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Here is a Nordwest Staatl'ches Schwingfest badge for the Tocoma, Wash 1932 event. Rear mkr mkd Paul Kramer Neuchatel Brenet.
Category: Military Medals
Here is a rare dated:11*7*1926 Koln4 medal, rear marked ZURERINNE RUNGANDIE II DEUTSCHEN KAMPFSPIELE. Nice rare kamping medal.
Here is a WWI or earlier German Landwehr Dientsaus-Zeichunung II Klasse medal, no ribbon, loop for ribbon broken off. This medal is a Prussia service award instituted in 1842 by Prussion King Fredrich Wilhelm IV.
Category: Military Medals
Here is a WWII Romanian Crusade Anti Communist medal, no ribbon.
Category: Military Medals
Here is a WWI Austrian Soldiers Patria medal, no ribbon, looks as if someone filed off the loop for the ribbon turning it into a medallion. Nice patina. Great display piece.
Category: Military Medals
Here is a 1933 Stuggart Hota medal, front reads EBERGARDGRUPPE STUTTGART, rear reads 1923 HOTA 1933, no ribbon.
Category: Military Medals
This N.S.B.O pin has had the pin broken off, would work well for dislay.
Category: Metal Insignia
Here is a nice MAI 1939 tinnie, reverse maker HEINR.MUTH HANUA with pin.
Category: Tinnys
Here is an very nice LW Paratrooper badge for the OS cap used by paratroopers of the 5th Fallshirmjager Div. serving in Italy. This badge was made in Milan Italy and was an unissued version. This the same type cap badge worn by Albert Kesselring during his pullback from the Allies in Sicily in 1943.
Category: Caps
Here is a WWII Polish Army badge. Reverse mkr mkd LOGLE HUGUENIN.
Category: Other

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