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Pretty sure it's Belgian, correct me if I'm wrong, still seals and will work, bag is old but great condition for canvas, great for collectors, reenactment, a gag gift or prepping. NO MARKINGS. 5.00 SHIP
Category: Other
1 "vet" East German Military Combat Belt. "Suck in your gut!" Genuine East German military nylon web Belts do just that. Made to tame wild waists of men like you and me! They're adjustable up to 47". These do the job heroically, with metal buckle and 1 3/4" width. These are Great for Carrying your Holster's, Mag Pouches, and all of Your Gear with you. Condition: I am calling them used, in very good shape. They appear New Un-issued $14.00 ship
Category: All Field Gear
This is a WW2 Japanese Officer Dress shirt. It is a medium size, best estimate, and in overall good condition without rips or stains. It good use a good cleaning however. It does have a ink stamp on the inside where a label is normally found. $7.25 ship
Category: Accoutrements
This is a 1945 dated Naples trench art letter opener with the likeness of a nude women. It appear to be made of aluminum. The blade measures 4.75 inches in length and measures 10.5 inches overall. $5.00 ship
Category: Art Objects
Category: Accoutrements
Category: Accoutrements
This is an Original WW2 French Dog Tag Issued to a Vietnamese Colonial Soldier. The tag reads: SR TOURANNE NG THAN The back of the tag reads: 14311 1916. purhapes the 1916 has been since he was in the army.
Category: Accoutrements
WWI Medical Testicle Suspension for wounds on the Western Front. box warn
Category: United States
Very rare WWI French Wicker Medical case with subdued burlap painted cover. Brought Home by a Harvard Physician in 1. About the size of a large briefcase. Burlap has splits and is loose in places. Top is hooked slightly on the burlap.ready to fall off 1 foot.6 in long x 1 foot wide 6 in deep
Very scarce original French Medical Corps Adrian Helmet with full liner. Liner is inked on the interior to "James Forge". Many early ambulance drivers used these helmets. I tried to find information on Forge and could not. Just lacks the leather chin strap. Some scuffing to the exterior, but otherwise very nice. med size
Category: Helmets

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