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From the ESTATE of RAY ROHR COSMIC ARTIFACTS 5 RARE Japanese Military WW2 Demitasse Cups Prop Planes and Paratroop Balloons 2 sided design ~ planes on one side Balloons on the other. These were crudely done have messy painting and rough rims. No cracks or repairs They are unmarked but listing them as Japanese because they were found in a box with Saki cups 2" tall ~ 2 1/16" in diameter No marks on the bottom of the cups. SHIPPING $12.00
Category: Art Objects
US WWII, CHILD'S ARMY IKE JACKET, SHIRT & TROUSERS SET, PHOTOS OF ORIGINAL OWNER Original era manufacture. A great little uniform set for about a two year old child. Dark olive wool Ike jacket, with the material used being from a real WWII uniform. Khaki wool shirt and trousers, again made from real GI uniform material. Two original black and white snapshots of the tiny GI wearing his uniform with pride. No hat is included, no damage to mention, just normal age and wear, with two or three pinhole moth bites, and two larger ones above the right pocket, each measuring about 5 x 2 mm. SHIP $12.00
Category: United States
WW2 Japanese hand made wicker pith helmet for Tropical locations. Helmet in good solid condition with a few nips and bites, overall solid and usable. Two piece interior liner, top section free floats and is moveable. Nice tropical helmet possibly made by POWs, photos are the best description. 7 inches round
Category: Japan
RARE sure-grip 4 x 4s! Legendary Overboots ensure solid, bear-claw traction for sure-footed arctic operations. Make sure you're covered at the ice house, during winter chores, or just out walking Fido across treacherous frozen sidewalks. We load up on these Italian Ice Boots every time they become available, you can't miss this! Heavy-duty canvas construction on outers Straps with buckles lash 'em to your boots for a snug fit Thick wooden outsole supports "toothy" metal spikes on bottom. Each approx. 15"h., 3 lbs Get ready for icy days! Stock up on your pair now! KEY SPECIFICATIONS Item Number: 658075 Material: Canvas Color: Tan Height: 15"h. Weight: 3 lbs (each) Country of Origin: Italy Condition: Used, in very good shape
Category: Italy
Up for sale for your Japanese Military Collection is a book titled Yasukuni Picture Book which is a collection of military art from Imperial Japan. there is 23 pages of art work with some caption written in kanji along the side. There were given out twice a year usually spring and fall from 1940 until 1944. These were special books given to families of KIA soldiers when the shrine held the enshrinement ceremonies for those killed. The books were presented to the attendees along with the purple cherry blossom medals. The painting show Japanese Army and Navy at their best complied to sooth the pain of losing a loved one. written nominally by Tojo Hideki I believe this is from 1941. This is the information pass on to me from Japan... I hate to use the word rare as you see in every other listing but this one isn't something you'll see very often if at all being from a KIA ceremony SHIP $7.00
some other persons dad obtained this whip during his time in WW II on pt boat 195 in around the Philippines. Overall length 32", loop handle 7-1/2" long, 1/2 inch at its widest braided point. his dad said it was a Japanese officers whip,
Category: Japan
Bandages for Horses with wooden box. is slightly damaged.Everything is there! 17 long x 12 width x 34 box open. weighs 12lbs?
Category: All Field Gear
Category: Vietnam War
This is an US Army issued canvas shelter half (pup tent) the Shelter half is in excellent condition, no holes, tears or stains. the pole are like new. the stakes are used and show wear but have no deformities. to tie down is in excellent condition. it takes two of these assemblies to make a complete tent. sleeps two. great for re-enactors
Category: All Field Gear
1ST PICTURE 2 AND 3/4ths.inches 3RD PICTURE 4 AND 1/2 inches. No scratches on glass,not the best for focus.Long away good short look unfocused a little. Eye piece screws off. Made out of brass
Category: Vintage

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