueller & Sohn Wien VII. The book is in very good condition indeed with just the absolute minimum of age related creases and marks in two places (which I have photographed) and which can all be very clearly seen from the detailed photos. The spine is nice and very firm, there are no loose pages, the book is very clean, and it even has its original gold upper page surface. The cardboard slip cover appears to have had its top section strengthened (from inside beneath) at some time in the past, but this is
Reduced! This 1st Class War Merit Cross with Swords is a tombac version and appears to have never had a silver finish which is occasionally the case. The medal consists of a Maltese style cross having pebbled legs. In the center is a raised wreath with vaulted mobile swastika. There is a pair of swords which seem to pierce the wreath from beneath. The reverse of the medal has a flat coke bottle shaped pin. There is a stamping into the center of the pin which reads L15 which makes it one of the more sought after makers Friedrich Orth of Vienna. It measures 48.6 x 48.55 mm and weighs 20.2 gms. A nice looking original medal here. GB Pounds 135.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyer's wishes. *******Additional note: The makers mark L15 according to Dietrich Maerz (The War Merit Cross and Higher Grades) is Friedrich Orth of Vienna and NOT Otto Schickle. ***** I am in the process of setting up a militaria website. If you go into terry@military-images.c
Category: Combat Badges
War Merit Cross 1st Class (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse) - without swords/ohne Schwerter. Very good condition in silvered tombac with fine detailed pebbles on the arms of the maltese cross; vertical banjo style pinback with a sheet metal hinge and a slightly rounded wire catch. Accompanied by its original case of issue; constructed of textured black faux leather (leatherette) exterior; with the lid lined on the interior (unmarkd) and a recessed medal bed; functional push button release; intact interior fabric hinge cover; functional exterior metal hinge; measuring 70 mm x 70 mm. Very good condition. GB Pounds 155.00 + postage.
Category: Combat Badges
Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront Jahressportkarte An excellent, clean undamaged example of the DAF Jahressportkate membership booklet made out to Adele Gossl for the year 1938. There is an really nice sharp photo of Adele Gossl on the inside of the cover. You will not find a better example in this condition. It is also the rarer pink/red version that is much more difficult to find than the much more common buff/khaki version. 14.8 x 10.6cm (5.75 x 4.25ins) GB Pounds 23.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes
Deutsche Arbeitsfront Mitgliedsbuch. A very nice example of this German Labour Front Membership Booklet made out to Helene Holoubek . It is in excellent condition, unmarked cover, on which stamped, in gold is the DAF emblem of a mobile swastika within a fourteen-toothed cog, nice firm spine well stapled, clean pages, well stamped from July 1941 to September 1944. You rarely find them in such good clean condition! (Free Trade Unions in Germany were dissolved when the Nazis came to power in 1933, their members being absorbed into the newly created DAF, "Deutsche Arbeitsfront" (German Labor-front). The DAF was originally a sub-section of the NSDAP, but became an affiliated organization by 1936, and was the largest of all of the various Nazi organizations. The stated aims of the DAF were to create a national community of German professional and manual laborers, and to educate them in National Socialistprinciples. Membership was voluntary, but most workers chose to join to take adva
This rare document is a Reichsmusikkammer Membership Document made out to an Eduard Struad (born 23rd Jan 1899), and is signed by the President of the Reichsmusikkammer Peter Raabe. (The following information about Raabe I found on the internet). Raabe was appointed president after Richard Strauss's dismissal. For much of his tenure as president, Raabe was not the sole leader regarding musical culture in the Reich: In 1936 Goebbels appointed Heinz Drewes, then general music director of Altenburg, to head a department of music in the Propaganda Ministry, resulting in confused and tangled roles. Raabe tried to resign in 1938, but his resignation was not accepted, and he served until the end of the Reich in 1945. One of the Institute's primary goals was that of extolling and promoting "good German music", specifically that of Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Bruckner and the like was to legitimize the claimed world supremacy of Germany culturally. I have been informed th
Kleinen Abstammungsnachweis, (proof of Aryan ancestry) excellent condition. Everyone in Germany had to document the religion and nationality at least back to their grandparents. This family history was recorded on the -small ancestry form- kleinen Abstammungsnachweis as well as on the more detailed Ahnenpass. NSDAP Gau Wien document 'Preufungsergebnis kleinen Abstammungsnachweis' / 'Short Proof of Ancestry' was the necessary proof of Deutschbluetig (arisch) / German Blood (Aryan). This Aryan section on the document entry is underlined in blue ink and left unmarked, showing that this person was of Aryan ancestry, the Mischling (mixed race) and Jude (Jew) entries are crossed out, struck through with blue ink. The document certifies that they were NOT of Jewish or mixed Jewish ancestry. This particular document dates the birth of the grandparents back to the 1820's and1830's. The document is officially stamped and confirmed on 2nd July 1943. The document is 8.25 x 11.75 ins (21.4 x
Cloth version of the DRL Sports Badge. It appears to be the bronze version (rather than gold?) and actually came with a Bronze DRL badge that I also had listed, so I am pretty sure they belonged together. The badge is a little creased but in good condition (please see detailed photos). The cloth badge is 6 x 5.5 cm (total size). It appears to have been stitched on at some time and then removed but only the edges have been affected. Please see detailed photos for confirmation of condition. You won't find a cheaper bronze cloth sports badge! GB Pounds 16.00 + postage which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes.
Category: Other
Here is a selection of 45 Arbeitsbuchs. They are all in excellent condition. Should you be interested in one for GB Pounds 17.50 purchase price I will email you detailed scans on request so you will know exactly what you are buying. I have included a series of scans of one of the Arbeitbuchs which is a typical example. All of the Arbeitbuchs are similarly written up, some more some less. GB Pounds 17.50 + postage - which may vary slightly according to destination and buyers wishes.

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