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Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Sell your militaria here and keep ALL the money.
Category: Notices
Category: Notices
Early pattern SS enlisted sleeve eagle. The eagle is made of machine embroidered silver-gray thread on a black wool background. It looks to be uniform removed with some nips along the edge.
Category: Eagles
Very seldom can you locate one of these truly rare eagles. Priced $60 under market so You can afford the shipping! Norwegian Nasjonal Samling Party The Norwegian Nazi party was founded by Vidkun Quisling in May 1933. This political movement was called the "Nasjonal Samling" (National Unity). By February 1942 Hitler appointed Quisling as Minister President of Norway, however, it was Reichskommissar Terboven who had the real power especially since Norway was an occupied country. This example recently sold for $360 USD (Including auction fee) https://www.emedals.com/europe/norway/a-second-war-norwegian-national-unity-party-nasjonal-samling-cap-badge This example missing a prong was sole almost a decade ago.. https://www.todocoleccion.net/militaria-ii-guerra-mundial/insignia-aguila-noruega-partido-nazi-nasjonal-samling-vidkun-quisling~x18905352
Category: Metal Insignia
Various models at various prices. If you know exactly which you seek, I will provide a quoted price. If you simply seek a standard embroidered $225-$265, or bevo model $285 - $335 for absolutely mint condition. I have them, and many rarer variation types. contact me through real email at: combatrelics@gmail.com More pics forthcoming by email if anybody is an actual serious and funded buyer.
Category: Eagles
Machine stitched on black wool, approximate length is 90mm (3"), in unused, mint condition.
Category: Eagles
SS Eagle
Category: Eagles
SS open to all offers
Category: Eagles
Probably the most sought-after gorget of the Third Reich. This is an original SS Standard Bearer Gorget in perfect condition, showing age and with excellent patina. Looking for trade, including scarcer SS cufftitles, RAD standard, Gau Warthe badge, Allg. SS uniforms, AH funeral sash w/complete embroidery, Bullion SS trumpet banners, Coburg badge, other rare awards. Cash offer as a last resort. If you want a real SS gorget, this is your chance. Guaranteed original. Returns are always guaranteed for your protecdtion.
Category: Eagles
It is what it is. M 1 / 2 4 MATCHING set of M1/24 Early cupal with silvered wash. A rarer eagle and matching skull pair as found on many of the best documented original caps.
Category: Eagles
Removed intact from a hat with a very nice finish remaining ...
Category: Eagles
When was the last time you saw an original one of these? I reckon 80% of the ones I see offered for sale are new production JUNK! This is the real deal
Category: Luftwaffe

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