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Here is a set of POA patches uncut. Worn by Russian volunteers in German Wehrmacht during the war. Silkscreened printed on linen cloth.
Category: Other
Reichsparteitag 1939 tinnie, maker marked RZM M9/1, F.W. Assmann & Sohne Ludenscheid.
Category: Tinnys
Telephone Operators Administration Badge with piping.
Category: Other
Mechanized Transport & Equipment Administration Sleeve Badge, mint unissued condition.
Category: Other
LW Radio Operator trade badge, Class B, mint unissued condition.
Category: Other
Nebel Truppen Sleeve Badge for Smoke Troops. Mint unissued condition.
Category: Other
LW NCO Motor Transport Administrator trade badge.
Category: Other
1935 Deutsches Jugendfest Pin.
Category: Tinnys
US WWII leggings, has markings, unable to read, set in good condition.
Category: United States
Gefreiters Rank Chevron
Category: Other

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