Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Luftwaffe Flying Suit

Three major variations of the Luftwaffe Flying Suit were in service: a lightweight summer suit for all terrain, a suitfor winter over land and a suit for winter over sea.

The light-weight summer Flying Suit was in a tan material and worn directly over the Flight Blouse and pants. Officers and NCOs utilized the ranking system below and on the next two pages. The double wing and bar system was white (yellow for generals) on a tan base for this suit and worn on both arms. Enlisted men wore no rank designation on their Flying Suit. An unlined flying helmet was worn with this suit.

The winter Flying Suit for flights over land was more heavily constructed with a cotton or fleece lining. It was in either a tan, darkblue or dark grey material with its rank insignia being white (yellow for generals) on its appropriate base color.

The winter Flying Suit for flights over sea was again heavily constructed, but of brown or black leather and cotton or fleece lined. Its rank insignia was white (yellow for generals) on a thin brown or black leather base. Lined flying helmets were worn with the two winter suits.

For operations in extreme cold, an electrically heated suit, gloves and foot coverings were worn over the Flight Blouse and pants, and under the Flight Suit.

Roger James Bender: "Air Organizations of the Third Reich-The Luftwaffe", 1972.

R. James Bender Publishing



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