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Original WW 2 Vintage, as shown.
Category: Great Britain
Original WW 2 Army Air Force 8th Air Force sleeve patch on Wool, British Made with short Stuby Wings. Removed from Uniform Shows damage.
Category: United States
These serial Numbered Army Good Conduct medals were issued Very early in WW 2 Era, has an early Wrap-Around broach to the pin, Rim is serial Numbered ## 55636,. Ribbon shows minor wear to front, otherwise all in excellent shape
Category: United States
Very nice example
Category: Hitler Youth
Good condition, dark blue HJ woolen breeches. complete no mothing
Category: Hitler Youth
Very Nice condition, complete. Named and with RZM tag
Category: N.S.D.A.P.
Chained SS dagger. Good condition. Sorry for the quality of the photos. I'm having camera problems. I will post better photos later.
Category: Daggers
This is a really mint Customs Dagger with the hangers. You will look along time to find a better one. This is out of my longtime personal collection. This dagger is make by Eickhorn and also has the Distributor mark on the reverse. The leather is beautiful green and flawless. The hangers are also in mint condition. Sorry for the quality of photos my digital camera when bad. I will post more soon. Thanks for looking
Category: Daggers
Commerative Medal of the Entrance Of the Allied Armies in NAPLES 1st. OCTOBER 1943. Shows minor wear to medal & ribbon but no damage. This is the ribbon that came on the medal when I aquired it, I do not know if its the correct ribbon, the internet shows several different ribbon patterns for this medal, so ????. Ribbon is original to the period though. The 5th Army Commemorative Medal was produced after the liberation of Naples Italy on October 1st 1943.
Category: United States
Original WW 2 German Y-Strap Metal Buckle, made of aluminum, nicely maker marked, buckle catch & spring work fine, if you have a set of Y-Straps or Equipment Straps that is missing a buckle, Here you go
Category: Heer
In excellent condition
Category: Hitler Youth
Front shows a small area of blue paint loss and some wear. marked sterling on reverse.
Category: United States
Overall the Overcoat is in Great shape with no damage noticed, there are several small moth nips & tracks around the collar, see photos. Green O.D. Wool overcoat, Private purchase label on the inside, HART SCHAFFNER & MARX, NEW YORK CHICAGO Original WW 2 Vintage.
Category: United States
U.S. Pre WW 1, INFANTRY 23 E Campaign Hat Badge Shows minor wear, reverse has pin missing, but pin devices are present. Pre-WW 1 Era, might be Spanish-American War Era. See photos.
Category: United States
Nice looking Vintage WW 2 British Shoulder or Hat patch. A large 4 inch tall patch. Rear is backed. Unknown of the Unit or Squad of this patch, nicely done unknown patch.
Category: Great Britain
British patch , appears old but am unsure at the vintage, black felt backing. As shown.
Category: Great Britain
Nice original Personal Calling card, or card given out by Major General Story, United States Army. Reverse has a short note in pencil & General Story's Signature, Autograph on the bottom. The name reads " J.P. Story:. The reverse note is the following: *Business card for Major General J. P. Story with handwritten note on the back "Dear Mr. Adams. I will much appreciate any courtesy you may show Mr. Westcath. J.P. Story".
Category: United States
WW 1 Imperial Germany Cockade Bullseye Metal Hat device, as worn on some of the early soft peaked hats, and overseas hats etc. Front shows some wear to black paint, both prongs present on rear.
Nice looking WW 2 & post war WAC sew-on 7 place ribbon bar, WAC medal, WW 2 American Campaign & Victory Medal, Occupation & Humane Service/Berlin Airlift medal. Last ribon is the Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon with 4 devices. Removed from Khaki tunic, on cotton.
Category: United States
Personally Autographed photo by T/5 Theodore "TED" Paluch, Battle of the Bulge Veteran, 285th. Field Artillery Observation Battalion, Battery B, Survivor Malmedy Massacre Dec. 17, 1944. Signed in Blue marker, sometime after WW 2. Top left corner has a small minor crease, otherwise the photo is in excellent shape.
Category: United States
Nice looking Police Visor device, both rear prongs still present, rear is marked OLC.
Category: Police
This item is an original Third Reich 3.75 x 5.25 multi page NSKK booklet (over 12 pages!) belonging to August Beckmann of Brigade "Westfalen" Motor-Sturm 13/M64. Includes his photo in uniform, his signature, several colorful dues stamps, and many entries & counter stamps from 1938-1940. In fine condition with some very normal age & handling wear to cover and pages. Note: Sorry about the camera flash. Original much clearer!
Category: S.A.
This item is an original 4 page (including cover) Third Reich SA Identification 4 x 5.25 inch booklet belonging to Scharfueher Karl Gross, Gruppe Hessen, Brigade 148 (Wetzlar) Standarte Jaeger 33. Includes his photo in uniform with kepi, his signature, and several entries and stamps from 1935-1936. In fine condition! Note: Sorry about the camera flash. Original much clearer!
Category: S.A.
This item is an original 4 page (including cover) Third Reich police ID 3x4 booklet belonging to Ludwig Steffens. Includes his signature, photo in uniform, and several signed & stamped entries from 1941-1944. In fine condition! Note: Sorry about the camera flash! Original much clearer!
Category: Police
QUIEST,One of the highest quality helmets produced for the THIRD RIECH,this is a small size 64.The two insignia have been over painted, the national, and appears to have been an SS ,but so little is left it's hard to say. The name BRANDER is written in the back, The liner is in great shape, with soft tongues ,original sting, and soft complete chin strap , hard to find in this condition, most are dried up and cracking ,not this one , all the split pins are strong and intact , just and over all elite helmet. There also appears to have a name written in pencil in the very side top.
Here is a WWII canvas spare MG bolt, measures 8 inches long closed, 4 inches wide, metal snap has some oxidation, however works fine. Marked BOLT on front, no other markings.
Category: Firearms
Here is a lot belonging to a Army Air forces Ground Observer, to include an original 1942 Identification of Aircraft book loaded with pictures of many allied and axis planes and characteristics of those aircraft, along with a gold pinback set of AAF Observer wings for New Jersey measuring 1 3/4 inches width, a Silver set of pinback USAF Observer Asst.Chief wings, a Silver set of pinback USAF Observer wings, Junior Jet Club pinback wings mkr mkd in England, along with three plastic Top Pilot wings from various associations for pilots. Nice lot of AAF Observer items.
Category: United States
Water Canteen with neck of canteen RZM marked. I was advised that this canteen was more likely made for the SA or NSDAP. Felt cover has had a few field repairs, all snaps present and in good working order.
Category: All Field Gear
Front of button has initials H.A. P. A.G., rear marked FEUERVERGOLDET 25mm FL and KM Eagle, nice botton.
Category: Kriegsmarine
Here is a WWII Swedish Army combat uniform. Jacket is dated 1945 complete with sewn on collar tabs, trousers are dated 1941, they are both in great condition for display.
Category: Other
WWII Swedish Army Winter hat, Has Swedish marking inside of hat, very nice near mint condition. Also hand marked 57 inside, assumed to be size.
Category: Other
Here is a metal TD tinnie and TD silk pin. the metal tinnie reads KREISTURNFEST in REMSCHEID July 30-31st 1927. $22 Silk material TD pin, bevo woven. $13
Here is a very unique shooting award dated 1928 for 3rd place. Marked with HALLERTAUER K.K.SCH. 1928 2 1/2 tall and 2 wide, rear maker marked GG.Linder Munchen
Category: Other
Here is a WWII era French Naval cap with alluminun bullion cap device. Besides two small moth bits on the rear of the top of the cap, it is in very good original condition.
Category: Caps
Here is a rare 1937 German Hunting/Club award. Front is marked Ges.M. 1937, owner scratched Jung-Au into it. Pin back marked 800. Second is a 1938 German Hunting/Club award marked Jung-Au 1938 with deer, also rear marked 800. $50 for the pair.
Category: Pins
Here is WHW MYLAU tinnie with castle
Category: Tinnys
Here is a WWI mfg. by MILLS Dec 1918 Khaki .45 mag pouch. This pouch in near mint condition was then reissued to a 101st ABN Military Police troop. It is stenciled 101 MP with trooper Id markings of C-8859 inside. Nice pouch.
Category: Firearms
Here is a mint unissued Thompson MG 5 mag pouch, green canvas construction with correct Klikit snaps, nice original pouch for collection or display.
Category: Firearms
Here is a mint unissued M1A2-1-1 noncombantant gas mask issued to civilians duirng the war. Comes complete with mask, carrying canvas case and original issue cardboard box dated April 1943 from Simmons Company in very good condition along with original instruction manual on proper use of the the mask. Nice set
Category: All Field Gear
Here is a nice original Vietnam era M1965 Cold Weather Mitten shells with trigger fingers used by door gunners. in great condition, no rips or tears or holes. Leather in good shape.
Category: United States
Here is a Heigenbru oakleaves pin.
Category: Pins
Nazi State Flag, size 11'X5'10, swastika is 4'7 in diameter, rope and metal hook intact, very nice flag.
Category: Flags
Nazi State Flag Banner, size 10'7X6'5, swastika 4'7 in diameter, overall great shape wall banner with hang tabs.
Category: Flags
Reichkriegs National Battle Flag, marked R.Kr.Fl.150X250, maker marked Curt Brautigam Plagen, Vogtland. very nice.
Category: Flags
Officer Candidate School collar insignia, set.
Category: United States
WW 2 French Combatants Medal, Republic of France, 1939-1945, rear is hallmarked BR. Front of the medals green stripe has faded to white, but is still Green on the reverse.
Category: Other
I have upgraded the photos to better quality versions. This buckle is "right" in every way and the price is very low for what it is and the condition it is in. This is a very nice "textbook" buckle. Compare the price and condition anywhere there is one and you will find this is a bargain! It is a little shinier than the photos show, with little wear. What there is, is mostly on the eagle's breast. Made of aluminum , 100% original and priced right. PLEASE NOTE: If you pay through PayPal, kindly add 3% to the price to cover their fees. Thanks for understanding. I pay USPS priority postage within the USA. Please contact me at clfdr@att.net with questions, etc. NOTICE: Due to an unfortunate incident, insurance is available at the expense of the buyer. I will not be responsible for loss or damage once an item leaves my hands. Thanks!
Category: Heer
A very rare original SS item, this sash is obviously handmade with great care. Extreme quality of workmanship. It is roughly 70 inches long and 4 inches wide. The top layer appears to be of silk. There are several layers of cloth in its construction,the bottom one being extremely fragile and flaking off. Some pieces are missing on the bottom, but that does not affect the overall construction, nor the appearance from the top. It is interesting to note the SS runes and surrounding circle at each end are white, indicating the earlier organizational logo. At some point in the 1930's, the runes and circle were changed to black. A most rare piece, practically unique. A worthwhile addition to any SS collection. PLEASE NOTE: If paying by PayPal, kindly add 3% to the price to cover their fees. NOTICE: Due to an unfortunate incident, insurance is available at the expense of the buyer. I will not be responsible for damage or loss once an item leaves my hands. Thanks! I pay USPS 1st class postage
Category: Other SS Items
New photos of better quality have been added. A very nice, early set that has obviously been on a tunic, being the removable variety. The condition is excellent, with no mothing or other damage to the black wool undersides. These are somewhat thicker than the later production examples and probably date back to the SS-VT or early Waffen-SS. The rank pips appear to be silver-plated, also indicating earlier use, compared to the later aluminum pips. The unit ciphers "8," are original to the boards, as are the pips. Nothing added here to "enhance" them. SS officer boards are not easy to find and these are well above the run-of-the-mill variety. They are truly exceptional, early boards and priced very reasonably. PLEASE NOTE: If you use PayPal, kindly add 3% of the price to cover their fees. Thanks for understanding! I pay USPS 1st class postage (no insurance) within the USA. NOTICE: Due to an unfortunate incident, insurance is available at the buyer's expense. I will not be responsible for
Category: Shoulder Boards
Head of Nazi political organization; second only to Hitler in power and authority. Hitler had him murdered in 1934. Vintage fountain pen signature and sentiment on a beige 4 x 5.5 card, with a small photo of Strasser affixed above signature. In fine condition.
Category: N.S.D.A.P.

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