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US Small Craft officers badge, large, rear marked: K-22-N. $15 US Small Craft officers badge, small, rear marked: V-21-N. $10 Both in excellent condition.
Category: United States
Double sided machine embroidered rayon on bright fine weave red cloth base hemmed with black leather, clip and lanyard, mint condition with partial RZM tag attached.
Category: Banners
Minesweeper War Badge, unmarked, round pin issue.
Category: Combat Badges
DRL Sports Badge Bronze, maker marked Wernstein Jena, BRGM #35269.
West Wall Medal, un-mounted, unissued w/envelope, maker Carl Poellath.
Category: Combat Badges
US Entrenching Shovel Vietnam Era, shovel dated 1966, very good condition, carrier is hard to tell either 1964 or 1966 as well, very good conditon as well.
Category: All Field Gear
Here is a Westfallen Fire/Police 25yr service badge with coke bottle pin. Front has markings of- Fur Verdienste In Feuerloschwesen.
Here is a set of POA volunteer patches cut from same roll still attached to each other. Worn by Russian vulunteers in German Wehrmacht during war. Silk screened in red, blue, green and yellow on white linen cloth, totally dead under Ultraviolet light. Nice set for collection.
Here is a very nice example of an issued USMC Briddell made machete, leather scabard is marked USMC Boyt 44 very tight, Blade is marked USMC BRIDDELL, blade is thick and heavy, handle still tight.
Category: Other
Here is a rare Camillus folding machete, with blade guard intact. Entire knife very tight. Marked CAMILLUS on blade with bakelike grips.
Category: Other

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