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Here are three, two silver and one bronze 29 Marz 1939 Freiheit Und Brot tinnies with rear pins in very good condition. $6 each
Category: Tinnys
Here is a mint US AAF Type A-9 flight cap in canvas material. Size large.
Category: United States
Here is a near mint AAF Type A-9 flight cap. Size large.
Category: United States
Here is a pre-WW1 era firemans helmet. This helmet came from the town of Cleebronn in Wuertemburg, Germany, has a few dents and scuffs as would be expected for a fireman helmet this old. Leather is stiff, chin strap is complete but broken on one end. Mnfg plate inside helment is mkr mkd: J.C. LIEB Feuerwehr Requisiten Fabrik, Biberach.
Category: Helmets
Here is a very nice WWII British Dispatchers helmet in near mint condition. Inside liner dated 1944, leather is soft and pliable. Rare helmet to find in this condition. No dents. Paint looks really nice, looks like it had another stacked on it for long time storage. Inside liner is superb. Very nice for display piece.
Category: Great Britain
Here is a very nice rare Officer Grade Field Honor badge for Hamburg, retains all of the enamel with two slight cracks as noted in photos. Pin on back is solid and strong.
Category: Combat Badges
Here is a mint flatwire NSKK sleeve badge with attached RZM tag in great condition.
Category: Eagles
Here is a nice RVD Kiew Railway sleeve badge.
Here is a nice NSKOV vets org. arm patch embroidered in bevo woven design.
Category: Other
Here is a very nice WWII issued and used British helmet. Helmet markings: 6 7/8, VMC II 1943, has complete headliner, chinstrap in great condition.
Category: Helmets

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