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Category: Vietnam War
This is an US Army issued canvas shelter half (pup tent) the Shelter half is in excellent condition, no holes, tears or stains. the pole are like new. the stakes are used and show wear but have no deformities. to tie down is in excellent condition. it takes two of these assemblies to make a complete tent. sleeps two. great for re-enactors
Category: All Field Gear
1ST PICTURE 2 AND 3/4ths.inches 3RD PICTURE 4 AND 1/2 inches. No scratches on glass,not the best for focus.Long away good short look unfocused a little. Eye piece screws off. Made out of brass
Category: Vintage
This is a Hardcover Kriegs Album II. Very interesting book. Great addition to your Library. The outside is fair to good - I am not a expert. The pages in my opinion very good. With a couple of pages having small rips, some small corner folds and no stains that I see.Size 12inx9in photos were taken 1914-1918 has captioned in GERMAN AND ENGLISH BOOK WAS MADE IN 1919? 100 pages?
See a picture, and please judge the state. There are pollution and damage. There are no covers of the album. A part page breaks. Please accept it. Rare picture. The 3rd and the 4th picture. &#22823;&#26085;&#26412;&#22269;&#38450;&#23142;&#20154;&#20250;&#65288;Dai-nihon-kokubou-hujin-kai) &#8594;&#12288;National defense women's association <It's excerpted from Japanese WIKIPEDIA.> The Japanese sisterhood which existed from 1932 to 1942 with a national defense ladies' society (body prevention bran trash). I capture, and, "kunifu". A white apron (apron) and the white sash which drew a name of a meeting in ink, I come into action as meeting clothes. Home front activity such as seeing off of a going to the front soldier and making of a consolation bag was performed. Others Japanese soldier and the family. Fire brigade. People in the town. Size 9.05?7.08?0.39 inch / 23?18?1 cm 18 pages 49 pictures &#65288;There is also a page
Category: Japan
I have an original ww2 US photo album containing 207 photos, most of which have their original negatives instead behind them. The album cover has unfortunately detached itself but otherwise remains in very study condition. I'm sure the cover could be reattached carefully if desired. The album is named on the cover to Jack W. Johnson. This album came from a Dallas estate sale. The photos are very early war with the soldiers still wearing the doughboy style helmets throughout. I believe this album consists of this mans time in boot camp. There are many great photos of soldiers going through obstacle courses, training with the .50cal machine gun, mortars, bayonets and rifles. Many jeep photos as well. One of the neatest photo albums I've ever come across. SHIP $10.00
Category: Photos & Prints
Original era publication. Commercially produced pocket size Handybook of around 100 pages. The first 30 pages or so are filled with information about army life for the new soldier, the remaining pages are left open for a diary or notes. This book was once the property of Pvt D. Wentworth 31st Signal Battalion. His entries begin in November of 1942 at Fort Dix NJ, and end on April 6 1944 at Assam India. His entry for November 23-December 31 1943 is quite interesting. He and his unit were enroute for the CBI traveling in a convoy off of the North African coast, his company were aboard HMT Rajula, while other companies of the 31st were on the HMT Rohna. On the 27th of November this convoy was attacked by German aircraft, resulting in the sinking of the Rohna and loss of nearly 1200 men, including the company commander and 130 men of Company B, 31st Signal Battalion. The Rohna was struck by a Henschel 293 radio controlled bomb which blew a gaping hole in her side. The US Government suppres
Category: United States
THE FIGURINE IS FREE WITH THE SALE .SHIP $20. FIGURINE WORTH $150.00.You can pay me 25% down and the rest in 2 months.Hitler doll alone worth 350. Hitler Bust 350.
Category: All the Rest
Category: All Field Gear
Does anyone know how old this is and what medical group is the buckle? 30 in long
Category: All the Rest

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